Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quick Spinach Pie


Let's make a quick
and easy spinach pie

with the spinach
from the Farmers' Market

which I washed
and chopped roughly
before cooking quickly
in a tablespoon of water
then draining
and putting aside

while I whisked 4 eggs
with salt and ground pepper
a squeeze of lemon
(or some grated rind)

and added
100gms of crumbled
or finely chopped fetta cheese,
and the spinach
with 1/3 cup of toasted pine nuts

then I poured the mix
into a greased pie dish
without a bottom pastry layer

covered it with a pastry blanket
and cooked at 200*C
for 20-25 mins.

After 15 minutes
(or when sufficiently golden brown)
I covered the dish with foil

You could add a chopped green onion
or two,
or small clove of garlic

But it was perfectly tasty
just as is...

Throw some tomatoes in the oven
for the last 10 minutes

and presto...

delicious Spinach Pie

Quick Spinach Pie

A small bunch of spinach
lemon juice or rind
4 eggs
Salt and ground pepper
1/3 cup toasted pine nuts
one sheet of puff pastry
100gms chopped fetta cheese
(chopped Spring green onions or garlic if desired)

Quickly cook or steam spinach, drain and put aside

Toast pine nuts in a fry pan

Lightly whisk eggs

Add all the rest

Pour into greased dish

Bake 200* C for 20 - 25 minutes, covering the top with foil when browned enough.




  1. now delwyn how yummdelicious is that?!!! oh my i'd love some of that for lunch today!!! thanks for the good recipe. as chief cook in this house i appreciate all good tips and suggestions!!! have a lovely day. steven

  2. Hi Steven and a very early good morning to you from my nearly 6pm...

    I am a simple cook, as I am a pretty simple person... so I like recipes that don't require a lot of fancy footwork. I do like experimenting a little, especially now that I don't have to produce 'army' food for the troops which have 99% left home.

    Have a great Saturday...

    Happy days

  3. Hi there Delwyn,
    just came across your site - very interesting indeed! Especially since I love Haiku.

  4. Your meal is like modern art in a way Delwyn...Beauty for the eyes, as well as body and soul...

    I only have frozen spinach at the moment, but will make note of your recipe...have not made spinach pie using pine nuts...chopped sweet red peppers are good too!

    Take care,

  5. Hello Clinton- lover of haiku

    welcome to a Queensland corner. It is very nice to meet you..

    I hope to see you again

    Happy days

  6. Good morning Wanda

    I have used frozen spinach in pies before - it should work. The pine nuts add an extra dimension and go well with the fetta...

    Happy days

  7. Hi Delwyn: That looks delicious. I love spinach, beet tops, any kind of greens. I bet brocoli rabe (that might not be what it's called in English ??) would be delicious in that tarte too. And roasted tomatoes - mmmmm. Doesn't roasting add so much to any vegetable?

    So glad to hear you know of and use Byron Katie in your work. I, too, used the technique (without knowing her yet) with my clients. What I learned by reading her was a new relationship with what is - with reality. I share her worksheets with some clients - the hardest part is pulling back their projections. Hard for us all!

    I've got bronchitis - but having looked at your yummy post and felt the stirrings of an appetite I think I must be on the mend. Thank you!

  8. You just inspired me to make this for Sunday brunch. It looks beautiful.

  9. Yum, Delwyn! And perfect as I get ready to visit our market with daughter. Agree with Jennifer that this would be lovely for brunch tomorrow. Thanks!

  10. Delwyn, not only was the pie beautiful, but it made my mouth water! I love Spinach, but have not tried this recipe. I'll definitely try it. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  11. That looks tantalizing! My daughter's coming home for a visit from Montreal next week--I'll get her to whip it up! ;-)

  12. That looks delicious! I love feta cheese and love that particular type of greens which we call "swiss chard" here in the U.S.


  13. Oh Delwyn! You have once again sent me to the store for ingredients! Sounds yummy! Are you vegetarian or occasionally?

  14. Morning Lorac

    Oh good, I'm pleased that you are inspired. I haven't eaten red meat for over 37 years but do eat lots of fish and some chicken, and one or two nights a week without either- and soups pasta or salads or pie such as this.

    Happy days

  15. Hi Reya

    one of the market vendors was calling it Italian Spinach because it is much smaller than regular spinach but not as flat as English spinach. We also get baby spinach leaves the size of an egg, which make great fresh salads - that too with fetta and pine nuts, and drizzle of olive oil is lovely.

    Happy days

  16. Hi there louciao Lynne

    Aren't daughters handy in that department. My daughter in Japan is coming home for a brief holiday and I am looking forward to her cooking...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Marion,

    yes do, nothing could be simpler - well one thing could be, and I'll post that recipe next week...

    Happy days

  18. Cyndy

    Another daughter helper - aren't we lucky...Let me know how it goes...

    Happy days

  19. Hi Jennifer,

    if you do make it let me know how it went too...Bon appetite

    Happy days

  20. Good morning Bonnie

    What actually are beet tops. I thought the tops were inedible - like rhubarb...

    I'm sorry to hear the sore throat developed into something worse...I hope you are on the improve...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Delwyn:

    Beet tops are exactly like rhubarb leaves but not poisonous! I cook the stems and the leaves. The stems are purple and I chop them into 1 - 2 inch pieces and boil them for a couple of minutes, then throw in the leaves and cook it all together for only another minute or two. Serve with butter, salt and pepper. Delicious!

    My mother used to add cooked cut up beets to the tops too.

    Have you ever had borscht soup made from beets (Russian origin)?


  22. This yumalicious dish was making my mouth water all the way over in the thumbnail pic at Willow Manor! Thanks for the recipe. I'm making this one soon! :P

  23. Hello there Willow

    Do you have spinach pie in you repertoire? You seem like a very good cook to me...
    I hope you enjoy this simple combination...

    Happy days

  24. Hi again Bonnie

    I saw those beets at the market today but they are relatively new on the scene here. They would look very attractive. Do they grow through the winter before it gets too cold?

    My Dad in New Zealand had a marvellous garden for over 60 years, growing all of our produce. Lately he has been sharing it with the neighbour but sadly he has recently moved into a rest home - no more gardens...

    I know of Borscht but have not had it. I have had a chilled beetroot Russian soup using the roots - Is that the same?

    Enjoy the weekend and rest up... maybe some nice soup...

    Happy days

  25. Wow! I just hope that I am your neighbour, that I can hop in for a yummy piece of Spinach pie if you don't mind!
    Btw, very beautiful fresh shot!
    Making me extra hungry although I just had mine 1/2 hour ago!
    Happy Sunday and Happy New Week to come Delwyn!

  26. Yoon see

    drop in any time...

    Happy days

  27. From your blog into my recipe book! Thanks, Delwyn! both nutritious and tasty. xxox


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