Monday, May 25, 2009

Hell's Gates


Hell's Gates
Noosa National Park

this is where
we are going today
Hell's Gates
- you don't have to be
particularly devilish
just follow me

First let's take a look at the map.
I'll park the car at the end of Noosa Parade.
Look at the left hand edge of the map, 1/2 way up.

We'll walk over to the Surf Life Saving Club,
then from Hastings Street we'll make our way
to the boardwalk - the dark line on the shore.

The boardwalk will take us to the National Park
from where we will walk to the Boiling Pot, Tea Tree Bay,
Granite Bay and around the headland to Hell's Gates
so named for its dark and dangerous cauldron of swirling waves.

It's been a leisurely walk to Tea Tree,
we're heading now for Dolphin Point.

Winch Cove stretches north to south,
a long sweep of coastline
where the tumbling rocks on the shore
rumble with the outgoing waves

Further along the beach a lone surfer
watches the waves with interest

And here we are at Hell's Gates.
Lets take a look...

Only a few steps...

Don't get too close
It drops off quickly...

It's calm down there
in Hell's Gates today...
but no turtles

Looking south, down the east coast of Queensland,
in the distance is Alexandria Beach
(the unofficial nudist beach)
and the headland that abuts Sunshine Beach.
Another day we will walk over that ridge
to Sunshine Beach
but not today...

Lets turn 180* and look to the north across Laguna Bay
to where the North Shore is just visible -
This long stretch of beach is great for 4 wheel driving
and popular with campers and fishermen.

It's often blustery out here on the headland,
facing into the great Pacific Ocean
the Casuarinas- 'She Oaks',
have learned to grow with the wind

We'll turn and head back now.

Look at the Banksia tree nuts
standing out against the blue sky

Keep your eyes peeled because
on our way back
we may even see a kookaburra...



  1. In the story that I am working on right now, my main character travels through "Hell's Gates", you can imagine my excitement when I saw the title to your post! :O
    Lovely photos as always! I love the clouds as well as the waves in your pictures!

  2. Tulsa..
    How funny... must be a turbulent place!
    Thanks for your company - friendly and warm as usual...

    Happy Days

  3. Phfuiiii,just came back from the beach,my heart is still bumping like crazy,my hear is all messed up,but I love it,what a beauty and horror ,I imagine if you find yourself in those waters on a dark,stormy night.Brrrr!I have walked very carefuly,you are a good gide,you are an exellent gide and Im glad that my name is not linked to the Hell's Gates on any way(if I take a look at the map,Alexandras beach lies between Hell's Gates and the Devils Kitchen,if it was not for Lions Rock! :O)
    Absolutly stunning images and my fantazia is making great stories about smugglers of all kinds and sorts.What a way to start a day! If I was living there I would never ever put my computer on again,realy,may be just to meet you dear people but for the rest ill be outside(I think).Thank you for this Delwyn,have a bright,wonderful day and all the best to you and your love ones,xxx Aleks
    Why is it called Alexandras beach?Or shell I go wikking? CIAO Bella

  4. Hi Aleks,

    I thought you had been out walking when I first glance at your comment!

    People have been swept off the rocks at Hell's Gates when fishing or skylarking.
    Well like you say, I must go out walking every day - there is so much beauty in the little corner of paradise.

    Today I went walking in a different area - if you look on the map it is the lowland area below Alexandria Beach on the south of the headland - a very different micro climate and range of vegetation - and I have a stash of new photos for you to see - Oh Happy Days...

  5. Love the banksia ..against the blue sky. I don't like heights much so I'm glad you got close for Hell's Gates and not me!

  6. Sarah,

    Ok I'll have to remember that and warn you in future... KEEP BACK, DON'T LOOK - SARAH!

    I thought the banksia looked like a tree full of baby birds...or christmas lights...

    I keep wondering about that must be so excited. I haven't given a lot of thought to the next generation yet as am only just recovering from the 4th child's completion of adolescence and move into adulthood - I need a bit of a break first...but friends around me are starting to get clucky vicariously...

    Happy Days


    Watch this...

  8. I thought the clouds were magnificent!xx

  9. Delwyn I have been to Hells Gates but it wasn't in Australia.

    I love the last picture, it is beautiful and I think would make a wonderful painting.

    Renee xoxoxo

  10. I have just awarded you an Awe-Summm Award for having an awesome blog. Go check out my blog so you can join in the fun!

    Love the pics!

  11. I remember well Delwyn..that is where I noticed a shark and a turtle we watched the incoming waves for a long time thanks for bringing back fond memory's xxx

  12. Thank you for inviting us to take this beautiful walk with you, Delwyn. I have always loved to say the word "kookaburra". . .

  13. what lovely photos, it looks like a stunning place. I really liked your moss photos too.

  14. Lucian,
    thanks i will look at them later
    Happy days

  15. Natalie,

    I have noticed that the camera sometimes highlights clouds in a special way...

    Happy Days

  16. Renee,

    I'm sure you know the place well...

    But you aren't there now my friend.

    Happy days

  17. Yvonne,

    Now that is one special award!!
    Thank you Yvonne - but mainly I am happy that you enjoy the pictures...

    Happy Days

  18. Mona,

    Hi to you,

    My friend said to look for turtles but in all the many many times I have been there I have never seen one.
    I have, though, seen dozens of whales migrating past on their way to and from Hervey Bay.
    One day when we were exercising very early in the am, out towards Hells Gates there was a mother and baby whale right into a little cove below us resting. That was a very special scene.
    Another time we saw a seal on a rock...very out of his habitat...maybe he was ill or injured.

    Happy days

  19. Angela,

    hello there,

    the aboriginal word is onomatopoeic... they do have a delightful laugh.

    I saw a pair close up yesterday when walking ...I'll show you them soon

    Happy Days

  20. I would have rather been there with you today then where I was. But, alas the commute would have killed all the fun! thanks for sharing.

  21. Craftygreenpoet

    welcome to my little spot in the woods...It's nice to have another visitor from the UK.

    I have had a glance at your blog and spy some enticing photographs so I will return for an in depth perusal... Thank you for visiting...

    Happy Days

  22. Jules,
    tis a long way, so better to travel through this medium, until one day when you have a few weeks...

    Happy days

  23. hey, i've been here a few times and never said thanks. so thanks. thanks for the lovely pictures, the cool and smart narrative that goes with the pictures. all the little pieces that make this a good place to visit! steve
    a.k.a "the golden fish".

  24. Hi Steven,

    I'm glad you have stopped by this time for a chat. It is good to get to know fellow bloggers with similar interests. Thanks for your kind words.
    I think I have visited you before as you are a Basho enthusiast too aren't you?
    So please keep adding your comments to the discussion - we all benefit.

    Happy Days

  25. Delwyn, you are the most incredible photographer! These pictures are beautiful. Notice the sweep of the sky in "Winch Cove" and "Lone Surfer," enhanced by the color of the water. I also liked the way you used branches for contrast in "Only a few steps" and "Hell's Gates" and all the branches in "she oaks." They should be framed!

  26. Margaret,

    why thank you for this glowing endorsement of my very basic photography skills - I really don't think about it too much I just know when I look at the composition whether it 'feels' right and harmonious, or not,(to me) ...and go from there...

    I'm am so glad that what I see as a presentable shot also appeals to you.

    Thanks Margaret - you make me keen to get out snapping again and I have only just come in from a walk up and over 'that' hill again... snapping all the way...It's been raining all day again but I had to get out for a walk...and it kept dry for the hour...

    Oh Happy days

  27. Kookabura sits in the old gum tree; merry, merry king of the bush is he; laugh, Kookabura, laugh, Kookabura; gay, your life must be.

    We used to sing this song (in rounds) when I was a child. Is it an Australian song? It was playing in my mind as I read through this joyous post (again). Your pictures are glorious, and I love the colourful names of these places!

  28. Hi Bee,

    yes it's an old Aussie favourite...thank you for your kind comments and interest.

    happy days


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