Sunday, May 31, 2009



Today we received two visitors
from across the river

With no dog to sound the alarm
the guests arrived unannounced

and proceeded to the pool

Had a little swim about...

made amusing shadows...

did a little preening...

and rested for awhile...

creating stone replica images

and then it was time to return
across the river
to the swampy little creek
called home

look right,
look left,
look right again...
before we cross the river...

OK, come along now Maude
we can come back again another day...
I promise...


Post Script:

I have been advised by some blogging friends that they have been unable to open my blog, posts, comments intermittently over the last week or two.

I believe that blogger has an issue with those people using Internet Explorer as their browser. It appears that Firefox and Chrome are OK.

The people in the know suggest removing the site meter and the Followers box.

I am reluctant to remove the Followers just yet, hoping that Blogger may remedy the issue.

If this has been happening to you please be patient and try can gain access...but not always...

If you have repeated difficulty please email me and I will decide whether to remove these gadgets because I do love your visits...

Happy Days

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rain over Noosa

It's raining over Noosa

But come along...
we won't get wet
I've timed this well
- and if it showers
we'll grab a giant parasol leaf
from the macaranga tree
to cover our heads...

It's looking black over the river mouth
to the North West

And raining over the North Shore
but look blue skies are coming our way
so let's get going...

the shrubs and leaves
are all bedecked in manna
from the heavens

The wild pea vine puts its tentacles out

and takes hold

the bauhinia leaves
like perching butterflies

drying their wings

collect in long lines
ready for take off

The tender new lilly pilly leaves
start out pink then turn to green

The lilly pilly has edible fruit
and belongs to that group of foods
known as 'bush tucker'

But it's the flowers of this silver wattle
Acacia myrtifolia or Myrtle wattle,
that steal the limelight

sparkling white in an ocean of coastal green

the tree is disguised in a mass
of Christmas baubles and artificial snow

turning subtropical Autumn
into Northern hemisphere winter

But now...

the clouds are breaking apart
and the sun sneaks through

Oh Happy Days


Friday, May 29, 2009

Protean Protea


duck down
twirling can can skirts
flouncy tutus
lacy petticoats

Amazing proteas
once again

There are so many varieties of protea
you can become excited by their
and beauty






Thursday, May 28, 2009




Yes, it is an Aboriginal word
for Wallum Banksia
which is found growing
on the coastal lowlands
from Northern New South Wales
to southern Queensland

Here we are in Wallum country
looking across a sea of Wallum Banksias
to the Pacific ocean

We are on the other side
of the Noosa Park Headland
to where we usually walk

This coastal area is exposed to the east
and the south east winds

the vegetation hugs the ground
or grows with the prevailing wind

Prickly Moses - Acacia Ulicifolia

The term Wallum is used to describe
the coastal vegetation types
grown on the sand dunes
and flat undulating country
with acid soils and a high water table

My friend took me into the Wallum area
of the National Park from Sunshine Beach
and we were greeted formally
by the official welcome party

Who's giving the speech
You or me?

Undecided still

Ok, so it's left to me...

Well you all know the song...
you told me so recently
Here we go...

"Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree-ee..."

Lets take a closer look
at Poor Man's Gold

Wallum includes a broad spectrum
of vegetation types

Wet woodlands with Scribbly Gums and Banksias
merge with wet and dry heathlands

Colourful shrubs, grasses
and sedges can be found

Eucalyptus Gummifera
-Red Bloodwood

Wildflowers can be seen
all year round on the Cooloola Coast

Large matted balls
of Curly Sedge Grass

the tousled clusters of which
looks reminiscent of
curled gift wrapping ribbon

And against a rain clouded sky
the king of the heathland Wallum
the Casaurina, struggles
against the coastal winds

Wallum Part 2 to follow