Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cross Pollination


Cross Pollination
There is pollen in the air..

We have talked
of Blog relationships recently
in posts Bonnie and I
wrote collaboratively
and which
you so richly deepened
through the addition of
your thoughtful comments

Nancy then wrote of how creativity
can be fostered through blogging
and I was reminded
of the way in which
blogging provides
a platfrom
a venue
and an audience
of encouraging, supportive friends
for the varied, multifaceted
expression of our individual creativity

Further to these discussions
while reading posts recently
I have been in awe
of the diversity,
the range,
and the sheer amount of ideas;
poets and poetry
books and authors
artists and artworks
landscapes, walks, foods,
terrains of the land
of the mind
and of the spirit

that blogging offers us

and feel so lucky
that I have been
introduced to so much newness
that in the normal course of my life
I would never have encountered

I, in turn,
can bring to you
glimpses of a world
thoughts and musings
and meanderings
of an Antipodean mind
and spirit

And so we have
this marvellous golden richness
a golden migration
of pollen -
yielding the wealth
the hybridization of
of cross pollination

From each other
we can learn and share
we encourage and support
we provoke and stimulate
we entice and suggest
we remind and replenish

we cross pollinate

we cross pollinate
and enrich
each others' lives through
our emotions
our minds
our spirits
our souls

Oh Blessed Days

We are all
on the Pollen Path

Cross pollinating...



  1. Delwyn - spot on! The thoughts and ideas that percolate through my own mind as a result of reading other people's blog is an aspect to this communication medium I had not expected. I am learning and expanding because of people's generosity with their own time, thoughts and creativity.

    And I'm often entertained, sometimes amazed.

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  3. Hi there Titus

    I have been introduced to many poets including the wonderful Mary Oliver, to many artists and to so many ideas and subjects that would not fall across my path in a normal day...

    I also love the way that we can feed off each other's ideas and interests and follow up on subjects, take then further...

    thanks for coming by...

    Happy days

  4. Delwyn...blogging has made the whole world smaller for me, but yet my own world larger!

    You have expressed so well what blogging offers us...the cross pollinating...I love your Pollen Path. I take "so much pollen" with me everytime I leave from here!

    A world of flowers...each blooming differently is what I now see!


  5. Hi Wanda

    I would agree with that, the physical world seems smaller - the inner world much wider and deeper as a result of blogging...

    We are like bees with little pollen sacs on our legs, we buzz around the blogiverse picking up and dropping off pollen as we go...

    Thank you Wanda for being apart of my rich pollen path...

    Happy days

  6. We are indeed, that that was beautifully expressed.

    I recall a comment I read on another blog that reading blogs provided the commenter with a richer and more accurate picture of the world we live on that she received through the media, which tends to focus on the worse the planet has to offer.

  7. Great expression for blogging - "cross pollination". I love seeing spring emerging for you while fall descends on me. And, your world is so different from mine. So much fun.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. When I saw the title of this post, I was hoping you would use the metaphor of floral pollination for what's going on in our neighborhood in the blogosphere. As it loaded on the page, I hoped, too, that you'd tie it to the Navajo prayer. (I love that prayer, and it came to me through your post for Steven's meme--pollination.)

    You wrote almost exactly what I imagined that you might write: my imagination failed to supply only the particular details. It was an uncanny experience to read this post.

    So I guess I don't need to say what a rush of pleasure I experienced as I read this.

    Hey, Delwyn. I'm glad you (and our mutual Blogger friends) are part of my (kinder) garden!

  9. hi delwyn, it's late at night for you but mid-morning for me. delwyn, i admire you for so many reasons, not the least of which is your ability to express understandings. often big understandings! i have watched my own thinking and writing blossom (can i say that without sounding high on myself? i really hope so.) as a direct result of seeing what was acceptable and possible - first of all through your writing and pictures - because you are the very first person i visited where i saw that it was alright to take pictures, add writing, open up a personal experience and make it magic for other people. so thankyou deeply. in the experiencing of my blog, i've changed my own awareness in the larger part of my life. have a lovely sleep by the river!!! steven

  10. Yes to what Steven said -- yes to everything you said. You are such a gift to me with your words and images. And I can tell you've been playing with layers and textures. We must talk soon, after I get back from Mexico late on the 14th.

  11. I love the title "The Pollen Path." It is so true that all together we are a truly fecund garden, enriching and encouraging each other.

    This is the very reason I don't know what to think about the awards. How could anyone choose "the best" blog? Because our greatness depends on all of us writing and reading and commenting about each other. It's symbiotic.

    The one good thing about the awards is that there are now a million of them floating around. Even the awards speak to the diversity and creativity of bloggers.

    A salute to us all!

  12. So beautifully explained, this wonderous medium of blogging. I feel like I am in many classrooms everyday. I learn about things I had no idea existed. I find friends, exchange ideas, revel in other's good fortune, and commiserate with others less fortunate. All in my own time, from my chair in front of the window. Amazing!

  13. ...and time and space are collapsed in this fecund garden of ideas, moods, thoughts, and personal narratives. Thanks, Delwin.

  14. Delwyn:

    Isn't it interesting how everything dovetails together? How so many of the "reasons" for blogging hold the essence of "the pollen path". Thanks for weaving those threads together. I think we are all making one incredible tapestry that could tell future generations a little bit about who we were, about our hopes, struggles, longings and leanings.

    Love your photographs. Are those ones taken with your new camera. Some of the 'photoshopped' ones are very intriguing.

    Glad to hear you are now limpless!

  15. OK, I am going to throw this out there, only because I am learning to trust - as well as to trust these esteemed commenters. Behind all of this floral beauty is, what, compost? Sometimes worse, like manure. Personally, I have been mowing through some of that less seemly stuff of late, but find that after a while, it actually starts to produce something meaningful. I wonder at what point the writer/contributor feels like they are making a contribution, even when it is less than attractive...

    I will anxiously await your feedback, and only in the trust that you, Bonnie, Nancy, and the other violinists here have developed.



  16. Hi Delwyn, A thought provoking post as well as a feast for the eyes. Your photos and renderings truly are pollination for the spirit.

  17. Dear Everyone

    This is such a joy to read, a confirmation that you too are feeling this interconnectedness and mutuality of benefits which are enriching, enlarging, entrancing,invigorating, enrapturing, enlightening and enthralling...

    thank you all for being on my pollen path...

    Happy days

  18. Expat

    I am going to chat to you first because you have raised some great points:

    Yes the lotus rises out of the murk,

    Yes the garden thrives on compost
    and manure,

    some of it man made some natural...What I mean is that surviving the dark night of the soul can be redemptive but is not essential for flowering to occur...some of us have to walk through a lot of manure...others enrich their soil by the addition of other growth promoting agents...
    and others do both...

    So I think that if you are seeing the buds of spring, the tiny bulbs peeping out of the cold ground, you have done good are emerging...

    Oh never underestimate your contribution...everything we say and write is a contribution to the greater understanding of the human mind and spirit. We don't all walk the same path so we must learn from others, both the joys and the trials and tribulations...all seasons make a whole, all weather elements make a climate...

    thank you for your open and sincere contributions expat, you add to my rewarding experiences in the ether...

    Happy days

  19. Hello Barry

    How are you today...

    I am of the same opinion. I rarely watch TV these days and do not read the paper from end to end as I used to ...I would much rather learn about some other place in the world or how someone else is living their life...
    It certainly feels more wholesome and rewarding to me...

    Happy days

  20. Hello to KB from spring...

    It was 18* when we went to the markets at 6am so spring is springing away...

    happy cross pollinating KB

    Happy days

  21. Hi Dan

    you and I have been 'touched' by the pollen...and that is a good thing...

    I feel so 'touched' also that you empathise so well with how I feel and try to express those feelings and thoughts through my words and pics...

    We really are in this wonderful garden together, tending it and each other...feeding it with powerful stories and experiences, moments of joy and plenty of questions and lots of fertilising gratitude...

    Happy days Dan my pollen walker friend

  22. Hello Steven

    Thank you for sharing that with me. I have noticed the change in your posts in the 7 months that I have been here. I think that writing posts has opened many of us to a greater sensitivity of and appreciation for our local environments and for the common experiences we share no matter where we may be in the world...

    Thanks for being on the Pollen Path with the abundance of pollen that you share...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Meri

    Thanks Meri...pollen sister!

    I had a play a long time ago...since then I can't access photoshop - too much stuff on my computer I I do minimal processing though picasa.

    Have a great holiday Meri..

    Happy days

  24. Hi Reya

    you may have missed my post with that title. Ah it shows up as a link...

    Perhaps the awards act a little like fresh showers of rain on our gardens adding a little nourishment- encouraging us to grow further... as long as we don't get too hung up on them.

    I must say that at first I though that they were a kitsch part of blogging but there are times when you feel that one is in place, unfortunately they can become a chore...I am not good sharing them around...I'd rather write something fresh...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Nancy

    You can see how we have been running with similar themes taking them into our corners to mull over and then bring back into the garden to share again in slightly different form and colour...

    That last line is one that has become clearer to me after Bonnie
    s post on motivation. You say:

    "All in my own time, from my chair in front of the window. Amazing!"

    and that I think is a key to the popularity of posting for many of us...we choose so many of the Bonnie says we are in much as we don't like to think of ourselves as 'controlling '- with all those negative connotations, this posting lark has a great deal of controllable factors...and we like that....

    thanks for joining in Nancy

    Happy days

  26. Hi Rosaria

    all to our mutual benefit and enjoyment...we become much closer...the world shrinks and we can manipulate the discourses through time...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Bonnie

    I love that saying 'dovetails' - just perfect...It's not a saying I use...

    Yes, aren't we leaving a great heritage for posterity. It puts those little time capsules into an antique communication category...

    The photos were taken at the beginning of my blog life when I became more interested in creating images.
    I can't use photoshop any longer - it won't open- so until I get a new computer I make do with picasa but that means no texturing.

    However I had used very few of the bank of photo shopped pics so everything falls into place and I can utilise then now...

    Limpless and lightfooted...

    Happy days

  28. Hello Barb

    I am glad that I met you on the upper reaches of the pollen path Barb, thank you for your company and sharings...I am learning a lot about your special place in Colorado...

    Happy days

  29. I love sharing the pollen path with you, Delwyn.

    Your words and images stir my heart; and I love the dance.

    You enter Spring, as I thrill to Autumnal Trade Winds carrying hints of cool.

    Glad we found each other!!


    Comfort Spiral

  30. Hi Delwyn~ My whole world has opened up from crossing paths with other bloggers, not the least of which is you! I like the term cross-pollinatig because it implies mutuality. And I agree with Marian that it's been a privilege to learn more about the southern hemisphere, not to mention a million other things you've brought to the table, Delwyn. There is something new in each of your posts. I even saw a blue-tongued dragon there! xx

  31. Hi Cloudia

    I am happy to walk with you too...
    This is a lovely time of year in Hawaii as the heat of summer fades just a little...

    thanks for popping by

    Happy days

  32. Hello Margaret

    We are learning so much from each other ... I am very happy to be able to show you the delights of my town - Bluey and all...

    Happy days

  33. So well said!
    And this is one kind of pollen that I am completely free of allergy!!

  34. Hi Sherry

    yes no sneezing here...just a lovely mixing of ideas and generosity...

    Happy days

  35. Yes! Yes! And yes again! I will most definitely be following your blog.


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