Monday, August 2, 2010

Sydney for a Day

I went to Sydney today...
Got up at 3am
drove to Brisbane 1hr 45mins away
flew to Sydney
which took 1hr 20mins

Visited the US Consulate
for a multiple entry-long term visa
and had time to walk down Pitt Street
to the harbour
take a few pics on my iphone
before returning to the airport
delayed one hour because of high winds
flew to Brisbane
drove home to Noosa
~ What a long Day ~

But look at Circular Quay

the area of the Sydney Harbour

between the Sydney Harbour Bridge

and the Sydney Opera House
two stunning pieces 

of man made engineering
and architecture

we mingled with the tourists
walking the shoreline

near the very Bay
that Captain James Cook
stepped foot on 
way back in 1788
222 years ago

Cook sailed into Botany Bay
just south of Circular Quay
on the HMS Endeavour

The British planned 
a penal colony for Botany Bay
which in time became the first 
European habitation of Australia


  1. Beautiful photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. We were taught the history of the landing of Captain James Cook in Australia and the penal colony in grade school, Delwyn.

    Loved the clouds and glistening waters, they make for happy days everywhere!

  2. Wow,what a light in these photos,marvellous!!
    Happy days dear Delwyn :O)

  3. Such stunning photos! Thank you so much for sharing these for all of us who may never get to that part of the world.

  4. You've captured the excitement of this exotic harbour town so well.

  5. Wonderful images--I share Camp Gypsy's thoughts--really enjoy your window on a part of the world I probably won't ever visit.

  6. the color of that sky is just amazing.

  7. hi delwyn! my wife had much the same sense of wonder and awe when she was in sydney last year. captain cook was one of my childood heroes. i had the "ladybird" book on him and read it so many times i can't imagine that i didn't tire of it! so delwyn, i've been away so much this july, does this mean you're home in australia again? steven

  8. The sky, the water, the fame, the story... all of it makes for a great day, albeit a long one :)

  9. Tony Horwitz has a fascinating book "Blue Latitudes" - he resails Captain Cook's routes and makes the same stops. Something you might enjoy.

  10. Sounds like you are planning more travels. I love the pigeon shot-the shadow makes it.

  11. A lovely spontaneous posting, Delwyn. Great photos for an Iphone. I'm ready to go to Sidney!

  12. "multiple entry long term visa" sound like another adventure coming up for you.

    I wish AUS wasn't so far away and I could pop over for another visit (and visit my new blogfriends!)

  13. Very nice, Delwyn. I'm glad you found the time to walk down Pitt Street to the harbour.

    Hope you're now recovered after such a long day.

  14. well worth the trip... Sydney-- what a beautiful city!

  15. I love the picture of the Sydney Opera House.

    Hope all is well with you, Delwyn!

    Tracy :)

  16. You might be coming to US? cool. Love the pictures - especially the first one.

  17. Hi Everyone and a special welcome to you Camp Gypsy.

    The special visa allows us to stay in the US for longer than 90 days. Shortly we are returning to complete a small project in Kauai before popping over to Japan to welcome Grandbaby # 1 into the world. The visa will give us more flexibility.

    I enjoyed your visits,
    Happy days

  18. my word you get around...wish i could get to sydney in a couple hours...instead of half a day or more

  19. The bird shadow is just wonderful! The famous harbor looks bustling on the day you visited. I believe I see native dancers.

  20. I think the deep blue skies are just as impressive as the opera house. Lovely photos - thank you for sharing.

  21. Steven

    We have been back a few weeks and will be here another few before returning to Kauai. I know where I'd rather be, but there are things that need to be done...then it's back to the summer of the islands, to swimming and long walks on the bay...
    I hope that you are enjoying your well deserved break...

    Happy days
    happy days

  22. Hi Delwyn, what a horrendous day you had yesterday!! The pics of Sydney are lovely and sharing them with all of us has [maybe] made the day worth while. I am amazed that you took such fabulous photos on a phone camera!!

  23. Your photos are magnificent! I particularly like the one of the seagull with its shadow.


  24. Hello Delwyn!
    Oh. What a beautiful visit. Sydney is lovely.
    I just loved that picture of the Seagul, casting its shadow...

  25. Thanks for the tour as I'd love to see Sydney in person. Your "winter" colors are so different from our hazy summer colors here. What a long day for you!

  26. Hello to Kat, it is nice to have you here...

    Happy days

  27. Thank you for the quick trip to Sidney. It looks like a vibrant exciting place. Hope you recover quickly from your long day.

  28. Great photos for an iPhone!!

    So in Aus once again? Good to be back?
    I just got back from Melbourne myself. Didnt mind it, for a big city. Very cultural, very colourful, yet not as colourful as Sydney I found.
    Sydney seems to have a lot more in a small space, and less business orientated as compared to Melbourne.

    Sydney is awesome :)

  29. Delwyn, beautiful photos of Sydney Harbor. I can hardly believe you were able to capture such wonderful photos on iPhone. There are so many places in the world I would love to visit and Australia is one of them, but I doubt I shall get there. I'll have to settle for photos & stories by you.

  30. Such a great little tour to a place I've never visited. And is the visa in hand so you can go back to Hawaii? I have a friend that just bought a house on Maui and will be moving there soon.

  31. What a lovely view. Long day, but beautiful view. Hope the visa thing was positive.

  32. Meri

    yes the visa was approved for long term stays and multiple entries...this will be very helpful to us in the future. Usually we travel on the visa waiver system that allows a tourist a maximum of 90 days in the US.

    Maui is very nice, but Kauai being much less developed and the garden isle, holds my heart.
    Happy days

  33. thank you for all the beautiful pictures of Sydney in Australia-- you are so lucky to be living there and on Kauai too.


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