Friday, September 4, 2009

Spring in Noosa


Spring in Noosa
Latitude 25 * Sth
in the South Pacific

Spring for many of us
conjures up images
of daffodils and narcissus
camellias and magnolia trees
new born lambs
buds of blossom
cherry trees
the scent of Daphne
fresh dew dropped grass

But here in Noosa
in the sub tropics
it is altogether
a different story

Spring is flowering azaleas

wild bouganvillea climbing
over trellises, verandahs
and up trees

It is plovers' eggs
in open parks

parched lawns

and crispy grass
the green lawn called Eco Lawn
is artificial

leaf littered streets

and leaf strewn parks

red leafed terminalia

the rare deciduous tree
is bare but for nuts

and the bird of paradise
shouting 'gidday'
in it's inimitable way

spring is often dry
and with that comes
the threat of bush fires

it is time to strip off
and put your back in the sun
and fish

a time when grevilleas
fill the town with colour

and with honey eaters

when the pelicans
frequent the waterways

looking for fish cleanings
and tidbits

for reading on the river

and rolling with your lover

for beautiful native flowers

and icecreams

gums now flowered

paint the skies with nuts

lemons cluster
on the tree

is on the move
and I am more watchful
for hungry snakes
slithering out of hibernation

the warmer days start
a little earlier
and stretch out
into the evening

and the beautiful
Bauhinia tree

quite emphatically
that Spring
has arrived...



  1. Hello Delwyn...
    Here at the end of summer, just before going into autumn is usually the driest period for us. Your dry spring is the opposite of ours, when we find the ground the most saturated with moisture.

    I never thought of pelicans as being a pretty bird...don't know why...but your photos of them have educated me...they are lovely birds!...and it's funny, but the bird of paradise does look jaunty and as if saying gidday!

    Good Day Delwyn,

  2. Hi Wanda

    yes this is usually a very dry time for us.We have been promised rain this weekend, I hope so...

    I love to watch the pelicans land their huge seemingly ungainly bodies...they almost skate to a stop on the is a wonder to see...

    Happy days Wanda my friend

  3. Hi Delwyn, I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and thoroughly enjoy reading your entries. The photos of your dry springtime are great and I really love the pelicans and the beautiful flowers. Here in the UK we are heading into autumn and there is already a nip in the air and the trees are changing colour. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Delwyn,

    How cheerful it must be to be surrounded by so much colour, variety, and beauty!

    Your new camera and its operator are doing a great job of showcasing all the blessings of Springtime in Noosa.

    Hope you are well.

  5. Now that is exactly what I needed to put a huge smile on my fizzgog..such emergent beauty, such a wonderful air of fecundity and fruitfulness just as here summer moves swiftly to autumn and a chill in the air reminds us that the long, dark days of winter are approaching. Eeerk! Maybe I will come and live on your blog, Delwyn!!

  6. Hello Elcmae and welcome to downunder, in my corner of SE Qld,

    Thank you for stopping by to have a chat...It is good that we can experience all different corners of the world through this wonderful medium.

    Where is your daughter planning to spend her time in AU...

    I look forward to further conversations ...

    Happy days

  7. Hi Bonnie

    I think I have said it many times before but here goes again...there is always something flowering here, some colour, something new and breathtaking...perhaps because we sit between the temperate and the tropical climate zones we see greater diversity...
    it is a blessing...

    New friend Canon is being a great companion and so reliable...

    I am just great thanks Bonnie and guess what happened 2 days ago...the limp just up and went...

    oh happy days...

    and Happy days to you my friend

  8. Hello Tessa

    Well you will find plenty of succor here over the next few months and as you hunker down for the chilly days rest assured that there will be eternal sunshine at a hazy moon...

    Happy days bright friend Tessa

  9. Spring the best time to visit Queensland. My kids are dying to get to the Gold Coast but it will have to wait till next year I think.
    Mind you I'm not into the hustle and Bustle of the Gold Coast.

    Our days have been nice down here (except for today) my daffodils are dancing and we have had RAIN!!! so hard to believe it has been raining here. Dams are up .6% !!

  10. ahhh delwyn, as we roll into autumn- which is my favourite time of year - i am growing wistful for the beginnings that spring represents. i mentioned to fellow aussie alaine and i'll tell you - i'm going to be hanging off your posts in the cold dark months to come, looking for colour and warmth and life!!! here it is in abundance you lucky blessed woman!!!!! i love the pictures of the ladies sitting with their gorgeous hats by the river. have a lovely day by the river yourself! steven

  11. Hi Liss

    We took the kids to the theme parks a couple of times over 20 is something you have to do really...much as you might not want to...

    Rain. that's great...and dams filling , better still, we hope ti=o get some this weekend...

    Time for bed...
    Happy days

  12. Hi Steven

    well I am sure Alaine and I will be up to the challenge....

    I knew the two ladies could be a good photo so I stood behind them pretending to photograph the river...and then when I retraced my steps there they were synchronized again - this time with ice-creams in their hands...I couldn't resist the opportunity...

    goodnight Steven, I am off to dream...

    Happy days

  13. How beautiful, Delwyn! I know this makes me look really stupid, but I never knew until last year that the world was upside down as far as seasons go in your part of the world. It's like magic to see your world blooming in Spring and flourishing while ours is fast fading to Autumn and Winter. Thank you for so freely sharing your world! Blessings!

  14. It never ceases to amaze me at how different the world can be. Other then the azaleas which do wonderfully in Western Canada, the lemons and bird of paradise which would never grow here except as a house plant and the pelicans who also have no desire to be here we have none of the plants or birds you show here.
    How interesting to see them all.

  15. wow Delwyn, I love these photos, you captured everything about our spring !

  16. Hi Gleaner

    I'm sure there are lots more things but these are what I saw on my walk and what I thought of as I walked...I hope you are feeling springlike too...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Lori

    I am glad I can bring you some of the flora and fauna that you would never encounter as you do for me...

    Happy days

  18. Hi Marion

    you must have been absent from school in those science classes...

    Isn't this a delight of blogging - that we see the seasons twice over..

    Happy days

  19. Aren't the Grevilleas incredible! I think it was you who recently said something about their architecture? My azaleas are all bursting forth too and little freesias popping up all over the place; I have more every year!

    Lovely post!

  20. Love your spring shots, but the mention of snakes made me shiver.

  21. Hi Alaine

    I have never noticed the extent of the grevilleas before - but then I have got new canon eyes!

    Lucky you to have a mix of temperate exotic and Au spring...
    It amazed me when I first came here that azaleas would flourish...must be a special variety...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Meri

    never fear,
    I am here
    to protect you...

    Happy days

  23. Oh, Delwyn, I am so grateful to have found your blog, for so many reasons!

    Thanks for the little tour. It is lovely where you live. I especially liked Bluey.

  24. Hi Delwyn! That is so interesting to see your spring compared to ours plus contrasted to our startup of autumn! (actually starts September 22) It's dry here with the leaves getting ready to fall like your spring leaves! Sitting by the river or the ocean is bittersweet to us as the season is almost over. But you have azalea and bougainvillea blossoming! Now I know why they call the exotic flower Bird of Paradise; I never realized before that they look exactly like birds! And another bird--the honey eater--is so cute peeking out over the grevilleas! I've never really seen pelicans close up like that, although there is a Pelican Island near our summer place. Oh-oh! Blue Dragon again! The sunset is gorgeous framed by the branches. And a prommisng end with the Bauhinia tree! Lovely! What a lush, varied world you live in, Delwyn! xx

  25. Such a lovely part of the world. I think you took that photo of the sailing catamaran just for me and Alden.

    I'm with Steven. It will be nice to go through the shorter and cooler days of fall as you share the warming days of your coming summer. Reading blogs from the other hemisphere has a way of completing our "Whole Earth" awareness.

  26. Hi Nancy
    thanks for those kind words and I feel likewise ...

    Bluey is a part of the family now, or his son... or grandson are...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Margaret

    you are so generous with your comments, thank you very much...

    I am glad to have such an appreciative reader Margaret...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Dan

    oh I thought that was you and Alden fishing...

    I too am looking forward to seeing a real deciduous autumn from the northern hemisphere...

    You sum up well what we experience in blog world...a greater closeness and sense of being on the planet together...

    Happy days

  29. Hi Delwyn,
    That last photo - magnificent. I also enjoyed the blue-tongued lizard and the women in hats reading and with ice cream. A varied meander through your spring!

  30. Beautiful prose to accompany the bursting forth of spring!

  31. Hello Cloudia

    mahalo and Happy days



    thanks my dear...

    Happy days


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