Friday, July 31, 2009

Australian Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin Soup

Each Sunday
at the Farmers' Markets
I buy at least a half
of a pumpkin

This is what we call
a Jap pumpkin
or a Kent Pumpkin
Jap being short for Japanese
where it is known as the Kabochi,
I ate it on the Nakasendo
simmered in a soy broth
with the skin on

During the week
I bake the pumpkin
or use it in curry
or a chicken stew

But my favourite dish
must be the very simple
and quick
Aussie Pumpkin Soup

possibly the easiest soup
to make
in the entire world

Most pumpkin soup recipes
call for Butternut pumpkin
but I love the nutty rich flavour
and vibrant orange
of the Jap pumpkin

we all love it...

All you need
is your pumpkin
and some garlic,
chicken stock
and a pot...

So first skin
then roughly chop your pumpkin,
almost cover with stock
and put on the gas to simmer

make a cup of green tea
while you wait

and if you like
you can add
one or more
of a number of different spices
along with salt and ground pepper

My current flavour theme is
old fashioned powdered curry

But it is equally as good
virgin style

Simmer the soup
for 20 minutes

drink your refreshing tea

then blend the mix
check the seasoning

and serve
Aussie Pumpkin Soup

What could be easier?



Australian Pumpkin Soup

One half Jap pumpkin
stock to nearly cover ( the more stock the thinner the consistency)
2 cloves of garlic

Optional spices you might like to choose from:

1/2 teaspoon curry powder ( this will add warmth but not be hot. You don't want to drown out the rich pumpkin flavour)
Thai curry paste

Simmer 20 minutes



  1. I make it all winter too Delwyn.

    And I plan to make more tomorrow using JAP ...the same as you!!

    I don't use chicken stock though I prefer a little water, I like to keep it vegetarian ....I do it on the slow cooker for about 4 or 5 hours ..with cummin ..and garlic.


  2. oh thats easy. i like the rich pumpkin taste without the curry flavour. will definitely be giving this a shot.

  3. Delwyn,
    you know how I'm a soup-girl, and how I regard pumpkin as food fit for the Gods. Aussie Pumpkin soup has now officially won first place in my heart!

    I love the step-by-step photos (I especially like the still life pumpkin, garlic, knife on the chopping board) and the simplicity of this plate. And Sarah Lulu is right, it's a treat for all seasons.

    I'm off to the ethnic/fair trade market to find me some Jap pumpkin now. Thank you for this gift.

    Big hugs,
    Lola xx

  4. Looks yummie and it's a very simple recipe--tempted to try, although I don't think I can find Jap pumpkin in this neck of the wood. But I guess any pumpkin will do?

  5. Soup. I love tomato soup. Even Campbell's Tomato Soup in the can. It has got to be good. They sell billions of cans of tomato soup. LOL

    I love vegetable soup that my wife makes. Sometimes it is better than others but it is always so good that I could bloat myself eating it. She has been a great cook for the 54 years we have been married.

    And while I read your illustrated instructions I kept seeing the Japanese pictures in your side bar. I took a ton of photos of the period of reconstruction in Japan and those are all housed in a museum in Sendai, Japan. I have seen a lot of these prints in my time and I unknowingly bought a book of Japanese porn that was illustrated in this style. It isn't anything like porn these days but when it was done I guess it was a big hit. LOL

    I will ask my wife to look over your post and see if it is something she might try to make for me.

  6. It really sounds delicious! I do like squash soup, and he like!

  7. Is there anything healthier than fresh pumpkin or squash soup...I even buy canned pumpkin or squash to slip into my homemade vegetable soup and spaghetti sauce...for a little extra nutrition...grandkids never caught on!
    I love curry spice too!
    My favorite meal in the winter is Baked Stuffed Salmon with Curried Wild Rice and Baked Squash.
    I will keep and try your pumpkin recipe later this fall Delwyn.

  8. I've never seen this recipe, but it looks delicious. I love learning new things about Australia, especially the lingo. You had me laughing out loud at your comment on my blog yesterday, you silly girl. My husband is wondering about the new name I'm calling him. LOL! THANKS!!! Hugs and Blessings!!

  9. hi delwyn, beautiful pictures and a delicious looking soup! pumpkin soup is real autumn food around here. i love it with carrots and orange added as well. but anything with curry or cumin added is a big hit with me!!! thanks for sharing and have a sweet day by the river!! steven

  10. Hi Marion
    you dag you...

    someone can also be very 'daggy' in apperaance and that usually means dressed in rather rustic old fashioned clobber...a bit dated...but that's not are just the dag...

    Happy days

  11. Hi Wanda

    When you say squash are you referring to those green and yellow marrow vegetables like a zucchini in shape, but bigger?

    I like to add pumpkin to curries and stews as it thickens them well. It is especially good in a vegetable thai curry.

    I had a lot of those tricks in use for my kids too, often disguising veges. The stuffed salmon and curried rice mix sounds perfect.

    We have a seafood here called Moreton Bay Bugs sort of a cross between a crayfish and a crab. Last night I quickly steamed some tails, broke them up and tossed them with halved cherry tomatoes and blanched green beans into pasta with lots of ground pepper and olive oil...

    Happy days

  12. Hello there Jiggins

    maybe you can try this one too

    Happy days

  13. Mmmmm. I can almost smell it simmering in your photos. I love that picture of the heart-shaped slice with all the seeds in it. It would make a beautiful print--or a good basis for a painting or collage. Edible art.

  14. Hi there Abe
    How are you this evening/morning
    It is 11.25pm and way after my bedtime...

    Have your wife look at my tomato porridge - if you love tomato soups you will love that.

    The early Japanese ukiyo-e prints were often manga (pornographic)sometimes you get a bit of a surprise when you look closely at a ukiyo-e print and realise what it is...
    Where is Sendai in Japan?

    Thanks for the visit

    Happy days

  15. Hi Jelica

    yes just try a few varieties and see which is the sweetest and richest flavour.
    It goes well with sour dough bread for lunch, and toasted sour dough with cheese and mustard topping under the griller for a light dinner...

    Happy days

  16. Well Lola

    that is good news for the humble pumpkin to receive Lola's blessing...

    tell me how you go ...

    Happy days

  17. Priya hi there...

    it is nice with a little thai curry paste too or some korma but just a little so you keep the pumpkin flavour foremost...

    Happy days

  18. Sarah, hello

    well this Pumpkin soup was very suitably endorsed by the first commentor being an Aussie...

    You could use the veg stock from the health food store, but like you I have made it with pumpkin and garlic alone and it is perfect...

    How does the slow cooker enhance the flavour?

    Happy days

  19. Hello Steven

    I have made a curried carrot soup which is delicious with orange juice but not added it to the pumpkin as these Japs have so much flavour by themselves...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Lynne

    Glad you saw the heart - I knew someone would...I'll leave the art to you...a collage - now I could do that...

    Happy days

  21. That looks so good and so easy to do...I'm definitely going to try this. Here in Canada we call this a squash and to us a pumpkin is that huge orange round thing. I love knowing the names other places have for the same things!!

    By the way, I love the photo visualization of this post...the tea, the pumpkin, the spice...blends of colours and pattern. Beatufiul!

  22. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, Willow is my sister. Thanks for the link to your hubby's site...I'll be sure and check it out!
    Your soup looks wonderful! I wish I had one of those hand held blenders!

  23. Wonderful, wonderful! Blogs make great cookbooks so clear and so appetizing. I'll try this recipe. I've made similar soups for years from summer squashes (zucchini, mainly) and adding pumpkin and other winter squashes will be a welcome addition to the mix.


  24. Yes, here we would call that a squash. Your pictures make it seem very tantalizing. I make a mean soup with Butternut Squash (not our fellow blogger :). My husband would eat soup every night if I made it.

    These days, I've made a few different styles of gazpacho - even tho this summer we don't have the heat that usually demands that kind of cold meal.

    Like you, however, I cook soups mainly in the winter - so in another 3 months or so.

    Thanks Delwyn, will stop by for tea again soon.

  25. Sounds yummy and it's so easy I can't believe it. Now I'm off to see the easy spinach pie.

  26. Me zucchini is a soft shell summer squash...but I was referring to a hard shell winter squash like Butternut or Acorn Squash...which is similar to pumpkin.

    Have a good weekend Delwyn,

  27. Hi Wanda - me again

    Ok, I understand the US differentiation now...hard and soft shell...In the hard variety we do have the butternut gourd shaped pumpkin and other little ones the size of a baseball...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Meri

    both the soup and the pies are easy peasy...quick and simple...and delicious

    Happy days

  29. Hello Bonnie

    yes I think I have a better understanding now of the mighty US pumpkin...

    We had some American friends live with us for a while and they had only ever eaten pumpkin in sweet pie...

    It is also very yummy diced and slow roasted, cooled and placed over a spinach salad with fetta cheese...and walnuts...

    See you soon then...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Dan

    Well soup can't be any easier than this...

    Happy days

  31. Hi betsy

    welcome to my little corner of the world...

    Fancy that - your sister...

    The blender is a Breville and was very inexpensive...
    I look forward to chatting with you further...

    Happy days

  32. Hello Sherry Lee

    These fellas can get pretty big, thats why they are usually sold in pieces...

    thanks for your nice comments, I enjoy seeing you...

    Happy days

  33. Hi Delwyn
    I sprinkle mine with freshly ground nutmeg and finish with a dob of thick cream ...
    I also like my own farmers' market pumpkin cooked in thinnish slices on a griddle ... and ... and ... and ...
    Yum. How will I have it tonight?

  34. Hello there June

    How have you been...

    Your finishing touches sound very yummy. I like to slow bake small cubes til they get really sweet and have them in a spinach salad too, with fetta or blue cheese crumbled, some walnuts...yum...

    Happy days

  35. P.S. if you steam the pumpkin first in the pressure cooker the skin comes off really easily or microwave for few seconds (chef's trick.Using a pressure cooker makes this soup even easier and faster.Nice with some grated ginger in it and some chopped coriander on top.Yummy!

  36. Good morning this glorious Sunday eag

    Another reason I buy the Jap is that it is very easy to skin. Did you know that the skin is very nice to eat and even if the Japanese are skinning the pieces they leave little bits of green on for aesthetics...

    do like your ginger, coriander combo too...

    I don't have a pressure cooker. What do you think of the slow cookers? My mum uses one for chickens but I wonder if I would get enough use out of it...

    thanks for the tips

    Happy days


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