Tuesday, December 1, 2009



I have posted on Proteas before
so I won't repeat myself

I suggest
for background information
you might like to visit

and for variety look at
and Protean Proteas

to accompany
this bunch of proteas
I offer you
these lines

of Persian poet
Mahmud Kianush

Of Life

Let your words
be like a wild flower

a smile of azure

with a tiny mouth of gold

in the naked sunshine
of a desert

as blissful as the kiss
of a mother

When you talk of life

it seems as if on the road

we are confronted
with a rock

unsightly and huge,

happened to be there

for no known reason,

unyielding to all solutions.

Let your words fly

lightly in the sun





  1. Remarkable plants - and nice to see you again!

  2. hello delwyn - it's lovely to see you out and about!!! these beautiful words - these beautiful pictures - closer and closer to the very essence!!! have a lovely day by the river. steven

  3. Just beautiful Delwyn. Masterful in fact.

    Great to have you back posting again.

  4. that flower is really beautiful and the poem..so cute and gorgeously written! XD!

  5. Hello Delwyn, I missed your posts - good to see you back. Beautiful photos of a beautiful plant and such lovely words. Thank you for sharing.

  6. "Been Missing You!"
    Such beautiful soft colors, your photos look like paintings Delwyn.
    I agree with these wonderful simple words of wisdom. Don't let life's problems...along the way... get one down.
    Luv and Smiles,

  7. Beautiful and strange.

    Glad to see you back.

  8. Beautiful flower - until now, it was unknown to me!
    I like the wise poem and your illustration with photos.

  9. It is a delight to be here again, dear Delwyn. After staring at corn and wheat fields, these photos are a welcome contrast. Especially since I know that you are entering summer, and your flip-flops are out of the closet! Best to you...EFH

  10. Delwyn! How good to see you pop up in my sidebar :) These are exquisite but I am equally entranced by the words you've chosen to go with them. Such wise words. I see in your close up shots the soft little fuzz these flowers have and they look like they would be velvety to the touch :)

  11. I love the sense of anticipation I had as I scrolled slowly down this post, enjoying each photo and the little surprise of each next line.

    You popped into my head this morning as I was driving my daughter to school, and I just had a feeling there'd be a post from you this morning!

  12. Hi Delwyn

    I keep looking out for new posts and today I'm not disappointed. Lovely to have you back!

  13. Such a beautiful plant, and gorgeous photos! Awesome!

  14. Hi Delwyn:

    These photographs of protea remind me of artichokes . . . I wonder if they are in the same family.

    Hope you and yours are well.

  15. What a treat, beautiful words and pictures.

  16. Truly stunning Delwyn, images and words. Oops, just repeated what lakeviewer said, but it's true!
    Lovely to read you again.

  17. As always...you lighten the load of life for us with beauty to behold never kept.

  18. Beautiful words! I adore proteas; I've never been lucky enough to see them growing wild - just cut ones at the local farmer's market. You've inspired me to buy some next week and photograph them!

    I love that they are furry and feathery all at the same time. Gorgeous!

  19. lovely. we used to buy our proteas at a farm at the top of haleakela on maui. i was sad when i became pregnant and couldn't make the 4 wheel drive to the top.
    proteas are indigenous to south africa, there you can see them growing wild. do they grow wild in australia too Delwyn? yours are so pretty.
    thank you for such a nice post.

  20. Hello everyone

    I have been so busy and preoccupied with a large landscaping job I am doing coupled with a bit of blogger burnout that I have not missed blogging at all. However when I read your lovely warm and thoughtful comments today I realised that I have missed YOU ALL. Thank you for visiting and commenting generously today.

    At nights I have been too tired to comment on your blogs although I have been reading a few before I crash and restore my energies for another 7am start. The days have been over 30* too which makes it very tiring but I love the work and enjoy the wonderful results.

    Tough water restrictions came into force permanently yesterday which means watering by hand-held hose or an efficient irrigation system between the hours of 4pm and 10am only 6 days a week. Fortunately I have 95% of my planting complete and an irrigation system under construction.

    Once the plants have settled I will post some pictures of my efforts.

    Happy days my blogging friends

  21. The flowers float down a stream of lovely words, Delwyn!

    Aloha, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  22. Hello Delwyn

    I'm really glad you are back!
    O please don't work too hard on blogging!

    I just want to say I love your blog and the wonderful world you introduce to us! Thank you for sharing lovely Proteas and Persian poem. Hugs!!

  23. At a first glance they look soft and furry and I have the inclination to pick one and stroke my cheek with it but there is something a bit sinister here, they actually look a bit meanacing - are you sure they're not baby Triffids?

  24. Lovely poetry and interesting wild flower. I agree with Alden, they do look a bit menacing, and fascinating for that reason.

    Ciao sweet friend
    Lola xx

  25. I like how you put in your poem one line at a time with a beautiful image

  26. I can sit and gaze at the wonder of the protea and love the fact that they last and last. Beautiful photos and words, Delwyn.

  27. We had watering restrictions this summer so I understand the hand watering. Intriguing flower - and the reference to butterflies.

    Also, blogging blahs do arise. Hope yours go away quickly.

  28. Hi Delwyn, great to see you back again, and with such stunning pictures and words... love the proteas of course! blog when you can, and when you feel up to it, nice to see your little "happy days" comment, too :)

  29. Ooh, I love these photos and I can't believe how much beauty proteas possess - sometimes it is easy to overlook them for the other well-known garden favourites.

  30. Delwin,
    thank you for these inspiring words!!

  31. Hello Delwyn
    Welcome back! Such a lovely poem with gorgeous pictures.

    Tracy :)

  32. Ahhh, nothing like a New Zealander to bring another New Zealander back! :-)

    And nothing like a brillian post about flowers to include an equally marvellous poem that has made my day. Indeed, 'let your words fly'.

    Greetings from London.

  33. The perfect words intertwining with beautiful essence of flowers.

  34. Stunning pictures, breath taking words.

  35. i saw a few stalks of these at the floral dept and wondered what they were...simply wonderful; and the words you chose are wonderful as well.

  36. I know nothing of the flower, but loved the words.

  37. Hi Delwyn, Catching up with you after a brief respite (for you and for me!). Your photos of the Proteas are remarkable. They seem to show so many contrasts: spiky, spire-like, furry, soft, pale and colorful. The poem makes me think of overcoming difficulty - of allowing thoughts and words to triumph. Very nice; lovely to see you posting again. Good Luck with your project.

  38. It was interesting having multiple perspectives of one plant. Your poetic words work well with the beautiful images.

    I'm very impressed that you are reading the Tale of Genji!

  39. Hello Delwyn: among so many comments don't know if you can get to my little note.
    This posting is the most beautiful in my opinion.
    I learn a lot from you if you allow me.
    Changed my blog so that the title and the address is the same!
    May be learned from you, because with "ahazymoon" anybody from anywhere can find you.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful participation in blogging!

  40. some time ago I painted a Protea, and I wish I had your pics then - they give so many angles and colors and forms! Thanks for sharing:) Living in California, it has come several times the last years to water restriction!

  41. Just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a new year of health, happiness and prosperity.

  42. ahazymoon.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.


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