Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainy Night

Rain Again...

It rained all yesterday
and extremely heavily overnight
so that schools in the SE Queensland area
were closed today
for fear of further rain and winds
and flooding

By early afternoon
the rain has ceased
blue skies crept back
and little creeks were running
down beside those steps

and even underneath those steps...

The sound of running water
took me back
to the Japanese countryside

But the skyline
was still distinctly Australian

The universe knows
that I am always on the look out
for a koala within close proximity
to snap for you...

Part way up the steps a young woman
coming from the opposite direction stopped
and said, "Are you looking for a koala?"

To which I replied,
"That I am."
And she gave me the directions.
I took 'the path less travelled'
to the eucalyptus tree
But alas I could not find him...

But I did see these beautifully
frosted tree trunks

And a rotting log
with limey green moss

The rain run-off cascaded
down the path edges

creating little washouts
and tumbles of rocks

then collecting in all sorts of receptacles.

It was a solitary walk:
just me
a single frog croaking,
one bird piping ,
and a sole cicada's shrill call...

But it was not lonely...

I crested the brow of the hill,
to a heavenly smell
of damp earth, wet vegetation and eucalypts
which rose up from the valley facing east

and followed me
as I made my way down to the ocean

passing by the Rubber trees
and their leafy occulus

looking at the sky
from an insect's perspective...

And on my way around the edge of the park
on the ocean boardwalk
high in a gum tree
I did find you another butt...

A Koala butt,
so far away his furry face
through the gum leaves
is a trifle fuzzy -

but still adorable...

Post Script: For those of you in Qld and Northern NSW who are wondering about the weather variations I wrote this story yesterday, after the rains had abated. Today the sun shone brightly. Tomorrow we expect more rain...



  1. Hi Delwyn,how was this rain!..the dams capacity is up to 72% again ...Everything is so green again here in the City!..have a lovely evening.


  2. Mona,
    great news about the dam levels.
    Has it rained there today? I believe it is returning tomorrow...

    Happy days

  3. The koala "butt" is a nice finale . . . and btw, I very much enjoyed your previous post on butts and other b words.

    The smell of damp earth and eucalyptus must be intoxicating! (Do you have to drive to this spot, or is it your backyard more or less?)

  4. I LOVE koalas! How wonderful.

    I can almost smell those beautiful smells of moist earth and forest. How beautiful the rubber trees are! I never knew.

    Thanks for this morning's walk, Delwyn and also for your dream analysis. You are quite brilliant. Thank you!

  5. I was just listening to the news about your rainy weather and the end of the drought...

    You are inspiring me to be more observant and poetic when I return to my hiking.

    Cute butt.

  6. Normally I wouldn't be enthused about a furry butt. This is the one exception. . . Thanks for your elegant solution to my walking-looking dilemma.

  7. What a refreshing walk with you through the rain-washed forest. I could almost smell the rain! I love that photo of the circle of Rubber tree leaves. I love circles.

    I laughed about the Koala butt. Many years ago I took my grandson to the local zoo and as we were leaving he said very loudly, "But Grammy---we didn't see the BUTT Monkeys!" Everyone turned and laughed with me. He was talking about the monkeys with red butts. My grandson is almost 13 now and we still laugh about that. In fact, we're going to the zoo today to celebrate his completeing 7th grade and passing with good grades.

    My Iris's are bulbs, but they multiply like crazy. And I did think your purple flower looks very Orchid-like, too! The Native Louisiana Iris spreads by rhizomes. Under natural conditions, single rhizomes usually multiply two-or three-fold in a year but have been known to multiply 21-fold, spreading radially. Here's a site about our Native Iris that is very informative:

    Blessings and Love to you!

  8. Oh, this is a rich tapestry of sights and feels. Lovely pictures. Is the rain run off the result of the fires last year?

  9. Thanks for leading us on this walk! I loved the litle rivulets and receptacles of water delicately balancing river rocks. plus I enjoyed the same thing Marion saw: the perfect circle of rubber tree leaves. Was there thunder and lightning, too? As always, your threading the story with pictures is just like reading a book. A poetic, spirit-lifting one.

  10. I loved the way in which you wove the Japanese countryside into the Queensland landscape. That was a masterstroke. And just a koala butt :-(? Well, at least it was a cute butt :-)! Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  11. Hi Bee,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my play with butts and BBBBBBs...

    The national Park and the Noosa Hill I am walking over are about 10-15 mins walk from home but I do drive there usually and park close to the cafe if it is morning! The walk over the hill and back around the ocean takes just under an hour - perfect for the one hour parking zone...The walks around and through the national park (one of which I am posting today)can take from 1-3 hours depending on which track I take and which beaches I visit. I have a map coming up on a post that I've been holding in wait so that will show you where I hike to.

    Thanks for your interest
    Happy days

  12. Reya,
    I have just been googling the rubber tree and think I have misnamed that plant. We do have ornamental rubber plants and vines which are classified as weeds but this is different. I'll have to find out what it is.

    Happy dreaming...and reconciliation...

  13. Violet,
    yes we have had huge rains - over 1 ft in parts of SE Qld and the dams are filling. However other parts of Au are still in drought.

    Happy hiking

  14. Meri,
    I'm glad this is one acceptable butt!!

    Glad to be of help...

    Happy walking-meditating-observing....

  15. Marion,
    I'm happy that you came along walking...
    That was a lovely butt story and have a fun time at the zoo. Kids need all the encouragement and reinforcement we can give them. You are lucky that at 13 your grandson still wants to do these family activities.

    Thanks for the iris info - my flowers looked more like rhizome types than bulbs. I will look up your reference when I return from the gym.

    Its 7.45am and I love to read my comments before I start the day but have to leave shortly to secure my place in pump class!

    Happy Days

  16. Rosaria,

    I live in SE Qld 1/2 way up the East coast of Au, just north of Brisbane. The fires were in Victoria - 2 large states south of here.
    We can get minor bush fires in the surrounding scrub but nothing like those horrific fires of late.

    The run off of water was due to the 12 inches of rain that fell overnight! Even the sand can't absorb all that.

    Hapy Days

  17. Margaret,

    Thanks for joining me on the walk and enjoying the same things that I noticed. I may have that rubber tree name wrong but the circle remains the same- gorgeous!

    Thanks for your supportive comments - they keep me writing and snapping...

    The rain was due to a large low pressure air movement - not a tropical storm. We are just about over the summer tropical storms now as it has cooled off.

    Happy Days

  18. Mr C

    you know me by now, I can sneak a slice of Japan in anywhere!

    And expect a butt here and there...

    Happy days

  19. Your prose is poem-like, very evocative even if pictures weren't there. And I liked the Koala butt at the end, as a final special effect.

    I'm starting to enjoy your concinnity, words being placed in natural harmony and design, with the effect that readders are charmed into your special mind & soul walks.

    So it is rainy season there, right? Rainy forest means rain lol. Here iin Roome instead it's very hot now, with summer - not spring, but we're in spring now - temperature and no rain.

    All the best
    From South West

  20. Sorry for the typos. I have problems with my keyboard :-(


  21. Manofroma,
    hello there again,

    Thank you for your encouraging words...

    We are at the end of the rainy season- this rain was more of a low depression, not a tropical storm, but with very heavy rain further south of here. We received over a foot overnight!
    Autumn here is cool but not cold - still about 20*C today(72F) which is cold for us...winter only gets a little colder - but we are in the subtropics in SE Qld. Other parts of Au are very cold already.

    Happy summer Days

  22. I let out a little scream when I scrolled down and saw that cute little butt!
    Way to go Delwyn! Thank you so much for this wonderful walk!

  23. Tulsa
    how are you my dear?

    It was a butt of considerable proportions!

    I am waiting for the day when I see a koala up really close. In the past when I got up early to exercise,(don't do it now, I am wiser!) we would often see them returning home after a hard night out on the eucalyptus juice....
    It will happen one day and then I will have endearing shots for you, but for now a butt will have to do...

    Happy Days


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