Sunday, May 31, 2009



Today we received two visitors
from across the river

With no dog to sound the alarm
the guests arrived unannounced

and proceeded to the pool

Had a little swim about...

made amusing shadows...

did a little preening...

and rested for awhile...

creating stone replica images

and then it was time to return
across the river
to the swampy little creek
called home

look right,
look left,
look right again...
before we cross the river...

OK, come along now Maude
we can come back again another day...
I promise...


Post Script:

I have been advised by some blogging friends that they have been unable to open my blog, posts, comments intermittently over the last week or two.

I believe that blogger has an issue with those people using Internet Explorer as their browser. It appears that Firefox and Chrome are OK.

The people in the know suggest removing the site meter and the Followers box.

I am reluctant to remove the Followers just yet, hoping that Blogger may remedy the issue.

If this has been happening to you please be patient and try can gain access...but not always...

If you have repeated difficulty please email me and I will decide whether to remove these gadgets because I do love your visits...

Happy Days


  1. I have IE and it works fine with me.
    The ducks have beautiful markings on their heads!

  2. Scintilla

    Well that's great to hear. I did remove a couple of gadgets to see if that helped.

    The coming of these ducks is an unusual story. We have lived here on the river for 25 years and only in the last two years have we had ducks. The water is tidal so salty...I didn't know ducks liked salt water...They have never visited in the past because of the dog, RIP....

    Happy Days

  3. I love ducks. Great photo opportunity, Delwyn. Your pool lokk so lovely right next to the river/creek? Very serene.
    Two ducks are a symbol of fertility aren't they? Better watch out Delwyn!xx♥

  4. Natalie,
    that's funny, I'm through menopause - it would have to be a miracle...

    Actually I bought a pair of wood ducks back from Korea - they must be a good luck symbol...

    Happy Days

  5. Hello Helwyn ...maybe the ducks were mend for me?...I will write you an email tomorrow...happy love!

    xxx Mona

  6. Mona


    Happy days

  7. Delwyn, I use a mac computer and the Safari software that comes along with it....I don't have a problem with your site at all but I once had problems on my own music blog when I had a counter on it. After deleting it things went back to normal....

    The duck reflection is so funny, that is a great picture! What a lovely place!

  8. Thats a really great tale! Cute story with cute pics, Delwyn! So sweet! Did I say you live i beautiful surroundings...if not, take it from me. Awsum!

    Thanks for mentioning the potential problem...
    Happy Days to you too

  9. They must have felt like they were visiting a resort with their own private spa. And I will have to look when I go down to the harbor and see if there are any ducks paddling around. I see them all the time on the pond behind my house, but it's fresh water.

  10. please tell me they stayed for cocktails, how darling!

  11. Delwin, you have a good eye for capturing the beautiful, the unusual, the usually missed. I so enjoy taking little side trips with you. Thank you.

  12. this is so enchanting! i simply love the way ducks walk.

  13. I am quite fond of ducks. They can be very amusing and they just seem so stable. Did you see the Mama duck with 45 chicks in my blog/ If you are interested it is in older blogs but it is really quite amazing.

  14. Ho Tulsa,
    I took the site counter off but one friend using IE still can't get into comments box. I hope Mr Blogger is working on the issue.

    Happy Days

  15. deepazartz,

    Good morning, thanks I had fun with the story...

    Yes I live on the edge of a river looking at a bank of gum trees and wattles. It is very beautiful and we are very fortunate.

    Happy days

  16. Meri, hi my friend

    that's the funny thing - they are in salt water as our river is tidal. I only knew of fresh water ducks from Christchurch before these began to frequent. They bring the chicks across often - none at present though...

    Happy days

  17. the letters i wish i'd written

    Welcome to my corner, It's lovely to have a newcomer join in the chat.

    They haven't returned yet but I suspect they will now they know there is no marauding dog to scare them off.

    Happy Days

  18. Rosaria,
    thanks for your comments.

    I have learned a couple of things with blogging. One is to always have my camera close by and the second to watch and observe and to take many many pictures and you usually find something good in the bunch. And then the story will tell itself...

    Happy Days

  19. Priya,

    Hello there,

    they are always amusing aren't they? These had a lovely green blue patch almost hidden in their side feathers.

    Happy Days

  20. Hi Lorac,
    How are you today?

    I will go looking for ducks next visit to your place.

    Happy Days

  21. What I love about your blog is the simplicity that reigns in the air here... sublime simplicity. A pleasure always...

  22. Hello Owen,

    Nice to have you around...

    Thank you - I am quite a simple gal...simple straightforward and I try to be succinct...

    Happy Days

  23. Good Morn' How are you today?

    Thats incredible Delwyn!! You are fortunate then!

    Have a wonderful day!

  24. I loved both the photos and the live commentary, especially the 'right, left, right' bit.

    Re blogger, I had trouble last week even opening my own blog. Sometimes I have problems going to certain sites where there's flash. This occurs more often with my computer at home than my laptop at work. Yours has never posed a problem for me to enter.

    Greetings from London.

  25. Hi Mr C

    I'm glad the ducks appealed...

    Last week I did have trouble accessing someone's comments but never before. I think there are now only one or two who have trouble with mine. I hope Blogger can fix it. They seem to have perpetual issues due to the sheer size of the operation and continual additions and widgets interfering with the running.

    Thanks for your feedback Mr C.

    Happy Days

  26. love the reflections!

    i've not had any problems with my blogger blog...but did before i switched it to the pop-out comments, since then people haven't had any problems commenting.

    i've never had an issue with site meter, but occasionally my followers thing gives me a heart attack because i go in and it says "be the first." but i think it doesn't right every time.

    i'd try switching your comment to a pop-out.

    i only ever have trouble commenting on typepad blogs...often times the "post" button just doesn't work for me. i use firefox and safari, never IE. :-)

  27. Hi Julie

    thanks for your feedback. I will fix the comments option.

    Happy Days

  28. Sorry to hear this new but I have no problem at all.
    I just hope the problem will be resolved very soon.
    I love the cute visitors dropping by not just one but in pair.
    I love the reflection piece near the deck. So fresh and awakening!
    Thanks Delwyn.
    I believe it brings much joy to you already...hope much visitors of these kinds will drop by and make you day special!

  29. Hi Yoon see,
    I think using this format comments box might help.

    Isn't that a funny reflection of his beak?
    Thank you for your kind thoughts - you are always so very sweet.
    happy days


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