Monday, August 30, 2010

The Song Remains


The Song Remains...

Perching on a blooming branch of rose
The bird sang a melodious song

Spreading the cry of joy
Across the void of silence

The rose vanished,
Without leaving a trace
Of its colour,
Of its smell;

But when the bird vanished,
Its song remained.

The Song Remains
by Mahmud Kianush

Iranian Poet


Thursday, August 19, 2010



I was walking over the hill
this afternoon
and noticed this sign
at a block of holiday apartments

and sure enough
right out the front
I saw this...
I am pretty sure
I know who it is...
Do You?

Another friendly kookaburra

who laughs

just like this...

Happy Days


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Old Fisherman


An Old Fisherman

An old fisherman spent the night here
under the western cliff
He dipped up water from the pure Hsiang
and made a bamboo fire
And then, at sunrise, he went his way
through the cloven mist
With only the creak of his paddle left,
in the greenness of mountain and river
... I turn and see the waves moving as from heaven,
And clouds above the cliff coming idly, one by one

An Old Fisherman

by Liu Zongyuan,
Poet of the Tang Dynasty

Top Painting by Wu Zhen
Painter of the Yuan Dynasty

Bottom Painting by Wang Su
Happy Fisherman


Monday, August 2, 2010

Sydney for a Day

I went to Sydney today...
Got up at 3am
drove to Brisbane 1hr 45mins away
flew to Sydney
which took 1hr 20mins

Visited the US Consulate
for a multiple entry-long term visa
and had time to walk down Pitt Street
to the harbour
take a few pics on my iphone
before returning to the airport
delayed one hour because of high winds
flew to Brisbane
drove home to Noosa
~ What a long Day ~

But look at Circular Quay

the area of the Sydney Harbour

between the Sydney Harbour Bridge

and the Sydney Opera House
two stunning pieces 

of man made engineering
and architecture

we mingled with the tourists
walking the shoreline

near the very Bay
that Captain James Cook
stepped foot on 
way back in 1788
222 years ago

Cook sailed into Botany Bay
just south of Circular Quay
on the HMS Endeavour

The British planned 
a penal colony for Botany Bay
which in time became the first 
European habitation of Australia