Thursday, May 28, 2009




Yes, it is an Aboriginal word
for Wallum Banksia
which is found growing
on the coastal lowlands
from Northern New South Wales
to southern Queensland

Here we are in Wallum country
looking across a sea of Wallum Banksias
to the Pacific ocean

We are on the other side
of the Noosa Park Headland
to where we usually walk

This coastal area is exposed to the east
and the south east winds

the vegetation hugs the ground
or grows with the prevailing wind

Prickly Moses - Acacia Ulicifolia

The term Wallum is used to describe
the coastal vegetation types
grown on the sand dunes
and flat undulating country
with acid soils and a high water table

My friend took me into the Wallum area
of the National Park from Sunshine Beach
and we were greeted formally
by the official welcome party

Who's giving the speech
You or me?

Undecided still

Ok, so it's left to me...

Well you all know the song...
you told me so recently
Here we go...

"Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree-ee..."

Lets take a closer look
at Poor Man's Gold

Wallum includes a broad spectrum
of vegetation types

Wet woodlands with Scribbly Gums and Banksias
merge with wet and dry heathlands

Colourful shrubs, grasses
and sedges can be found

Eucalyptus Gummifera
-Red Bloodwood

Wildflowers can be seen
all year round on the Cooloola Coast

Large matted balls
of Curly Sedge Grass

the tousled clusters of which
looks reminiscent of
curled gift wrapping ribbon

And against a rain clouded sky
the king of the heathland Wallum
the Casaurina, struggles
against the coastal winds

Wallum Part 2 to follow



  1. I loved that elcome party a lot. Were they wearing wigs, by the way? Would they be interested in the now vacant position of Speaker in the House of Commons? They at least look the part. What a fantastic foliage. It's so exuberant. It reminds me that this Saturday we're all going on a walk through an English forest. I hope to come across a similar welcome party.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Cheers for the talking birds and the introduction to Wallum. I enjoy taking an early morning walk like this.

  3. #3,6,10,12 and the last are mind blowing! Loved it! Treat to the eyes!

    Thanks for following my blog Delwyn. I am so honored:)

  4. BTW, ur header pic is Beautiful and hazy:)

  5. Hi Mr C

    It is quite a varied vegetation area but mainly stunted and windblown. Our cold and prevailing winds are from the East and South.
    After the kookaburra gum tree zone it becomes dwarfed and low ground cover. It was a good contrast to the lee side of the headland where I usually take my photos.

    I hope you will have some pics for us of your forest.

    Happy Days

  6. deepazartz

    I will enjoy visiting your place because:
    'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'

    I'm glad you liked the Wallum country. I did too.
    My header is an ancient Chinese painting - painter unknown.

    Happy Days

  7. Hi Mark,

    a walk is a great way to start the you can relax OR head off to work??

    Happy Days

  8. Loved the walk thanks Delwyn. I liked the sedge best I think, yep! totally cool.xx♥

  9. Hi Delwyn.. my preference go's out to this sort of vegetation I love the prehistoric look of the tree's, scrubs,plants,grasses so Unique ..lovely walk again today and the kookaburra fits this landscape so well!

    xxx Mona

  10. Natalie,

    hello there,
    curly sedge for you...don't you think it's like ribbons?

    happy days

  11. Mona,

    Yes this vegetation looks like it struggles with the elements to survive and has to prove that it is hardy.
    Do you get many kookaburras in the city?

    Happy Days

  12. Kookaburas??!! Cool!

    I've seen some vegetation on the coast of California that looks kind of like some of yours, but nothing exactly like it.

    I love these walks through your landscape because it's not likely I'll ever see it in person. NZ is as far away from Washington DC as you can get without leaving the planet. It is such a gift to gaze at your beautiful images.

    Thank you!

  13. Lovely walk in that mysterious landscape of yours, dry and wet, tall and short. What a treat for us to see this. Thanks.

  14. I haven't thought of the kookaburra song since 3rd grade! I love that song. Fun to see your lovely pics.

  15. Hi Reya,

    It's good that we can share and learn this way from each other..

    And it is Australia !!!

    Happy days

  16. Willow,

    It's good to have you over for the walk..One of my readers mentioned the song the other day so I knew that it was familiar in the US as well as down here.

    Happy Days

  17. Rosaria,
    Hi there,

    It is a mysterious sort of landscape...very primeval looking...
    Thanks for walking with us..

    Happy Days

  18. You are making me want to come visit....

  19. Violet,
    hi there,

    well I think everyone should see at least a slice of Australia...just which slice though?

    Happy Days


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