Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mail Away

One of the reasons 
that I am only occasionally present 
here these days
is that I have been making mail...

mail art

which can be made from anything
lying about, junk, images, old papers
drawings, magazines, brochures, flyers
and plenty of glue...

 You can recycle envelopes
turn them inside out
draw, paint, snip and paste
add poems, clippings, quotes,
create in any way
that expresses your individuality...
you don't have to be an artist
just keen to make mail
and connect with others

I have invited a few friends
to join a 'closed' blog
where we share the mail received
and build friendships

If this idea of snail mail art appeals to you
and you have the time and inclination
to indulge your creativity in this fashion
email me

and I will give you further information
about the Mail Away project

Friday, October 8, 2010



Yoshida Toshi

In the pale moonlight

Hasui Kawase

the wisteria's scent


comes from far away


Haiku by Buson