Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Purple Haze


Purple Haze...

In the National Park the wild flowers
brighten the edges of the path ways

And bring joy to the walker with camera

who snaps them from different angles
and comments on their splendour

Even a lone purple weed
fills her with rapture,
she is easily thrilled by nature...

The walkers leave the beaten track
taking a detour up the old wooden steps
looking for relatives of Murray

and in the adjacent gardens
find to their delight
a purple frenzy...
but what are they?
Can you see how the flower emerges
from a leaf blade shaft

What a stunning find,
A gardener working nearby
cannot tell us their name

So the walker picks a flower
intending to visit the nursery
in order to identify the plant
but by the time she gets it home
it has shrivelled up

So it remains a
temporary purple treat
bathed in the sunlight

One day she will find its name
but in the mean time
she'll call it Purple Haze



  1. Really Exciting! you think it is a Native Flower?..I am in love with it!


  2. Mona,
    I'll return and take another flower to the nursery for identification.

    Happy Purple Days

  3. Looks like a native Iris or Orchid to me. Stunningly beautiful either way.xx♥

  4. Natalie,

    I'll go and look up the native Iris, thanks for the lead...

    Happy days

  5. No matter what the "real name" may be, I have taken a liking to "Purple Haze"!

  6. Identification Suggestion:

    I think the first little purple flowers may be a native iris, Patersonia or purple flag.

    The large purple haze may be a native 'donkey orchid' ??? any other suggestions welcomed...

  7. Hi Tulsa,
    It is certainly very like-able...

    Happy purple hazy Days

  8. It looks like a wild Iris. We have Louisiana Iris's here that grow wild in the swamps and it looks very much like it. I have domestic Iris and it looks like them, too!

    A beautiful walk with you this fine morning!

  9. The larger flower does have that "fleur de lis" shape that's so characteristic of iris.

  10. Hi.
    Is the iris a native species? I haven't seen such beautiful blue-purple irises before. How enchanting! I enjoy reading your posts one by one.

  11. Almost looks like a Siberian lilly.

  12. Everyone:

    Thanks for visiting and offering your ideas. Perhaps it is a wild iris...
    I'll google your suggestion BBMc

    Happy Days

  13. Hi Delwyn, I'm going with the majority on this one: wild iris due to the three curling petals. Did you know that each type of flower is missing one color of the spectrum? For example, the iris is missing red (there are no red irises). The rose has red, but is missing blue, which the iris has. and on and on through all the flowers. Interesting, isn't it? I followed the link to Murray! Little scary to have has a pet! But some human qualities, too. Happy days!

  14. Hi Margaret,
    what an interesting snippet. I wasn't aware of that...Now I will think about it whenever I am looking at flowers. Thanks for the education....

    Murray is rather an old fellow, slow but sharp claws and teeth...don't worry about him...he hasn't been seen for a while so must have found a sunny spot in another garden.

    Happy Days

  15. BBMcclain

    I googled your suggestion of Siberian lily

    and came up with Siberian Iris

    which I now think it most likely is....

    Thank you for the lead - are you a keen gardener?

    Happy Days


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