Monday, September 28, 2009

A Park Walk


Today is the day
for a walk in the National Park
along the coastal track...

we'll start at my friend's home
adjacent to the rainforest
parking beside this Clivia
that catches the first morning sun

a beautiful new flower
has arrived on the coastal track
now that the days are warmer
the Fringed Violet
Thysanotus tuberosus

sometimes called
the Fairy Handkerchief

The Seashore Temple
incoming rollers
flow in time
to the holy flute

Flowering too
is the Spider Lily
Crinum Asiaticum
also known as the Seaside Lily

Spider Lilies can grow
up to 5-6 feet tall

and are natives of SE Asia

but love it here
in their adopted home
of Noosa

The lily!
the stems,
just as they are,
the flowers,
just as they are


The Morning Glory
Ipomoea indica
has an inner glow

that the beetles
find irresistible

and the umbrella grass
shoots out
its many flowering stems
like fireworks

All along the way
the dragonflies flitted

The dragonfly
can't quite land
on that blade of grass


and I heard
the first cicada
of the summer



  1. Hi Delwyn

    Beautiful post,as ever. Thanks for introducing me to the Spider Lilies, but a special thanks for the Fringed Violet, fantastic!

  2. Beautiful flowers Delwyn. Like Martin I love the Spider Lilies and the Fringed Violet is just gorgeous.
    I think I've sorted the verification problem. Thanks for the advice. I'm not very good with the workings of the computer!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Martin

    Thanks to my new camera the fringed violet is amazing to see up looks like frayed fabric edges to me...

    thanks for joining me Martin

    Happy days

  4. Hello Elcmae

    I'm glad that you worked out the machinations of the comments system... It might make it easier and keep your comments from flying into that black hole where all lost computer work gets sucked...

    I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers...I have just walked in from Monday's Wallum walk...and am excited that we saw a rare wren...a superb blue wren...oh happy days...

    Happy days Elcmae

  5. Your photos made my morning a "glory" Delwyn, just like the flower, which is a very common wild flower here by the way. I love the colors of the Clivia and the fringe on the Violet does look like frayed material or downy feathers.

    You mentioned being excited seeing the rare Blue Wren, I experienced something similar, but sad, seeing for the first time a small Black and White Warbler, but it had collided with the front windows and was lifeless.

    It's very windy here this morning with much cooler weather blowing in for today as compared to your's getting warmer.

    Smiles always,

  6. Your third photo top to bottom. How did the tree do that? I did not know plants could do yoga :-). Magnificent visuals as usual.

    Greetings from London.

  7. Hi Wanda

    What a shame that your first view of the little warbler was of an immobile one...
    As I read your words I pictured your front porch and outdoor sitting area and felt a chill rush up my back...

    and yes today was a very comfortable 28*, a little windy, but in the Wallum it gets so still and quiet...we stop and listen to faint bird call, which turned out to be the superb blue wren, but so elusive...the females were easier to see, but being all brown are not as attractive as the azure backed males...and so small...perhaps only 10cm...
    we have decided we need to bring a seat one day and just sit and wait...

    Happy days

  8. Hello Mr C

    I thought it may have been one of those tangle vines but it looks to be more of a regular trunk...I think the sea below sang it into loops of joy...

    It is the o in Basho's Holy flute..

    Happy days

  9. hi delwyn what a gorgeous post. i was especially drawn to the fringed violet and to the new-to-me poem by basho - the seashore temple. in the right place at the right time that poem describes the perfect harmony i catch glimpses of in life. have a beautiful day!! steven

  10. Hi Steven

    well I am glad that for once I can bring you something new. You have introduced me to so many poets and artists...

    Happy days

  11. Delwyn: Another lovely walk. Love the photo of the tree that got bent out of shape and then found its way back to the light. And the fairy handkerchief is amazing in colour and design. So much to discover and Noosa, it seems, is just full of things waiting to be noticed and appreciated.

    Sweet dreams!

  12. We will start with the fact that it is still dark here at 8:30 in the morning. That outside it is grey, windy, cold and raining just as we are about to leave for a weeks vacation. That the colours in your photos are rich, warm and vibrant making me dream of warm summer days, and you might just have some small understanding of the delight I take in visiting your blog.

    Now I have to go back my raincoat and boots.

  13. My mother in law has such a green thumb and her Clivias would bloom so prolifically inside her house it was really a sight to see.
    She gave a big one to me when she moved and it never bloomed again.
    The fairy handkerchief is amazing.

  14. Another week gone by, and I'm catching up again! Just delightful.. and I'm in awe of the humpback whales earlier, too!

  15. I always feel like I have put on my favourite shoes when we go for a walk together. Given the darkness and the rain and the dull overcast gloom that has greeted me this morning, the walk I've just taken with you has brightened my spirit immensely!

  16. Wow, that fringed violet and the clivia are just fantastic! I could prob. spend a lifetime trying to photograph the flowers in your part of the world.

  17. What a glorious walk. The Morning Glory looks like velvet. Lovely!
    Sunny :)

  18. Hi Sunny

    even though the morning glory is a rampant weed you have to love its bright face and charm....

    Happy days

  19. Hello Jann

    Yes you could, because each day I find new things to stop and look at...
    I am looking forward to having some rain now that it is warm. I am wondering how the rain will make the flora leap out...We have only had one fall in the last four months...

    Happy days

  20. Sherry

    grab those shoes and your camera'
    I just have to clean my teeth then we are off into the national park for an early walk...Its 7.30 am so will be lovely as the day warms up and comes alive...well actually it awake pretty early these days.

    I was wide awake at 5am this morning to perfect daylight and could not get back to sleep, even tho I read til 11pm...

    Happy days

  21. Beatiful flowers, especially the fringed lily. I'm looking forward to summer walks through your rain forest!

  22. That morning glory is positively glorious - looks like a light is glowing inside - great photo!

  23. Hello janie

    I have just come in the door from the park and noticed the tiny little violet again - it is only about the size of your thumb nail...

    We will have plenty of walks both here in Noosa and in a mystery destination ...yet to be revealled...over summer...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Karen

    another week wow, it's good to see you over this way...

    I have just this minute returned from a walk in the park and I saw my first whales...only a faint spout but at least I feel that I have seen some this year on the way North- these must be the stragglers...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Lori

    Clivias are wonderful- they do like some sun... and the tiny violet I have just seen again this morning on my walk could easily be missed, and what a shame that would be...all those walkers on the coastal trail oblivious to its tattered fringes...

    Happy days

  26. Good morning Barry

    I woke this morning at 5am and it was day...soon it will be 4.30am...It makes along day when I go to bed about 11pm...maybe I will have to slide my day forward as if I am on daylight saving...which our state will not consent to whilst other states do...

    WEll I hope that my little glimpses of the subtropics can warm the cockles of your heart over your long winter...

    I hope you have a restful break Barry

    Happy days

  27. Hi there Bonnie

    I have just returned from this morning's walk and I saw whales!!!!
    and then I heard the whip bird couple singing and the eerie cat bird whose call sounds like the cry of a baby...

    You are right...there is always something...

    Happy days

  28. Hi GW

    You can't help but love them...Basho loved them too...

    Happy days

  29. Hi Delwyn! I love your fairyland of fringed violet, spider lilies, and umbrella grass--like a carnival! The tree curved into a treble clef to sacred flute music couldn't have illustrated better this haiku by Basho! What an amazing combination you found! Sigh--enjoy your spring! xxox

  30. The fringed violet is new to me but he others I know. Here the spider lilies have a small cup at the base of their petals. The twisted tree trunk, it grew that way naturally? No human intervention?

  31. Beatiful flowers,lovely as the day morning . hummm... love the summer walks through your rain forest.Thank´s for these things .

  32. Hi Ellen

    That's the way I found the trunk in the bush, I don't know why it grew that way...maybe there was another tree at some stage...

    Happy days

  33. Hi Margaret

    It is a bit musical looking that trunk...almost like a musical note too...

    Come along and enjoy my spring too...

    Happy days

  34. Hello Elaine and welcome to my corner of Australia way down at the other end of the world...

    Please come walking again...we go often from this stop...

    I will come up and visit you later...

    Happy days

  35. I would love to have a plant named fairy handkerchief. Beautiful.

  36. of course, I loved the morning glories the best.

  37. Hello Lori ann

    it came out of a fairy tale book didn't it - both the name and the flower...

    Happy days

  38. Hello Julie

    let me come and see...

    Happy days


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