Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walking Noosa Hill

I have been walking over Noosa Hill

through the rainforest

the eucalyptus forest

the bush

and the wallum

to Sunshine Beach

a journey of up to three hours depending on the time
one takes to enjoy a mango smoothie
or a salmon bagel on The Deck
overlooking the beach in the little township

Now it is spring

I have been on the lookout for 

and these

and these

I have seen and heard these

and heard the Splendid Blue Wrens
and the whipbirds

but the others are remaining elusive
however I did see this

and this
but now that I am walking with Canon again
I hope to spy them soon

I take Noosa Hill route 3, the orange path
until it joins the red Tanglewood track 2

follow the Tanglewood East 
until the second right turn
onto the faint purple dotted track
to the heavy purple track 5
which comes out at Parkedge Road
then I walk the streets 
down to the village...
On my return I stay on the Tanglewood 

instead of retracing my steps 
up and over the hill
Once is enough!