Friday, July 17, 2009

Green Tinsel


Green Tinsel...

Walking through the park
I noticed the early morning sun
catching the plants and edging them
with tinsel sparkles,
which did not quite transfer through photos

However the green of greenery is evident
in this fluffy, feathery delicate plant

And the sun shining through this leaf
illuminates its myriad veins

and highlights a lone traveller
on the other side
out in search of breakfast

The banksias and gums together
converge to create
a dark green sky lace

and the light points out zebra markings
on the stems of the feathery plant

then dazzles a little ground cover plant

before setting the 'Black Boy', Xanthorrhoea,

I am convinced that these
beautiful green plants
belong in that special category
named by
ee cummings

as the

leaping greenly spirits

of trees and shrubs...



  1. I loved your photos of the grass with teir own special spotlights!
    The first photo leaves me imagining it being made of shiny blades of delicate "glass"...

    The morning light shining on maiden grass in my own yard always captures my eye...and the name of my grass is actually "Morning Light"...we appreciate the same...

    Have a good weekend Delwyn!

  2. Hello Wanda and good morning to you from bedtime again...

    How wonderful the name of Morning Light is. The feathery plant was really alive and sparkled and glistened with the light but it didn't show up in the photo.

    I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow - my only lie in of the week, and especially as this morning at 8 am was only 10* C (52F), very cold for us, as cold a morning as we get at 8am.

    Happy days

  3. That shot of the leaf with the ant and the highlighted veins... sublime.

  4. I love that you can see the shadow of an ant on the leaf too!
    I have been having another roller coaster of a week and am grateful for this green oasis you have shared!
    hope you have a great weekend!

  5. hi delwyn, yes! "leaping greenly spirits" indeed! your beautiful pictures bring the essence of their sparkling, shimmering, light-filled, dancing life - their spirits - out to play. have a peaceful day. steven

  6. Hi Delwyn :)
    Love the shot of the ant on the leaf! Fantastic :)

  7. So leapingly green! The shot with the ant is exceptional, Delwyn.

  8. I love how you focused on the greens that we so often miss for their flowery cousins. Green tinsel is such a the perfect metaphor.

  9. You captured the greens, the variables, the light. And you gave us e.e. cummings to enjoy. Lovely.

  10. Ah, green, Mother Earth's blood is surely green, right? The veins of the leaf with the sun shining through looked like the dragonfly's wings---so beautiufl. Blessings!!

  11. What is the feathery plant with the zebra markings? Plants like that, about 5-6 feet tall, were in several scenes shot In that no-so-great film I wrote about recently. The reason I noticed is because the movie was supposed to be set in Lexington, Massachusetts, very near where I was born and raised. I KNOW that no plant like that grows wild there! So, I checked to see where the film was shot - it was Melbourne, Australia. I think this is the plant.

  12. Great pics, Delwyn and my favourite colour, Green - truly.

  13. So many green leaves and plants! Just being with them is healing and balancing: green is in the middle of the color spectrum and is the color of the heart chakra, our center. Thank you, o leaping greenly spirits!

  14. Good day, Delwyn.

    Oh, that featherly green grass. Makes you want to take off your shoes (or moonboots, I bet) and run your toes through it!

    I must say that although you may write by a hazy moon that you do indeed lasso the sun (its light and warmth) with your lens. And we who read you are the lucky audience who gets to witness this rodeo! Thanks!

  15. Hello Violet from Saturday now...

    That leaf is the macaranda leaf or the parasol leaf that I have shown before...and is always stunning in the sun.

    Happy days

  16. Hello Tulsa little friend...

    Well I hope you enjoy a leisurely weekend or is that all work too?

    Think green
    breathe green!

    Happy days

  17. Hi there Steven

    Yes, that's it - they are alive when activated by the sun and we have the pleasure of seeing them in reverie...

    Happy days

  18. Hello Victoria

    it's nice to have you drop by... I like the shot too but have along way to go to meet your standards...

    Happy days

    P.S. Looks like Poppy will be home for a visit early Aug.

  19. Willow thank you...

    I am always thinking 'leaping greenly green' - I don't seem to be able to say green without the prefix now... because it is so alive.

    Some other writer wrote about looking at the green-ness of green and the blue of blue and that also sticks in my mind - the ultimate essence of the colours...the power that they hold...

    Happy days

  20. Hello Sarah

    Another green lover how wonderful ...
    and when I saw it alive with sparkles, edged with dazzling sun light that was just what it was...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Rosaria

    I wrote a long comment to you yesterday on your interesting post but when editing it the entire comment disappeared and I swore!!! yes, out loud, and not a very charming word either...then I gave up and went and had lunch.

    I have just noticed that

    ee cummings

    matches the word

    gr ee n

    very well...

    Happy days

  22. Yes Marion,

    Beautiful leaf green blood...And yes a dragonfly lover would see that...But I do too...

    I was watching David Attenborough in the dry plains of Africa waiting for the rains to wash down from Angola and when they arrived so did gazillions of dragonflies arriving from nobody knows where...I thought of you Ms Dragonfly...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Jennifer

    that is an interesting tale you relate. This little plant in the forest is only about 2' max height and I don't think would grow in Melbourne because it is so much colder down there. But it may have a brother or a sister that does... I'll look up one of my plant books...

    Happy days

  24. Me too Alaine

    I was always a blue girl (blue eyes and all that) but then I found this great pull like gravity towards the greens and I am besotted by them all...

    I think that I have grown with greens and they are such powerful symbols of life and growth regeneration and is hard not to love all things green when that is your focus too...

    Happy leaping greenly green days

  25. Margaret you are a kindred soul...

    I talk to the plants and the spirits of trees and flowers just like you...
    and feel such a communion with all things green when I am out in nature, as if my blood has been transfused with green life can breathe it in with every breath you take and feel it saturate through your closed eyelids when you stop to soak it up...and give praise and thanks...

    Oh Happy days

  26. Yes Cyndy
    it is very soft and feathery to the touch - I always run my hands over leaves, tree trunks and plants - I can't stop that tactile urge... On the feet may be a little tickly...

    Well thanks for the lovely fun words and for coming for the ride with me...

    Happy days

  27. lovely photos, especially those of the see through leaves.

  28. I spotted the 3rd photo.
    I love the glimpse of sun light behind the leaf, making the leaf becomes a focus here:)
    The ant add details to the leaf on the 4th picture:)
    I most love the 5th picture.
    Lovely shades of green, black, blue sky and ooohhstill the beam of sunlight.
    Just so amazing!


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