Monday, July 6, 2009

Five x Five


Five x Five

A while ago
the lovely Jelica from Budapest Bits
tagged me for a meme
where you quite simply
write five things
about five things...

Jelica's meme came with five topics:

and random things

my list,
in order to reflect me,
is a little different...

Let's start with books:

These are only a scant few
of the many many books
that I have loved
or learned from -
or both of the above

Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Memories Dreams Reflections by Carl J. Jung

This Much I know is True by Wally Lamb

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

and now for songs:

Summertime Van Morrison

It's a New Day The Nitty Gritty Dirt band

A Whiter Shade of Pale Procol Harum

Beautiful Vision Van Morrison

Ave Maria This is a nice version by Celtic Woman

and my next set of five
is that of pastimes :

collecting images
through photography or otherwise
and wondering

then we come to words
those most valued of gems

Words that are rolling around
in my head at this time include:

confluence - thanks to Steven

pneumataphores - thanks to the mangroves
malleolus - thanks to ankles


and my last group
are the so called random selection:

I have floated on the Dead Sea
I have eaten roasted crickets in Japan
I have walked the Cinque Terra
I have experienced an earthquake in New Zealand
I have walked on the shores of the Sea of Galilee

I tag anyone who is interested
to pick up this 5x5 meme
and run with it
in your own way,
and in doing so
reveal a little more
of who you are
behind your blog persona



  1. Thanks for the 5X5 idea. I'll put it in the queue. I like the way you sculpted the list to express yourself better. Pneumatophores is a new word in my vocabulary, thanks to hazy moon and my online dictionary.

  2. Beautiful meme. I would love to eat crickets whilst listening to 'A Whiter Shade of Pale', please.

    Greetings from London.

  3. Great meme...great collages...and my favorite word - discombobulated.

  4. Wonderful! I love your collages and your lists!
    I am very glad that I do not live in a part of Japan that eats crickets! (I've only seen them on tv and it gives me the willies :-S)

  5. it is always ovely to learn more about the folks, love your meme, so many beautiful images & such interesting words too. whiter shade of pale is an absolute fave of mine. your random selection is fascinating! i should love to do this meme delwyn, thank you! have a wonderful day

  6. Hi Dan

    Pneumataphores was unknown to me too until I wrote the Mangrove Walk.

    I suggest you tailor the list for yourself too - It makes it more relevant, personal and fun to do...

    Are you on holidays now Dan?

    Happy days

  7. Hi Mr C

    Surprisingly the crickets were very tasty - crunchy too - roasted with a soy sauce coating...yum.

    Are you thinking that they might make you turn you a whiter shade of pale?

    Happy days

  8. Hi there Mark

    It is nice to see you again after your busy family time.

    Are you feeling discombobulated or are you now rested?

    Happy days

  9. Tulsa

    Shame I you, as you are a resident of Japan I insist you try these morsels...I'll have to ask Sapphire if she likes them?

    Happy days

  10. Tulsa

    Shame I you, as you are a resident of Japan I insist you try these morsels...I'll have to ask Sapphire if she likes them?

    Happy days

  11. Hi Ruthie

    Oh yes please do - It suits your blog.

    Be creative and do it any way you want...I will watch for it...let me imagine - 5 bugs?

    Happy days

  12. I LOVE your collages! They're fantastic. You are one of those people who can do anything, yes? Yes.

    Hope your foot/leg is on the mend.

  13. That was fascinting, Delwyn - the books you love, your lovely collages, your collection of words (I love the word 'mellifluous'), your eclectic music choices and the wondrous places you've visited. A very enjoyable post - thank you.

  14. Hi again.

    Fantastic collages!
    C.G.Jung's "Memories Dreams Reflections" was really interesting! I like to read his books very much. I love Celtic Woman and I went to their concert three(?) years ago. Your book shelves have inspired me a lot!!

    O I did eat roasted crickets(?!)only once, though they must have been roasted locusts. When I went mountain-climbing in Nagano, I ate roasted locusts, however, to tell you the truth, I didn't like them. They were delicious, though I didn't like their sssssshapes.

    How's your foot?
    I hope you are feeling much better

    Thanks for sharing all these.

  15. I've read your list except for Jung. Maybe I should add him to the nonfiction pile. And I like this meme idea. I'll have to give it a think.

  16. Delywn, what a great idea! I love your collages---especially the one about books. LOL!

    Let's see, how many kinds of dragonflies can I get into just five categories.... Blessings!!

  17. hi delwyn - more talents!!! very cool collages. the meme was intriguing as well. "confluence" . . . yes a good word. i also like "deliquescence". if you can imagine - when i was young i was a bad, irritating, parent's spirit-crushing boy. one of my consequences was being sent to my room to read the dictionary - the results show up in my writing and speaking!!! ha!!! thanks mum and dad!!! i'm going to bank the "write five things about five things" meme! gotta think about that one. have a peaceful day. steven

  18. You have certainly led an interesting life are very adventurous it seems...eating crickets even.

  19. Delwyn, this is really great. I love your images you are so creative! I'll have to think about the 5X5... you have set the bar entirely too high! I love it!
    Hope you are feeling well.
    Greetings from Texas

  20. Nice meme and I love the way you've illustrated your answer...

  21. Dear Reya

    It's a NO No No from me...

    The truth is I haven't an artisitc bone in my body ( which I greatly lament) but I always say - "what I can do is cut and glue..."

    The foot is a easier every day thank you, sleeping well now, just cumbersome, and annoying to wear in bed...and little compensation aches starting to creep in...I will have a massage soon...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Tessa

    I told Steven recently of my Word Notebook and have pulled it from the shelf to use again - I love collecting words...there is something new everyday - I will now have to add mellifluous- sweet sounding , mel= honey, fluo= flow , that is a treasure.

    I have my Aus Pocket Oxford dictionary at arms length while I type surrounded by all I need so don't have to move...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Sapphire

    Glad you like my funky postcard collages.

    It's good to meet another Jung devotee. I had first thought of Beyonce's Ave Maria and when I listened to it I noticed Celtic Woman's video - such a pure clear voice of innocence.

    That's funny about the locusts - you have to ignore the origins and then it tastes ok, it's like eating other animal products and shrimp or octopus.

    The foot is slowly easing thank you, it is now a matter of accommodating this boot for another 4 weeks, day and night.

    Happy days

  24. Hello Meri
    you MUST read Jung, and after this one read 'Man and his Symbols'. You will get much from them as you deal in imagery.
    People have said that Freud is the father of Psychology But I think Jung is the great SPIRITUAL father of the science ...he took Freud's work and brought it into a wholeness and imbued it with resonance for all and from there others were able to develop their own theories. Jung is the originator of the concept of the unconscious and the collective consciousness.
    Jung is an absolutely vital part of anyone's knowledge base, who wants to understand themselves better.

    Try the meme, you will enjoy it and so will we...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Marion

    after finishing work and full time mothering I went on a little collage bender...

    I had so much fun I couldn't was like a great clearing out and ideas wouldn't stop popping up from the unconscious...I also had fun looking deeply into the seemingly simple funky creations and analysing my projections and hidden messages...

    Blogging seems to have taken over from that passion for the time being...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Steven

    If you read above you will learn that I went through a collage passion phase.

    I will add deliquescence - 'dissolved in moisture absorbed from the atmosphere '- to my little blue word notebook - thank you. I imagine that you use the word metaphorically?

    Yes I would love to see your 5x5. The meme's original name was 'Five Random Things' which I thought was very boring so I rechristened it 5x5. I find that word random so lazy and meaningless now.

    I like the dictionary story. I often can be found pouring randomly through the dictionary. Now that would be better said pouring through the dictionary in an arbitrary manner...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Wanda

    I suppose it could seem that way but I am not about to climb Kilimanjaro... or kayak down the rapids - they are not my idea of for crickets think crunchy octopus..

    Happy days

  28. Hi Lizzy

    Thanks for the comments. I have hundreds of these postcards to draw from so don't think I whipped them up especially for this post...

    Do the 5x5 in your own delightful Lizzy manner and we will love it...

    I am feeling less sore each day thank you...I am going to do some upper body exercise today - so I don't turn into a blancmange...

    Happy days

  29. Hello Juliet

    Thanks for the lovely comments. Are you tempted to try it yourself?

    Happy days

  30. Delwyn, very eloquent way to express yourself! The collages show so clearly who you are in the most poetic fashion. The lotus!Are these the postcards you mentioned you had done? I got a lot out of the Frankl book, and I used to say for many years that Memories, Dreams, Reflections was the best book I had ever read. (Then I changed it to The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard.) My sister has floated (and dived and swum) in the Dead Sea, byouyant from the salt. Did you luxuriate in it? Great list--let's see who goes next!

  31. Hello Margaret from Tuesday,

    Yes these are a few of the many cards I have made.
    I will take a look at the Transit of Venus but I didn't like her other Fire one at all.

    Have you read Man and his Symbols - another Jung - I found that very very interesting and useful.

    I wrote a story with pics of me floating on the Dead sea on March 12.

    I don't know about luxuriating or diving under - quite frankly it stinks...I didn't want to put my head under as it not only stinks - it stings...

    Happy days

  32. Am glad to hear that the foot is feeling a little better.

    Thank you for more collage cards! They are like snippets of illustrated poetry.

  33. Hi Violet

    see what your prompt eventuated in...
    thank you for encouraging me.
    I'm glad you like them...

    Happy days

  34. I loved this! You customized it beautifully. I am not sure I can do anything fancy, but I
    I want to give this 5x5 a try! Thank you, Delwyn!

  35. Hello Firelight

    We haven't chatted for a while - its good to see you

    Oh please do the 5x5. I will love to see it done your way...

    Happy days

  36. Delwyn, nice to be back reading your blog ..I'm sick of unpacking boxes!

    I loved how you did this ..and I may do it myself.

    Care of the soul ...Thomas Moore is also one of my favourites!

    As is Whiter Shade of Pale...on of my top five songs!

  37. Hi Sarah

    I hope the move has gone ok and I am so pleased to see you again...

    Let's see what else you have on your fives...

    Happy days


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