Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sumner, Christchurch


Photo by Christian Heeb and found at

I lived in Christchurch until I was married and moved to the North Island, and later from there to Australia in 1977.

This photo of the beachside town of Sumner shows, at sea level a large volcanic rock called Shag Rock where my mother would take us occasionally, in school holidays, for a day's outing.
Sumner is at the Northern edge of Bank's Peninsula about eight miles from the city centre.

If you look closely (or enlarge the photo by clicking) you will see two brown houses at the left of the first tier of homes. It was in the top brown house that I lived whilst studying at Christchurch Teachers' College and the University of Canterbury.

I will take my mother for a drive out to Sumner when I am in Christchurch because she lived there as a child and grew up there, and has many happy stories to tell from that time.



  1. Delwyn, you have in fact made a mistake here. This photograph is of Taylors Mistake hill. If you look carefully you can see faintly a long stone jetty at the base of the cliff, to the right of this was the Sumner lifeboat sheds. Cutting across the photo is a diagonal road going from right to left in the photograph - this is the road that goes over to Taylors mistake. From this distance and perspective, Shag Rock should actually be in the picture. Also if this was the hill that you lived on there should be a road running around the base of the cliff as it makes its way to Sumner.

    I vote we rename (with the greatest respect of course and not wanting in any way to be a bloody knowall 'Delwyns Mistake!" - If you don't believe me get Jim to take a careful look, us men have a perchant for directions and geographic orientation (its a hard wired man thing). :-)

  2. Looks lovely and I hope you are having a wonderful time!

  3. Great picture with the rainbow. You captured a great moment!

  4. This must have been a wonderful town to have lived in...gorgeous views...

  5. Beautiful. And the memories you and your mother have of the place must make it quite special.

  6. This is indeed a very beautiful picture and the effect of the rainbow in the background renders the image a magical aura. Many thanks for the memento.

    Greetings from London.

  7. I know you must be collecting the stories, writing them down, so they won't disappear when your mother leaves the earth.

  8. Have you always lived by the ocean, tnen? I never have, but our plan to be on a boat for a few years arose from our yearning to be near the sea. Beautiful place. I hope you and your mother enjoy many happy moments visiting here.

  9. What a beautiful setting! I just recently revisited the past with my mother, and it was really gratifying.

  10. Lovely picture whether it is as you say or as Alden states.Hope you are enjoying your visit!
    Love from Texas,


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