Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Duck Diaries


Duck Diaries...

Remember the ducks
that I called the Visitors
well they have been renamed
They are now referred to
as the Tenants...

They skate in
from their first home
in the swampy little creek
across the river

unzipping the river

as they arrive for lunch

in the wattle tree
a silent watcher
keeps his beady eye on them
and their lunch

until he can wait no longer
and comes down to see
what is on the menu

and demonstrate
his dancing technique

ah ha
looks like
soggy sour dough bread

thank you
for your kindness

and then returns
to rest
with a fellow watcher...

and now
along comes a stranger
we haven't seen before

looking a little perplexed
and intimidated
by the squawking
of the ducks

she bides her time

until she gets the all clear

a boat has puttered
up the river

creating a swell -
the ducks can now
surf into shore...
for any last
remaining morsels

and a friar
completely nonchalant
takes up his post in the blue



  1. Unzipping the river. You have a knack for tropes. And I hope your visitors/tenants are contributing towards the weekly shopping :-).

    Greetings from London.

  2. It was fun relaxing by the river with you. Enjoyed it immensely!

  3. Unzipping the river is so right easy to see...
    ...I wonder if we would have on our own...I love your calming views.

  4. `DUCKS' DITTY.'
    All along the backwater,
    Through the rushes tall,
    Ducks are a-dabbling,
    Up tails all!

    Ducks' tails, drakes' tails,
    Yellow feet a-quiver,
    Yellow bills all out of sight
    Busy in the river!

    Slushy green undergrowth
    Where the roach swim--
    Here we keep our larder,
    Cool and full and dim.

    Everyone for what he likes!
    WE like to be
    Heads down, tails up,
    Dabbling free!

    High in the blue above
    Swifts whirl and call--
    WE are down a-dabbling
    Up tails all!

    Kenneth Grahame - The Wind In The Willows

  5. Hello Mr C

    What, pray tell, is a trope?

    The tenants pay their dues in entertainment...

    Happy days

  6. Hello Annette,

    I am glad you have come in for a chat...

    and watch the duck diaries reveal the day's antics...

    Happy days

  7. Hi Wanda,

    I am pleased to see you today...aren't I fortunate to watch the river yield it's different stories and moods every day...

    Happy days

  8. Fantastic pics...Love your Blog..very peaceful and a nice place to visit..!! Lily

  9. Hi Alden -
    so nice to see you ...

    Thanks for the Ducks' Ditty - I have not read it before and somehow I can imagine it to be a perfect action song for young ones. Is it?

    Tails up...

  10. Hello Lily
    and thank you.

    I love having you visit and share in these simple little stories of my day...

    Happy days Robin

  11. Isn't it lovely, sometimes, to just sit and watch animals? I love their curiosity! You really captured the expression on that beautiful dog's face, too. It was a pleasure spending some quiet time with you on the banks of the river.


  12. Angela

    and it is a pleasure to have you along.
    The dog appeared quite scared of the rabble of quacking ducks...very tentative...

    Happy days

  13. hi delwyn, there's something so childlike about feeding ducks and watching them gobble up theor tasties. i thought back to the bazillion times i've fed ducks and it's good feeling all that remembering.
    i looked up "trope" 'cause i've seen it before and blown by without thinking about what it means. here's the wiki on it: "in linguistics, trope is a rhetorical figure of speech that consists of a play on words, i.e., using a word in a way other than what is considered its literal or normal form." so in other words, it's something that writers like you and i do instinctively without knowing its name!!!! have a peaceful day. steven

  14. In your neighborhood, (and with neighbors like you) it's easy to see how visitors might want to become tenants, and how tenants might want to become residents.

  15. I love the words "unzip the river" to describe the ducks wake:) Another beautful outing with you Delwyn!

  16. Dan's right. Better leave the deck doors closed or you'll find that duck troupe in your beds and checking out the closet space.

  17. Ducks rule. This is one of the things I have learned in my recent move. There are some ducks that live on a farm down the road that regularly sleep in the middle of the road and simply refuse to move when those of us with cars try to claim a bit of the pavement to get by. Sounds like your ducks too, decided to move in. Enjoy your tennants!

  18. Hi Tom

    yes I agree they are full of character...and obstinate...
    and entertaining when one is bootbound...

    Happy Days

  19. Hello Meri my friend

    Duck's delight do you think.
    There is a restaurant in Christchurch called 'Ducks Deluxe' which has a great ring to it and is appropriate as the Avon River in the city is home to a great many ducks.

    Happy Days

  20. Hi there Oliag

    thanks for coming and enjoy your Mary Oliver...

    Happy Days

  21. Hi Dan

    do you think we may be evicted by the ducks?

    A ducks' trump...

    Lots of words go well with duck -

    ducks' deluxe
    ducks' delight
    ducks' domain
    ducks' dilly dally
    duck dive

    and duck devotee, which I am fast becoming with 'duck disorder...'

    Happy Days

  22. Hi Steven

    thanks for playing word detective there. My dictionary and thesaurus didn't contain trope - so it's like a metaphor then? But how does it differ from a metaphor I wonder...

    I fed ducks in my childhood too, at my grandparents' town of Timaru in South Canterbury.

    My grandfather played tricks where he found 'crowns' in the grass around the duck ponds. Crowns were in the pre decimal currency days of the 50s, two shilling coins - equivalent to 20c. We believed him every time. The coins also rolled out of his knee high gum boots when he inverted them....

    Ah the delight of being a gullible and naive child....

    Keep troping my friend...

    Happy Days

  23. "Duck devotee" does seem to fit! Thank you for delighting us all with your darling ducks! I really enjoy stopping by here!

  24. Hi there Firelight

    delighted to see you delighting in these dashing ducks...

    thanks for calling in...

    Happy days

  25. Again some lovely glimpses into your world.

    I was wondering if you could share with me how you can get widgets down the sidebar in your blog? I have been tinkering with it for a while without looking at blogger help but assuming it's fairly simple!!

  26. Hi Yvonne

    Do you use internet explorer as your search engine? that can cause access problems sometimes...
    See my note on your page and happy tinkering

    Happy days

  27. It is hilarious how your personify the animals, Delwyn! The friars in the lookout aerie! Some beautiful shots, too: the wake of the boat, the parallel branches with parallel birds, unzipping the river, the duck in a perfectly formed circle with the dogin a perfectly assumed pose. "Duck Diaries" is another great chapter in your memoirs!

  28. Hi Margaret

    there must be a bit of duck in me...

    Thank you for such generous comments - I am bobbing up and down like an excited duck...It is so nice to have you visit...

    Happy days


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