Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Four Trees


Four Trees...

We can think of ourselves
as having four basic dimensions
Emotional - Social
and the

Tree can be used
as effective symbols
to represent these four facets
of ourselves

If you were to choose
a tree for each of these
four parts
what would they be...

think of these parts of yourself
and consider which tree suits them best

Is the tree tall or small
deciduous or evergreen

straight or bent

would your tree be bare or in leaf
healthy or neglected
diseased or robust

would your tree blossom

or flower

produce fruits and pods
broadcast seeds

would your tree be trained
to remain small and compact

rootbound or stunted

does it provide shelter
and nourishment
for others

may the tree require some pruning
or cutting back

Is it windblown and battered
by the ravages of time

Does your tree provide a sanctuary
a place of peace and calm

Is it strong or weak
deep or shallow rooted

tangled or entwined
parasitic in nature
or a proud forest species

hollow in the inside

a young sapling starting out

or a mature
deeply rooted specimen

does your tree
show new growth
budding new tips
is it thriving

how do you see
the four trees
that you have chosen
to symbolise the:

Physical body

the Intellect

the Emotional - Social part


your Spiritual self...

Do you feel comfortable with
the appearance
the health
the status
and the purposes
and roles
of these four trees
in your life

Do your trees
feel to be in balance

What may you need to do to

and nurture
these four dimensions
of the whole
of who you are...

You might like to explore this discussion further
by drawing your four trees
and spending some time journalling
the ideas that come to you
regarding their current wellbeing...

Happy growing...


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning...

After the dust storm
a little spring cleaning
was required
both inside and outside
after which
I had a rest
on the outdoor sofa

Harold and Maude
thought it time
to do their own
spring cleaning

so after a little swim

and a drink

and a gargle

they set to work

they cleaned under
and over


and wait

what's that

time to get back in Maude

nibble at a few of those
tickling little mites

don't forget between the feathers

I'm watching

almost done

now we can rest

just float a while
our hard work is done

Time to go now

Come along...


Monday, September 28, 2009

A Park Walk


Today is the day
for a walk in the National Park
along the coastal track...

we'll start at my friend's home
adjacent to the rainforest
parking beside this Clivia
that catches the first morning sun

a beautiful new flower
has arrived on the coastal track
now that the days are warmer
the Fringed Violet
Thysanotus tuberosus

sometimes called
the Fairy Handkerchief

The Seashore Temple
incoming rollers
flow in time
to the holy flute

Flowering too
is the Spider Lily
Crinum Asiaticum
also known as the Seaside Lily

Spider Lilies can grow
up to 5-6 feet tall

and are natives of SE Asia

but love it here
in their adopted home
of Noosa

The lily!
the stems,
just as they are,
the flowers,
just as they are


The Morning Glory
Ipomoea indica
has an inner glow

that the beetles
find irresistible

and the umbrella grass
shoots out
its many flowering stems
like fireworks

All along the way
the dragonflies flitted

The dragonfly
can't quite land
on that blade of grass


and I heard
the first cicada
of the summer