Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day In Australasia


Today in Australia and in New Zealand it is Mothers' Day:

Son #1 brought around this beautiful
arrangement of orchids knowing that
I am particularly fond of orchids and
the association I have with them
through daughter #2's name.

Last night for dinner wife of son#2
brought with her a passionfruit
chocolate cream dessert
and a lovely gift accompanied
by this card.
(Son #2 is working out of town)

At the Farmers' market this morning
I couldn't resist
these little chrysanthemums -
the traditional Mothers' Day flower.

Don't they match the card above
as if they were intended for each other

Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 have yet
to shower me with their largesse -
but I am hopeful...

When my children were young
I told them all
not to buy me anything on Mothers' Day.
If they were to show their love
through making a card
and little acts of kindness
I would be a very happy Mother...

I must away and ring my Mother...

Post script
Since writing this post I see that it is Mothers' Day all around the world.
Isn't that wonderful?



  1. Happy Mama day Delwyn! Mona

  2. Absolutely beautiful gifts and photos, Delwyn.

    I am glad you had a nice day. Enjoy the rest of being 'Queen for a day'.xx♥

  3. It is wonderful .....Happy Mother's Day ...
    such lovely lovely flowers.

  4. Happy Mothers Day Delwyn, and I think that they are the most beautiful chrysanthemums I have ever seen!!

    Normally, I have always thought that they are the most unattractive and smelly flowers around. Not yours though.. they are beautiful.

  5. To the four fine Australians above - thank you and Happy days to you all, xxxx

  6. Perfect day to you and your mother. Have a lovely one with family and friends.

  7. Happy Mother's Day. I'm lunching with my sons and their ladies, my just-walking grandson, my d-i-l's parents. I haven't heard from my daughter yet, but I got a bouquet of orchids from my "other daughter." My daughter (who is adopted) has a biological sister and they found each other in their 20s. Her sister Mishelle considers herself my other daughter because she's having a somewhat difficult time with her own mother and has cut off contact with the support of a therapist. My family keeps growing and growing!

  8. I have learned that 'mums can be the most stunning creations! The ones we used to always see were just yellow or white clusters and ... kinda boring, really. Those ones are so tall and elegant, like ballerinas!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Delwyn

  9. Happy Mothers' Day! What a beautiful post, full of colourful images. If you are into orchids, you'd love Cuba's very own orchid garden in the westernmost province of Pinar del Rio. Many thanks and I hope you have a restful day with your family.

    Greetings from London.

  10. Dan,
    thank you my friend

    thanks for the good wishes -I had a lovely day

    Meri - am writing to you...

    Violet - I was surprised by these delicate ones too - so fresh and pretty

    Mr C,
    I have been as far down as Mexico, maybe one day I'll adventure further...It would be worth it to see the orchids. Singapore also has beautiful orchid gardens...

  11. Happy Mother's Day to you! The flowers are beautiful!

  12. Tulsa
    why does it feel ages since we've spoken???
    Thank you my dear...

  13. Great gifts and Happy Mother's Day Delwyn!

  14. Beautiful orchids, love the colour.

  15. Yoon see
    thank you very much

    I have just been looking at them closely and they resemble one of those pinwheel whirly things we had as kids from fairs and shows.


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