Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breakfast like a King...


An old proverb
suggests that we eat:

Breakfast like a king
Lunch like a prince
Dinner like a pauper

After 8-12 hours
without food
our blood sugar
is at rock bottom

25% of our day's calories
need to be consumed at breakfast
to keep us going until lunchtime

The brain needs constant glucose
to function properly
and therefore
breakfast is very important
and not only that,
studies tell us
that those who eat breakfast
are happier people

Protein in the morning
gives you energy
and brain food,
whereas starch
makes you feel calm
serene and happy

We require most of our energy
at the beginning of the day
and least at the end....

So let me tell you
about my breakfast...

I make muesli
by gathering together
sunflower seeds
and craisins

bran and puffed rice

baked honey coated rolled oats

lots of walnuts

and crunchy almonds

at other times

I add various dried fruits
I have in stock
like Goji Berries

I make a lowfat yogurt
from a package
of organic milk and
yogurt culture mix

which sets
in the container overnight

and add juice
of the day

today it is orange-mango
but my favourite is apple-pear

and voila,
served with fresh red pawpaw
we have

Breakfast for a king...



  1. Delwyn

    Breakfast looks and sounds delicious. I am a muesli fan myself and I'll now be trying the combination of ingredients you mention.

  2. What a super post. It looks so delicious it's made my mouth water. I think it's time to make my breakfast!!

  3. You do eat a very healthy breakfast! Wow, thanks for the recipe.

  4. What a yummy combination, I love craisins!
    Sunny :)

  5. I'd love this for lunch and dinner too! But I don't think my waist could handle it.

  6. I have just had my breakfast, made up of pure orange juice, porridge, tea and toast, but your muesli looks so delicious and healthy, from to-morrow morning muesli is going to be on the menu. I will probably have a small problem with pepita seeds and goji berries.

  7. Hi Ann

    I'm sure that you will find you have much more staying power on a breakfast of muesli...
    Pepitas are lovely - good on salads too...goji are fine mixed in with the brew...

    good luck

    Happy days

  8. Hi Scintilla

    I have this muesli for every breakfast out of choice...sometimes I think of making eggs but then I crave my museli... red paw paw is so fresh and tasty too...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Sunny

    some nights I can't wait 'til the morning just to have my big bowl of muesli...

    Happy days

  10. Hi Nancy

    I have this at 6.30 or 7am then a coffee with lots of soy milk late morning and am not hungry 'til lunch at 1.30....

    Happy days

  11. Hi Elcmae

    what's your favourite breakfast..

    Happy days

  12. Hello Martin

    a muesli man - that's great...I have been making variations on this theme for over 38 years...I'd have to say from that testimony that it is guaranteed...guaranteed to be tasty, wholesome and full of energy...

    Happy days

  13. Delwyn, you put my porridge to shame. We do need something hot here though ....

  14. Thanks for sharing. very healthy meal Delwyn:)
    I also eat like this except I don't take nuts.
    Take care and bye!

  15. Hi Titus

    you could always add a few chopped nuts to the porridge with some frozen berries...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Yoon see

    how are you...
    you must be fit and healthy...

    Happy days

  17. ooh la la delwyn. i have a a couple of people in this house who'll like to see this when they get up!!!!! thanks for the yummalicious recipe!!! have a lovely evening by the river. steven

  18. Hi Steven

    I hope that you have a nourishing breakfast to start the day - for brain power, for energy to cycle and to keep your equanimity throughout the day...

    Happy days

  19. Delwyn...
    our breakfasts are so similar...except mine are breakfast muffins that I make...they contain 12 bananas, 2 boxes of museli, extra pecans, walnuts, or sliced almonds, craisins or dried cherries, flax meal, oats, wheat bran, and sunflower seeds, whatever I have in stock at the time. Your bowl of museli looks like my mix before I add the moisture! The muffins are very hearty and large...my largest meal of the day is at noon and then a very simple meal or large snack at 6pm. I have yogurt, cheese, fruit or almonds for snacks in between...Keeps me going!

    Smiles always,

  20. I had muesli for breakfast yesterday; although store brought so not as delicious (or nutritious) as yours.

    I love breakfast so never skip it, but I try to mix my breakfasts up, so I had eggs this morning and will have a smoothie tomorrow.

    Then back to the muesli I think, although after seeing your pictures, my store brought doesn't look quite so attractive.

  21. Hi Wanda

    I was inspired by your breakfast muffins to make some of my own. I bought some store packs then added bananas, bran, walnuts, rolled oats...yum...then I tried a fruity mix...

    You sound to have a very balanced healthy diet. We have salads or left overs for lunch, and dinner in the evening...often fish...with lots of vegetables, often rice too...

    Happy days Wanda

  22. Mmmmmmm Delwyn: Yesterday your post was about gratitude. Your body must be screaming thank you, thank you every morning - because you are nourishing it so well!!

    Have you ever tried a Swiss style wet muesli - where you soak the oats overnight in orange juice (any juice, would do) and then add nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and yogurt of your choice.

    I used to make my own yogurt (with a similar appliance to what I see standing in the background) and when you sink the spoon in I was reminded of the exceptional consistency - I wasn't always able to find the mix and got out of the habit of making it. The bought yoghurt does not compare.

    Well, it's breakfast time here. I am having steel cut cooked oats (no milk or yoghurt - trying to avoid dairy)with almond milk, chopped almonds and fresh strawberries.

    Enjoyed sharing breakfast with you!
    Although, in truth at this moment you are probably tucking yourself in for a good night's sleep. Bon Nuit!

  23. Hi Barry

    It is easy to tart up the store bought mix with extra seeds, nuts and dried fruit...We love smoothies too, especially mango and banana ones and now mango season has begun we are set...I buy trays of mangoes to freeze for smoothies. Old ripe bananas freeze well too...and make a thick rich smoothie...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Bonnie

    yes I am just about to close up shop...

    I am yawning with increased regularity...Beloved has long departed whilst I tap away...peck, peck, peck...

    Yes I do like the swiss muesli - I can't think of the term for it... and enjoy it with a mixed dried fruit compote, but prefer my chunky variety full of roughage, and just adore paw paw...

    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day...I am thinking of it already and have the whole night to get through first...

    Happy days

  25. That looks yummy. We have cooked oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I have mine with fresh fruit, cinnamon, honey and soy milk.

  26. Breakfast is my favorite meal. It does seem like it jump-starts the metabolism and helps prevent weight gain. But, that's only my personal experience.

  27. I'm a huge fan of yogurt, as well, and start each day with it.

    You mentioned that you stand up paddle - I've tried it twice and discovered muscles in my legs and shoulders that I didn't know existed! It's definitely a fantastic work out and fun, to boot.

  28. Fabulous... a royally healthy breakfast! I'm guilty far too often of the cup of coffee and out the door breakfast, thanks for a bit of inspiration!

  29. Yum! Delish and nutrish! :)
    I'm not ready to eat anything until I've been awake 3-4 hours. But when I'm ready...this would be one of my choices!

  30. I have always been a breakfast lover (except when my mother would make me a soft boiled egg and toast soldiers...hated the runny egg! lol!). I have to agree about breakfast eaters being happy...that fits me to a "t". Now if only I could have encouraged my boys to continue with breakfast as they got older...*sigh*

    And your breakfast my dear is fit for a Queen!! :)

  31. I am eating my shredded wheat as the kiddos nap and I read and wishing I had all the fixings to make this too! I grew up with homemade yogurt that we used in smoothies with juice and fruit and wheat germ and flaxseed! What a great memory you stirred in me :)

  32. Such a rich post. And I mean that in more than one way. I, too, eat nuts at breakfast and there was a time when I used to have goji berries, too. I miss them. I loved this post so much. You're right, breakfast is so important, I can't believe the amount of peopel who go without it on purpose.

    Greetings from London.

  33. as I sit here with my rye toast with butter...
    I do have yogourt (store bought) with muesli or granola (also store bought) much of the time as it is so easy to prepare and is so delicious. Never had paw paw, though - it looks intriguing.

  34. So rich in fiber and antioxidants. Makes my yogurt look lonely!

  35. Hi Meri

    I think it has to tick a lot of boxes...certainly keeps me going...

    Happy days

  36. Hi Violet

    My paw paw is your papaya... any orange fruit or veg is high in essential goodies...another reason to love paw paw...and pumpkin...

    Happy days

  37. Hi Mr C

    Yes that's a good way you have framed it..some people choose to eat a poor breakfast there's no denying that...

    Some of our schools in disadvantaged areas serve breakfast to kids because it is known that they are not having it at home....

    Happy days

  38. Hi Vicky

    You can make that yogurt again Vicky - easy peasy...

    all of these ingredients are available in the supermarket...

    happy breakfasting....

  39. Hi Sherry

    I didn't become concerned about diet until I was about 20, although my family ate nutritious home grown foods it wasn't necessarily well balanced...

    I had the same problem with my kids...they being exposed to so much quick take away foods have become lazy...but once settled down they seem to improve a little...

    Happy days

  40. Hi Betsy

    now I hate to tell you this but if you are not hungry in the morning then perhaps you ate too much at dinner last night and too late in the day...

    I am always hungry for my king and queen's breakfast...its my favourite meal of the day...

    Happy days

  41. Hi Karen
    tut tut...

    I can't drink coffee first up. I have earl grey tea after my muesli...and save the rich soy flat white for my morning break...and it keeps me going until 1.30...

    Happy days

  42. Hello GW

    My beloved found his legs got very shaky with SUPaddling but as I have been doing pump for a few years I didn't suffer in that area, although after an hour of hard paddling I can feel a little shaky...
    It is superb exercise for the core muscles...with each stroke you can feel the abs and core stabilizers locking in...and it's hard to get at those muscles usually...

    and it is so tranquil paddling quietly down the home stretch, wind and tide at your back, watching for birds...or sunsets...

    Happy days

  43. Hi KB

    you are my breakfast buddy...if you are going to expend energy you need to bank some first...right...

    Happy days

  44. Hi Ellen

    now make a topping of chopped nuts, throw in a few frozen raspberries or blueberries...and you will have a more balanced breakfast with a bit more protein and oomph...
    I do like porridge sometimes but I find that I run out of steam 2hours earlier than with muesli...and then there is the temptation to fill the hole with something less nutritious...

    Happy days

  45. Yum. You take good care of body, mind, and heart. We've been fans of smoothies for the past few years, but we occasionally opt for granola or muesli, too. I love your recipe blogs.

  46. Hi dan

    we do love smoothies in mango season, but usually as apart of lunch...
    we need some protein in the morning...and a burst of carbs...

    Lots of friends seem to come along for the recipe posts - shows we all think of food a lot of the time...

    Happy days

  47. Hello Delwyn.
    I love this breakfast.
    It was a pleasure to navigate here, and learning from you, thank´s for sharing.
    All the best, have a nice day, see you soon.

    José Filipe 23-09-2009

  48. That looks delicious. Makes me want to get creative over breakfast.

  49. Welcome Jose

    it is nice to meet you and have you visit down under...

    I look forward to sharing with you...

    Happy days

  50. Hi Janie

    yes get out those grains and nuts Janie...you won't regret it...

    Happy days

  51. It looks so delicious!

    Is there anything better than homemade yogurt? I made some for the first time this summer - absolutely divine!

    Thank you for your recent comment on my blog, Delwyn. I always so enjoy hearing from you.



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