Friday, May 1, 2009

Christchurch City


The Christchurch Cathedral is found in The Square
at the heart of the city of Christchurch.

Through the city centre runs the Avon River an attractive tourist
drawcard and a place for office workers to relax at lunchtime.

Another interesting activity for tourists is to take the tram
around the inner city streets.

At the moment it has stopped outside the Art's Centre
which holds regular art and craft markets.
The Arts Centre buildings were originally part of
The University of Canterbury
before it moved out to the suburb of Ilam
near my family home.



  1. From London's perspective Christchurch seems like light years away... thanks for these photos, they are stunning.

  2. ....oooooohhhh.... I sooo envy you.....!

  3. Lovely photos. It is such a treat to get to visit these places with blog friends. Somehow, it feels as though we are walking together. Now, when you are ready to take those walks, can you invite me over/

  4. Hi Delwyn, really enjoyed your pictures, lovely colours in the river shot. Would that be the Canterbury inKent England university?

  5. When I was in New Zealand, I remember Christchurch mainly for the most beautiful gardens I had seen anywhere. It was by far my favourite city - emigration worthy, to be sure!


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