Monday, December 28, 2009



I existed

from eternity



I am here

and I shall

exist till the

end of time

for my being

has no end

Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Single Unison


I clean my teeth in water
drawn from a cold well
And while I brush my clothes
I purify my mind

Then, slowly turning pages
in the Tree-Leaf Book,
I recite, along the path
to the eastern shelter

...The world has forgotten
the true fountain of this teaching
And people enslave themselves
to miracles and fables

Under the given words
I want the essential meaning
I look for the simplest way
to sow and reap my nature

Here in the quiet
of the priest's temple courtyard
Mosses add their climbing colour
to the thick bamboo

And now comes the sun
out of mist and fog
And pines that seem
to be new-bathed;

And everything is gone from me
speech goes, and reading
Leaving the single unison

Reading Buddhist Classics with Zhao at his Temple in the Early Morning

by Liu Zongyuan  773-819

Tang Dynasty writer
and master of free and simple prose
of the early Chinese philosophers

All artworks except the final image
are by Chen Jun


Tuesday, December 1, 2009



I have posted on Proteas before
so I won't repeat myself

I suggest
for background information
you might like to visit

and for variety look at
and Protean Proteas

to accompany
this bunch of proteas
I offer you
these lines

of Persian poet
Mahmud Kianush

Of Life

Let your words
be like a wild flower

a smile of azure

with a tiny mouth of gold

in the naked sunshine
of a desert

as blissful as the kiss
of a mother

When you talk of life

it seems as if on the road

we are confronted
with a rock

unsightly and huge,

happened to be there

for no known reason,

unyielding to all solutions.

Let your words fly

lightly in the sun




Sunday, November 15, 2009

King of the Castle


King of the Castle

My friend and I
return after our whale walking
to her home in the rain forest
and entering the bush
we take a short cut
across the neighbour's yard
where we notice
something odd...


a large area of garden
under the trees
has been cleared of mulch
the irrigation pipes exposed...

and over here
in this section
a huge mound
of leaf litter
and ground cover
banking up
around the palms


and here we have the culprit
the king of his very own castle
the very industrious brush turkey


the male bush (or brush) turkey
has been very busy
readying his nursery


for it is his job
to scratch and flick
scratch and flick


until he has a home fit
for the incubation
of 16-24 eggs


of which he then is responsible
for maintaining the climate control
the optimum temperature
for hatching is 33-35*C
Father will add to
or remove coverage
as need be
according to his beak thermometer's readings
which are taken
several times a day


the mounds can be 1.5 m high
and about 4m wide



and the same site
will be used
year after year


as he scratches and flicks
his yellow wattle
swirls around his neck
the wattle increases in size
and brightness
at breeding time


 I wrote about the bush turkeys here
including information
about an albino turkey chick
spotted in town last spring....

 the owner of this property
has been told
it is an offense
to remove the nest
and reclaim his garden...

We'll leave this busy bush turkey
to his focused

scratch and flick
scratch and flick

he has a schedule to meet...