Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunshine Beach


Walking on Sunshine Beach,
as promised...

It was a cloudy day
with a tease of rain
that didn't eventuate
but I had arranged
to walk on Sunshine Beach
late afternoon,
so off we go...

we are facing South
looking down the South East coast
of Queensland
toward Coolum
and Maroochydore
and further down - Brisbane
our capital city
120 km away

Looking North
to Lions Head rocks
the very back
of the National Park headland
around which we often walk

If I took you
from the National Park Gates,
where I usually launch out from,
to this point we would be walking
for over an hour

But today
I drove over to the Beach
because we have other plans...

closer to the rocks
is a section of the beach
designating Doggy Beach
where your dog may play
and run unleashed

take a look back
where we have walked from
at the great cloud formations

because now we are walking
up the road
climbing past
shocking pink gum tree flowers

and a very different looking grevillea
that resembles
a plastic coated hair brush

and we enter the Wallum
once again
drawn by the bird song
at this time of day

this is Wedding Bush
Ricinocarpus pinifolius

we are on a loop
of the Wallum track
that is especially good
for bird watching

The spotted Turtle Dove
has a spotted patch
on his hind neck
pink grey head
and grey brown body
He originally comes
from India and Malaysia

I came home to identify
this black and white bird
with yellow wing panels
that become visible when he perches
on top of the grass tree stalks
or a branch like this

small noisy nectar eater
he calls
chip chip choo chippy choo
and is called
a White Cheeked Honey eater

Homoranthus virgatus

is the name
of this teensy little flower

It reminds me
of those tiny silk rosebuds
you use in craft
so I think I'll create
a common name for it -
Silk Rose Bud

and when it has done flowering
a little green heart

I will take you back
to Sunshine beach
on a nice sunny day
for a more
comprehensive walk
and exploration
of this beautiful coastal stretch...

'til then
Happy days...



  1. Hi Delwyn, What beautiful photos from such a lovely walk. Yes you are right the wallum is similar to our heathland but I imagine the wallum is a much larger area. The heathlands in Suffolk were much bigger but coastal erosion is eating into more and more of them each year. Each winter storm and bit more goes!
    My daughter will be in Australia from late November. She is starting off in Sydney but I'm not sure of plans after that.
    Thanks for sharing your super photos.

  2. Lovely way to start a morning in New England. Especially after a nearly sleepless night. Thanks once again for the beauty of your work.

  3. Hello Elcmae

    the lovely friend that I walk the wallum with owns a backpackers hostel at sunshine beach so you might like to tell your daughter when she makes her way up to Qld to look for 'The Dolphins 'at Sunshine Beach...She must come up to Noosa in her travels - it is a young travellers paradise...

    We have this area of wallum on the headland and other huge tracts of land. Fortunately we have always had a very green council that has restricted development in the shire - no real high rise in Noosa unlike on the very touristy Gold Coast, and we have many large National Parks.

    Happy days

  4. Hi Jeanette

    I'm sorry that you can't sleep...
    or are up VERY early...

    I'm glad you came for an early morning fresh breath of air...

    Happy days

  5. Hi Delwyn:

    I especially enjoyed the cloud formations and as always, the incredible flower specimens. Will look forward to seeing the beach on a sunny day too. Thanks.

  6. hello delwyn - well this is where i'd rather be in this very moment!!! walking on a gorgeous beach with great waves and clouds billowing across the sky. beautiful flowers (don't worry about their names - their beauty says their name!!), amazing little birds and the air. i can't wait to go back there delwyn. thanks so much for this lovely post!!!! have a peaceful evening by the river. steven

  7. Hello Steven

    This is a great beach for LONG LONG walks - you can walk south for hours...We used to take the dog over on Sundays to Castaways a little south of here for a romp in the waves and to chase balls...but have not been since her demise...I think it is time to return...now it is warmer...

    We had our first paddle recently after a few months absence and that was exhilarating...I am looking forward to getting into the rhythm again...I love paddling most of all in the hour before sunset.

    I shall take you back...

    which reminds me of I shall return there - Innisfree...

    Happy days

  8. Hello Beautiful Bonnie

    Sunshine Beach is great for cloud watching as it is such a huge long expanse of open coastline...great for kite surfing too and hang-gliding
    off the bluffs into the billowing coastal breezes...

    Happy days

  9. Wonderful post Delwyn...that stretch of clouds in the southern sky was enough to satisfy me!
    The Wedding Bush does resemble a bridal bouquet and I've never seen a prettier Turtle Dove...loved it's poka dots and the heart shaped seed head of your "silk rose bud"...Sunshine Beach is very beautiful even without the sunshine!


  10. Hi Wanda

    I'm glad you liked Sunshine Beach and I will take you back on a nicer day, but as you say it was a majestic sky nevertheless...

    Happy days Wanda, oh and here's a little bunch of weeding bush flowers and silk rosebuds just for you...

  11. This was fun! I don't recognize any of those lovely flowers as being here in the States. But we do have the doves! You had a lovely walk!

  12. Hi Delwyn, please do take s back on sunny day. It's lovely here I can feel that soft sand on the beach.
    we don't get sand like that at Melbourne bay beaches, we have to drive down the surf coast to feel this sort of and between or toes.

  13. I always love your images of flowers, trees and other plants - they are always so intimate. But the overcast sky and beach pics today? Wow! So painterly, and so moody. Surely spring is on its way!

    Did I miss an update about the plover family? Did they move on or are they still hanging around?

  14. Lovely walk!! I am really taken with those cloud formations and the beautiful flowers. But I most love the name of that bird...the white cheeked honey eater!!

  15. gorgeous photos of sand and sky and the little honey eater is so beautiful

  16. Stunning shots of the beach and the cloud formations! You can actually see movement in the sky. I love the tiny heart that the little pink rosebud makes!

  17. Thank you for sharing that beautiful walk. I can only imagine its majesty on a sunny day!

  18. For me, an overcast sky is usually depressing but it is so beautiful in your pictures!

  19. Hi Ellen

    I'm glad you could come...

    Juliet- hello
    I'll take you back for more sky soon...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Betsy

    It is good then that I can bring you these new plants and birds...

    Happy days

  21. Hello Liss

    Ok, promise I will go back soon...it was on the cards anyway as there is a particularly good bird section I like to visit...

    Sunshine Beach and south are what you imagine the ideal beach to look like...the seas can be unpredictable tho' so you must swim between the flags...

    Happy days

  22. Hello Reya

    how are you my dear - rested after your holiday?

    I'm glad you liked the moods of the sea and skies...

    Yes I did allude to the plovers having gone walkabout...they disappeared for 10 days or so, then returned alone and guess what - four more eggs in the middle of the park...amazing nature...I am pretty sure it would be the same pair as the nest is only 2' from the other one...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Sherry

    I am learning new birds each time I go over this side of the headland and into the wallum...

    My friend and I get quite excited when we spot new birds...we plan on taking a little camp stool into a patch of the wallum one day soon, so that we can sit still and just watch...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Barb

    It was nice to be able to show you something different today...so I'm glad you enjoyed the beach walk...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Cook

    Glad to have your company

    Hello Jelica - I hope you have recovered from camp.The pics I saw at various places, taken by attendees, look like fun...
    Thanks for coming walking on the beach...

    Happy days

  26. I cannot tell you how grateful I feel for having Hazy Moon in my daily routine. You manage to inspire and delight me daily with your walks and thoughtful posts. I love the way you see the large elements and the tiny ones, the plants and animals, everything. Thank you , Delwyn, for taking us along on your walks in your corner of this wonderful world! Yes, pleasre bring us back here when it's sunny.

  27. Thank you Dan
    you are a gem of a reader...

    I think one of the reasons I see more is because I know that people like you will appreciate the tiny and the large scale grandeur around me...

    We will be back...

    Happy days Dan

  28. Such a delightful way to start the day. The clouds are amazing the birds and flowers so lovely. I hated for it to end.
    Sunny :)

  29. Oh Sunny - I will take you back soon

    Happy days

  30. Hi Delwyn~ The vegetation is so unusual there; one almost thinks it's a different planet... so beautiful yet unlike anything one has ever seen before. I have seen the honey eater before, and I think he's so cute! The clouds remind me of what a big sky you actually have. No cities or landscapes to block it. Just the sweeping sky. Love it. xx

  31. Hi Margaret

    when I moved over from NZ it took a while to learn to love the flora here. I was so used to the more English pastoral landscapes of rural NZ and cultivated gardens, now as you know I just love it...

    Yes huge skies...no high rise at all...

    Happy days


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