Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rain over Noosa

It's raining over Noosa

But come along...
we won't get wet
I've timed this well
- and if it showers
we'll grab a giant parasol leaf
from the macaranga tree
to cover our heads...

It's looking black over the river mouth
to the North West

And raining over the North Shore
but look blue skies are coming our way
so let's get going...

the shrubs and leaves
are all bedecked in manna
from the heavens

The wild pea vine puts its tentacles out

and takes hold

the bauhinia leaves
like perching butterflies

drying their wings

collect in long lines
ready for take off

The tender new lilly pilly leaves
start out pink then turn to green

The lilly pilly has edible fruit
and belongs to that group of foods
known as 'bush tucker'

But it's the flowers of this silver wattle
Acacia myrtifolia or Myrtle wattle,
that steal the limelight

sparkling white in an ocean of coastal green

the tree is disguised in a mass
of Christmas baubles and artificial snow

turning subtropical Autumn
into Northern hemisphere winter

But now...

the clouds are breaking apart
and the sun sneaks through

Oh Happy Days



  1. Nature is so beautiful...Aah!
    Loved the wattle and the Bauhinia in a row.
    Thank You for the lovely walk, Delwyn.xx♥

  2. Hi there Natalie,

    we never tire of this Beautiful foliage do we?
    Have a great Sunday

    Happy days

  3. Oh my, you have made a cloudy/rainy day into something I could look forward to! Beautiful sky and dew...thank you!

  4. Delwyn isn't that silver wattle beautiful.

    I haven't walked in the rain and looked around in a very long time.

    You always leave me with good intentions and do you know what Delwyn, some of them I even do.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  5. What spectacular views you have - and the storm clouds are fabulous. I just love the names of all the plants, especially lilly pilly!

    By the way, I saw from a comment you left on Renee's post that you have a daughter in Japan. How wonderful! My daughter studied Japanese in school for about 6 1/2 years, and one of her dreams is to go to Japan for a time to teach English. Yet one more thing we have in common!

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  6. I can't believe the variety of fauna not usually seen anywhere else. Thank you for finding the right pictures to share with us, helping us appreciate the diverse global beauty.

  7. A gorgeous blog today. I have such happy memories of Noosa, but in great heat! Your knowledge of plants seems huge; I'll know where to come for advice. We've just planted some lilli-pilli but they don't look too happy in spite of rain.

  8. Tulsa,
    How are you in summer?

    don't you find that the rain transforms the foliage? It was a bit more than dew!

    Happy Days

  9. Renee,

    Maybe a little walk might be nice. I always feel even if I am tired that a little walk will invigorate me...

    Happy Days

  10. Hi Angela, the views are from the top of THAT hill that I often walk, which is aptly named Noosa Hill...

    Yes one of my daughter's majors was in Japanese (she had also studied J all through school) and then she did the TESOL course which is a prerequisite for teaching in Japan.
    Teaching jobs are easy to come by - they can work you hard but remuneration is excellent (especially for my daughter when it comes in US $)
    She loves living there, has done three stints and now lives there indefinitely with her Japanese partner.

    Happy Days

  11. Rosaria,

    How are you today?

    Australia does seem to have a large number of plants found no where else, it may be due to the Gondwanaland drift thingy.

    Happy Days

  12. RR,

    It can get hot here so the best time for a holiday is Autumn or spring.

    Really I have just a splattering of flora knowledge - enough to get me onto the right track and hunt down a species or find the correct identification.
    In fact in order to improve my knowledge of local plants I have joined the NNPA (Noosa Nat pk assoc) and have just right now returned from a bush tucker walk in the Nat pk forest.

    So armed with the native plants of Au book I just purchased from the Park Rangers' hut I should be even better at naming these wonderful specimen.
    Thanks for you continued interest,

    Happy Days

  13. i love the rain as much as i love the sun but what it does in australia is truly amazing!!! look at that myrtle wattle!!! that's incredible - lucky you!!


  14. Lovely photos. I would love to take a walk in your neighborhood!

  15. Welcome sarala

    Its nice to meet you. I'm glad that you can come along with me in this manner. I will come and pay you a visit later in the day
    Happy days


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