Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birds in my Street


Bird walking
in my street...

I set out this morning
for a long walk
but got no further
than half way around the street
- it is a circle-
on a reclaimed island
that was once mangroves

Firstly I was stopped
by the baby Honey Eaters
The tubby one above
will become
a Yellow Faced Honey Eater

on the other side of the street
a tiny honey eater
perhaps a female
Scarlet Honey Eater,
was singing loudly
a silvery note high overhead

She was only about 8cm long

I cross the street again
drawn by another bird call
and see the red eye ring
of a young Figbird

with a yellowy olive coat
and a white to pale yellow breast

this fig bird is a male
the female is brown
with a matching eye ring

the Figbird loves to eat fruits
from native figs to mulberries

In the Casaurina trees
the baby Noisy Miners
were living up to their name

demanding their mother's return
with food

while fluffy and cute now
they will turn mean and bossy
like this adult
with the glint of the devil
in his eye

a few houses along from the park
two baby Yellow Faced Honey Eaters

sat in a Pandanus tree
and preened

and then around the bend
I encountered

a clan of immature Magpies
who show little fear of humans
and let me walk right up to them

they had been feeding
on a house block
freshly cleared
after the demolition of a house

the little band of youngsters
have been rejected by their parents
and formed their own flock

they meandered
towards home with me

keeping at least one eye
on the movements
in the grass

they kept me company
for the rest of my walk

and so one hour later
I returned to my starting point
having only walked
around a small circle
but having seen
a bounty of birds...

I can walk again this afternoon
maybe I'll return
to Sunshine Beach
to try and photograph
the tiny little Red Backed Wrens
I saw yesterday
just after the camera batteries died...



  1. Hi Delwyn

    They say you learn something every day. Well, apart from the Magpies (which looked very different from the black and white chattering kind we have) all of the birds you photographed were new to me.

    I particularly like the Fig Bird.

    Hope the batteries last long enough for the Red Backed Wrens on your next stroll.

  2. Hi Martin

    These juvenile Australian magpies will turn black and white in time.

    The fig bird is stunning with his red eye patch...

    As is often the way when I returned to the sand dunes of the red backed wren he wasn't there...the next time we saw females only - plain brown...they are tiny little birds...but one day I'll capture a red one...

    Happy days Martin

  3. Delwyn: Nature surely is busy 'producing' in Spring. All those babies!! I wonder if those abandonned baby magpies where hoping you would be their mother?

    The fig bird is stunning. Such variety - right at your doorstep.

    Great shots Delwyn - seems you and the new camera have become good friends!

    Have a good weekend in Noosa dear Delwyn.

  4. Good day Delwyn..

    That Miner bird did have a stern look to him...maybe it was meant for the demanding offspring...and the immature Magpies are beautiful, like a work of the last photo I see a pattern of little hearts!

    Smiles always,

  5. I do love your many bird photos. I wish we had assortments like that here where I live. Maybe we do but they don't fly over the fence to visit me. At least I don't see them. Your words with your pictures makes this an entertaining place to visit.

  6. You are blessed with such a variety of colourful..right in your "backyard" so to speak. I love the names, especially the Noisy Miners!!!

  7. Hi Abe

    I am glad that you enjoy looking at the birds we see down under...

    thanks for flying over...

    Happy days

  8. Hello Wanda

    The miners are always obstreperous and vocal...they are very territorial and like to send any visitor birds packing pronto...

    I enlarged that last photo after reading your comment and was amazed at the threadlike hairy tips to the feathers ...and yes I see the hearts too...

    I love your way of looking at the world Wanda...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Bonnie

    It is quite normal for the magpies to be left to fend for themselves...that's why they group together...

    Today I have been reading up on the manual capabilities of my camera...I felt it was time I learned to use it properly... so we'll see if I improve...I did get a great kookaburra shot late today on our walk over the hill...

    thanks for your warm friendship Bonnie

    Happy days

  10. Hi Sherry

    and to think that I didn't know these birds existed at the beginning of the year...Thoth has been very good to me directing me into blogging...and learning...

    Happy days

  11. hi delwyn - beautiful birds and i especially love their eyes. the colouring around them is gorgeous and makes me wonder what purpose it might serve because it can't just be decorative. it makes me wonder if fashion designers take some of their cues when they come up with some of the more radical eye makeup on their models. thanks for the lovely saturday morning walk! steven

  12. Your area is just beautiful and the variety of creatures there is fascinating. I recognize much of the flora but little of the fauna! Do you have hummmingbirds there?

  13. The number of birds you see on a short walk from your home is extraordinary. As is your photography!

  14. Wow, fabulous birds in your part of the world! Just fabbie! I love the figbird and noisy miners, very exotic to an American. Beautiful photos Delwyn!

  15. Good morning Steven

    I have shopped early at the Farmers' Market, started the chores, and now have some time for blogging and it is only 8.20am...It will be another long Sunday...but lovely and leisurely in its pace...

    As with most species in the natural world it's the male that gets all the fine colouring and pretentious apparel...isn't that odd that we humans have reversed the pattern...

    Happy days

  16. Hi GW

    yes you would see a lot of the similar flora on the Calif coast...I don't think we have humming birds on the coast here, I will have to check...they are not in my Noosa bird book...but may be elsewhere...

    I am enjoying your company,

    Happy days GW

  17. Hi Ellen

    its a huge country - as big if not bigger than Nthn America, - we have plenty of room and only just over 20m population so never crowded...come on over...

    Happy days

  18. Good morning Barry

    Thanks Barry

    I love that I can 'see' the birds these days and am learning to identify them better...It makes my walks all the more enjoyable...I become excited, like a child, as I peer into the foliage following bird calls...

    Happy days

  19. Hello Jann

    thanks for your enthusiastic following of the birds...

    The first time I saw that fig bird I felt like it was Christmas!

    He is quite a big plumpish bird, sits rather still in the tree's foliage and is a great photographic subject with that beautiful eye...

    Thanks for coming over today Jann

    Happy days

  20. I have not seen these birds before; lovely.


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