Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Rainy Walk


One Rainy Walking Day...

I woke up full of enthusiasm for a long walk
but it was raining...
My camera, undeterred, was insistent
and I relented on the proviso
that we take my umbrella

Up those steps we headed once again
Everything was glistening with the rain

and so vibrantly green with life

and fresh

and cool

Once up the steps the pace slackened
as camera wanted to capture
many little treasures
that he spied with his singular occulus

I wasn't adverse to cooling my heels
so humoured his frequent stops

to look in awe and wonder

at simple little scenes
of majesty

and get close to really look
at this grassy rush plant

with brown and orange porcupine heads

Even the turkey
needed a good shake out

The eucalyptus leaf
spirals in the breeze
attached to a single invisible
thread of spider web

We've left the look out and will take
a shortcut down this leafy track

and under this barb wire string
~ watch your head ~

- see the gorgeous green moss there
on the rock under the wire

we'll make our way out to the road
and begin our descent...

But, look here first...
I have spied a new, fresh clivia
across the road at the gate

and just down the road
my camera halts for the final time
to capture a beckoning
orange bougainvillea.

My trusty umbrella
has been a talisman
and not a drop of rain has fallen
during my walk...

Oh Happy Walking Day


Cool damp autumn walk
Fallen twigs crunch underfoot
Leaves bejewelled by rain



  1. At this time of a year rain is just another variety of good weather isn't it. Stunning photos. And the haiku is very atmospheric. Thanks!

  2. I don't know where to start! The splendid haiku, the beautiful green...I can hear the twigs crunching!
    Oh, and is that a wild turkey?!

  3. That was such a beautiful walk, thank you!

    I corrected the link to "Sheep May Safely Graze",
    sorry for the inconvenience!

    I have your mail in the "to answer" folder -
    just so much to do and visitors too,
    but one fine day .... thank you for your patience!

  4. Gorgeous ...and the bush turkey made it for me!

  5. I love your photo walks. As I scroll down the page I can almost hear footsteps in the wet leaves.

  6. I'm glad the rain didn't scare you away from the walk. I like how everything on your pictures looks fresh and so much more alive after the rain.

  7. Good Evening Delwyn...the smell of the forest after/during rain is so special!I would have liked to be there with you today..Briz had no rain but a very pleasant atmosphere.

    xxx Mona

  8. Polly
    thank you for the lovely comments. Yes I don't mind the rain - especially if I can ward it off with my little orange kiddie brolly!

    Happy Days

  9. Tulsa,
    the fresh vegetation brought out the haiku in me...
    And yes that is one of many bush Turkeys in the area. They skip along the path in front of you...
    Or fossick in the leaves and flick them all around.

    Happy Days

  10. Merisi,
    It's nice to hear from you. I will look forward to a future chat, at your leisure...
    I'll return to your post, have a listen to the music and savour the imagery...

    Happy Days

  11. Sarah,
    they are such awkward and ungainly looking birds you have to love them. I took a glimpse at your town transport and loved it - will be back later...

    Happy Days

  12. Thank you for such a delightful walk.

  13. Hi Mark,
    I'm glad to have your company...I go for a walk each day...see you again
    Happy Days

  14. Jelica,
    I hope you are feeling better today.
    Doesn't the recent rain make the images just jump out at you and you can almost smell the freshness and dampness in the air...
    Happy walking in the rain Days

  15. Mona, Hi my friend
    have you recovered from the double birthday celebrations?

    Actually it was yesterday when I wrote the post. Today was glorious and my friend and I walked out to Hell's Gates then back through the Tanglewood on a new track and listened to the whip birds again...then to hastings St for coffee and back to the edge of the park...
    Then as it was such a still and magnificent day I walked again late this afternoon...Oh Happy walking autumn Days...

    Take care

  16. Hello Pam,
    I don't know if we have chatted before, but you look familiar. If not a very warm welcome to Noosa. It's nice to have you here.
    I will come and read about your lovely textiles tomorrow after the gym....
    but for now thanks for visiting and
    Happy Days

  17. The bougainvillea and the clivia colors are gorgeous (simply amazing to think that clivia grows outside without a greenhouse). I love the raindrops beading on leaves and how rain-washed leaves and ferns simply glisten. And to cap everything off, the expressive haiku. Well done, Delwyn!

  18. Look at all that life. Thanks for the Australian walk-about.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. All lovely to look at and dream about.
    When is the best time to visit you folks down under?

  20. Thank you for taking me with you on your relaxing green forest walk. I needed it. That wooden deck walkway... so mysterious yet inviting... Wow, nature is so abundant there. It defines lush.

    Love the pertinent haiku, brilliant.

    Ciao, oh talented one

  21. Tessa
    Yes It was really 'Greenly Green'

    Happy Days

  22. Meri
    Thanks for your vote of confidence.
    Such greenery and vibrant life begged for a celebratory Haiku don't you think?

    Happy Days

  23. Rosaria,
    Our part of Au is sub tropical and autumn and spring are best for travelling or if you like it hot then summer is great too. Going South it gets much cooler and late summer would be best. Conversely up in the Nothern parts of Qld and Nthn Territory winter is good.

    Just remember that AU is bigger than the US so has the same vast range of temperatures.
    Are you considering travelling?

    Happy Days

  24. Lola,

    It is good to appreciate this lushness now because it is possible that over the next few months of winter it will not rain. The lawns, parks and bush get very dry. We need irrigation in the garden - fortunately we have a spear pump sucking up the brackish water beneath the sand.
    Sp while it is greener than green I will keep the camera clicking...
    Glad you liked the haiku too...
    Happy Days

  25. Renee,

    Hello there pixie,

    Yes Renee it is just bursting with life - a very apt expression for this time of year. We have had more rain than usual so the plants are 'leaping greenly'...

    Happy Days

  26. Hi Delwyn, it's interesting to me to see the strangeness of the tropical vegetation paired with the familiar turkey. And, I thought turkey's were only a North American find. Thanks for the walk - it rained here too today (for the first time in while), so I really felt with you.

    (side note: thank you for your offer write separately whenever I needed. I appreciated that more than you could know.)

  27. I've walked through the bush with you!

  28. What a lovely walk - love the turkey!

    Be sure to stop by my blog when you have a moment. I've given you a One Lovely Blog Award for your lovely, lovely blog!


  29. Jennifer,
    Hi there...
    I think these bush or brush turkeys are a little different to yours - silly creatures...they build enormous nesting mounds do yours?
    Please take me up on the offer if you ever need...

    Happy Days

  30. Angela,
    I am glad that you have come along to breathe the lovely invigorating air and see the green...

    An award from you - what a surprise...thank you very much Angela...I shall be over soon...

    Happy Days

  31. RR -
    good morning to you, So glad you came along too...quite a little troupe we were, I felt like a tour leader - just need one of those little flags the Japanese guides love to wave.

    Happy Days

  32. What a wonderful glimpse of Australia for me. I loved your walk except for the snake. Not feeling that too much, but loved the turkey.

  33. Your affinity for the plants you see inspires me. Thanks for bringing so many of us along on your walks.

  34. Hello Lorac,

    I'm glad there was something for you...What a great turn out we had today and not a soul complained about those vertical steps..such companionable walkers....

    Happy Days

  35. Hi Dan,

    Glad to have you Dan, one day we might get to do this in the real world...that would be fun...

    Happy Days


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