Thursday, December 17, 2009

Single Unison


I clean my teeth in water
drawn from a cold well
And while I brush my clothes
I purify my mind

Then, slowly turning pages
in the Tree-Leaf Book,
I recite, along the path
to the eastern shelter

...The world has forgotten
the true fountain of this teaching
And people enslave themselves
to miracles and fables

Under the given words
I want the essential meaning
I look for the simplest way
to sow and reap my nature

Here in the quiet
of the priest's temple courtyard
Mosses add their climbing colour
to the thick bamboo

And now comes the sun
out of mist and fog
And pines that seem
to be new-bathed;

And everything is gone from me
speech goes, and reading
Leaving the single unison

Reading Buddhist Classics with Zhao at his Temple in the Early Morning

by Liu Zongyuan  773-819

Tang Dynasty writer
and master of free and simple prose
of the early Chinese philosophers

All artworks except the final image
are by Chen Jun



  1. Good morning my blogging friends

    Thank you all for dropping by and leaving your warm comments. I am reading blogs occasionally but have little time to respond. In addition to my landscaping I have been cleaning the new building in preparation for moving house. And that has also entailed the packing up of my hundreds of books and study / work resources - quite a clean out I have been having - and a cathartic clean-out of sorts too -leaving the old behind - or taking it to the dump as the case may be... Next week we are moving from our beloved river where we have lived and raised our family for over 25 years, to the ocean at the edge of the national park. It will be a time of great sadness and loss and also a time of newness, anticipation and enjoyment of the beauty that the beaches and national park hold.
    We are looking forward to a 'sea change' and plan to enjoy the gifts of this move.
    In the new year, once settled in, I aim to put time aside for commenting on your lovely postings.

    Happy days to you all

  2. I've really missed your posts Delwyn, but moving house is a time consuming business.

    Every good wish to you and yours, and here's to many years of happiness in your new home.

  3. hello delwyn! leaving a place made sacred by all that accrues to family and life passages is a powerful transition.
    it contains all of that and more.
    i wish you peace and love and contentment in the fullness of time. i truly look forward to sharing more with you and all the bloggy people who come and go in the space you have created here. with my love. steven

  4. I have missed you Delwyn...such changes are mind, body, and time consuming...I remember house moving as a bittersweet time.
    Your post is a perfect example of why I love coming here...single unison...Beautiful Delwyn.

  5. Ah, to sit quietly in the priest's temple courtyard!

    Delwyn, wishing you peace and contentment in your new surroundings; a new lease of life! Yes, it's very sad to leave a place with so many memories but there you have it, memories linger and there'll be many happy ones ahead!

    All the best,
    Alaine x

  6. I'm doing the same, been doing the same but it is stretched out over a year now. A little here, a little there and we have essentially moved to the country house. We still must go into the city to work every week for a few days for a while longer. But the changing of environment, leaving the inner city neighborhood and my house where we raised our kids, have lived for 34 years to small town living. Sad and happy both at the same time. Have a great holiday getting settled in your new home.

  7. I was set to write to you - I've missed you, and wondered...
    Moving is such a bittersweet and difficult time. I wish you all the best in this transition and much happiness in your new abode.

  8. Hi Delwyn: It is nice to see and hear your particular/unique voice again in this domaine. I have missed you.

    Hope this change proceeds smoothly for you, and that the letting go is not too painful as you accustom yourself to the beautiful new.

    Be well, and happy holidays.

  9. Hi, Delwyn,

    ...The world has forgotten
    the true fountain of this teaching
    And people enslave themselves
    to miracles and fables (let's not mention email, blogs, and facebook)

    I guess I'm adding my voice in unison with the others and, with others, sending you my best wishes for the move you're undertaking.

    And, while I do miss your voice in the chorus, I know that all music arises from and depends upon silence.

    Just as a farmer's field becomes more fertile after lying fallow, I trust that we bloggers shall benefit from resting ourselves.

    Be well.

  10. words and images are very calming, serene, zen-like-- much needed in this hectic busy month. I am reading THE ART OF SETTING STONES-- by Marc Peter Keane-- writings and essays written very poetic about the Japanese stone gardens-- I recommend it.

  11. As if this season wasn't busy enough!

    I hope your move goes smoothly.

    Your post is a visual feast. The words are perfect. Thank you :)

  12. Hi Delwyn, I too have missed you,what a busy time ! I know where you are is a wonderful area, I do hope all goes well for the move and you are nicely settled in to the new place soon. I have moved many times and can say the best way is to put everything roughly where it was and at least you can find things until you gradually decide on new places.

  13. Hi Delwyn, I had wondered what you had been up to. I hope the move goes smoothly and I am sure you will make plenty of happy new memories in the the new house. I look forward to seeing the photos from your walks once you have settled in.

  14. Hi Delwyn, I had wondered what you had been up to. I hope the move goes smoothly and I am sure you will make plenty of happy new memories in the the new house. I look forward to seeing the photos from your walks once you have settled in.

  15. All best wishes to you as you settle into your new home. Looking forward to seeing more of you in the new year and seeing pictures of your new surroundings. There will be much to discover!

  16. What a major transition! You need a season of stillness.

  17. Aaah. It's so nice to be here once again.

    This is a lovely, deeply satisfying bit of poetry.

    Though I can't help but think of how Sylvia Plath said she couldn't put toothbrushes in a poem. I guess it takes an ancient Chinese philosopher to figure that one out.

    Blessings on your sea change.

  18. Delwyn

    Good luck with your move and your new home. The poem and pictues were wonderful--very peaceful.

    Tracy :)

  19. I've missed your posts, but understand. This was a most peaceful visit. I thank you.

  20. oh what a nice calm poetic feeling with wonderful picrures.


  21. oh what a nice calm poetic feeling with wonderful picrures.


  22. What a beautiful marriage of verse and images! Best of luck with your move. I look forward to seeing the ocean and exploring your new landscape.

  23. Hi Delwyn,

    I didn't know you moved house. Have a happy stay in the new one!

    It is funny how you are the only one today who is not posting pictures of snow. There is so much snow everywhere in Europe.

    Post some pictures from the new place please.

  24. Beautiful poem and pictures, too. Hope the move is going well - quite an epic relocation by the sounds of it!

  25. Warmest Holiday wishes to you and yours, Delwyn!!

  26. A move is a lot of work and worry.
    Warmest Wishes for a peaceful holiday.

  27. Dear Delwyn,
    I know the Buddhist philosphy whould help me with such a move too. I wish you many "happy days" ahead.
    Merry Christmas

  28. Dear Delwyn,
    thank you for your words, inspiring as usual. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and joy, happiness and peace in your new home.

  29. Hello Delwyn. I have missed your posts and wondered if all was ok. I hope all goes well with the move next week and wish you peace and contentment in your new home.
    Happy Christmas.

  30. Merry Christmas Darling:

    I was just reading on your side bar 'All my life where was I?' How true.

    Love Renee xoxo

  31. Hi dear Delwyn,hope your moving and settling is behind you and you can enjoy your holidays.When one door closes another is opening for you to walk trough.Wish you and yours a Happy New Year,loads of good love,luck,health and a great new beginning.
    Hug from Aleksandra

  32. hello what's up..? its been a while!

  33. It' sad to leave the old. but definately with change comes a newness. It will be a breath of fresh air something we need in our lives just like what your blog does for me. Bless you.

  34. I am happy you will be by the sea...I love the sea. I also love your blog, thanks for sharing it. Happy New Years! E-

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