Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Yesterday Today Tomorrow...

This beautiful shrub
with a heavenly fragrance
is called Brunfelsia Bonodora

But is commonly known as
Yesterday Today Tomorrow
because of the way it flowers -

the flower begins violet
then fades to lilac
which fades to white...

I have always loved the plant
and one reason being that
it's name reminds me of childhood

as a child I attended a church
and from my pew
I would look each Sunday
at the words

Jesus Christ
the same
Yesterday Today Tomorrow...

These days
I adhere to no particular religion
so I began to think of qualities or attributes
that would fit this definition
of being
The same
Yesterday Today Tomorrow

I tried Love
and thought
no, Love fades and can die,
then I wondered about Hope
and realised that sometimes
our hope runs low,
I considered Charity
and thought charity
often drifts on the winds
of benevolence and affluence
what about Faith
is it the same
Yesterday today and tomorrow-
I don't think so

So I settled for Kindness


The same

What can you think of
that would fit this definition...



  1. Two other Brahmaviharas--in addition to kindness--would seem also to have the quality of endurance: compassion and equanimity. The odd one out (there are 4 Brahmaviharas), joy, seems more difficult to stabilize than kindness, compassion, and equanimity.

  2. 'Be kind whenever possible - it's always possible' - Dalai Lama.

  3. Hi Dan

    well done - I knew I could rely on you...I had considered compassion or empathy for this exercise...and equanimity - yes that fits well - you either have it or don't have don't have degrees of it...

    thank you my friend...

    Happy days in kindness, compassion and equanimity...

  4. Perfect Alaine...

    that is good confirmation that Kindness passes the Yesterday Today Tomorrow...test....

    thanks for making your contribution,

    Happy days

  5. I hope for peace to be yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Such a wonderful post as always.

    I have been traveling a lot this month and I have one more trip to Tokyo with two trips to Tokyo sandwiched in between.
    I haven't been spending much time at home but it is a relief to visit your blog...just like another home!

  6. Hello Tulsa

    I have missed you little friend...that work of yours has kept you very busy...poor husband must be missing you...

    Take care, and

    Happy days

  7. What a beautiful flower...for me it would be hope -- yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  8. Hi Sherry

    that's you feel that hope remains constant or does it fluctuate for you...

    Thanks for joining into the chat,

    Happy days

  9. Compassion I would imagine...nothing else seems to come to mind...this has left me thinking Delwyn...other than the broad turn love of family...I am wordless!

    I love the soft colors of the flowers and their frilly edges!


  10. Hi Delwyn: What a beautiful flowering bush! While it is called Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - demonstrating its constancy - it also shows us that while it is constant it has its variations in colour.

    So allowing for variations in tone or colour, like the plant, I would choose loving-kindness or compassion. It can be a conscious choice to live demonstrating compassion in all our actions yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  11. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Arrrr! This being International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    Knowing how into Kindness Pirates were.

    Or am I getting them confused with Zen Monks?

  12. Hi Wanda

    so from Wanda we have another vote for compassion! Let me know if you think of anything else...

    Happy days

  13. Hi Bonnie

    It is a bit of a paradox really as while the flower lasts more than 3 days it changes considerably in appearance during that time...

    Compassion means to 'walk with', so Loving kindness is a good and apt simile for that quality.

    Happy days Bonnie

  14. Hang on Barry

    I just have to put down my rum...and get this darn parrot off my keeps pecking the keyboard...

    Happy days Barry

  15. hi delwyn - i'd stick with love - the love that is at the root of the creative impulse that binds this universe (or whatever it is) together. when i see a flower like this, when i read words like yours, when i hear the call of crows wishing me well on my way. i know love.
    it just is.
    anyhow, 'scuze me while my mates and i board this scurvy ship we're hoving up alongside . . . .arrrrrrgggh!!! hurray for pirate day barry!!!
    have a lovely evening by the river. steven

  16. Hi Delwyn,

    I would have to go with Honor, since so many virtues flow from it. One can be rich or poor, lonely or madly in love, confused or enlightened, old or young, in sicknessa or health, but without personal integrity, one doesn't have much.

  17. I have to go with kindness. I read a bumper sticker many years ago and it said, "Be kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle." How true that is!

    But I do love that Bible verse, Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." As a young teen I wrote a poem about change and put that Bible verse in it because it comforted me during a very tumultuous time. Beautiful post, Delwyn! Blessings!

  18. I think there are many but I strongly lean towards Faith.
    Sunny :)

  19. Hi Delwyn, beautiful blog you have here! For me, celebrating my dad's 86th birthday today, I'd say the love for a parent will be as deep yesterday, today, and always.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  20. Alexander Pope did say Hope springs eternal.
    We can show and feel compassion but depending on the circumstances it may be misplaced.
    We can always hope that it is not.

  21. Beautiful flowers! I had not seen this plant before.

    What stays constant? Well, as the saying goes...change is constant. But I prefer your idea of kindness.

    Gorgeous photos below, too!

  22. That's lovely, Delwyn. Kindness is a wonderful attribute to have always. Also compassion (which in reality is what the word Buddha means). At any rate, if I could always give and receive kindness and compassion, it would be the gentlest world imaginable. I love the picture with the three hues. LOVE xxox

  23. I love these photographies...
    This blog is beautiful ! ! !
    I'll come back !

    See you...

    Ciao !...;-)

  24. The more it changes, the more it is the same--- I am thinking the Flow is always with us, the river that we put our toe in that's always there, but never the same twice. We can rely on impermanence, and that noble truth can be counted on to bring everthing back into perspective, including the longing for permanence.
    I love the changes, and I love that you have remembered Brunfelsia bonodora all these years.

  25. Hello Marion

    How is your day with the dragonflies...

    I'm glad this post has a personal memory for you..and you like to endorse kindness as a suitable constant in our lives...

    Happy days

  26. Hi GW

    that's an interesting one especially when you define it in terms of Integrity...I agree it ideally should be a constant otherwise we are not true to ourselves...OR we are some thing other that we profess to be...ahhh food for thought...thanks Goldie...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Steven
    my friend...

    Yes I agree when you consider the love that is the glue of the universe...the life force and font of all creativity and creation...YES

    but would have issues with the personal 'in love' Love as is does alter...even though Shakespeare tells us Love does not alter when it alteration finds, ...nor bends with the remover to remove - oh no it is an ever fixed mark...(Or was that Donne...)

    Tally Ho me Hearties
    Happy days

  28. Hello Little ray of sunshine...

    Faith it is for you...

    Happy days

  29. Hello Jann

    welcome to my house of creativity...well, let's say house of endeavours...

    thanks for coming by and I look forward to many future chats...

    Your love for a parent hits home as my Dad, 84, had been placed in care only recently and is getting very frail... Enjoy the birthday and the giving of Love...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Lori

    I find what you say interesting and I'm not sure I completely understand.
    Do you think that compassion turns to sympathy sometimes...which is not quite the same is it...its more to do with the giver than the receiver...compassion on the other hand is walking with another person...

    Happy days

  31. Hi Bella

    you can smell the YTT shrub from many metres away...a glorious perfume...

    Now that is a good comment and we can view change as an attribute if we take it on board as an alternative to being inflexible - more like the flow and allowing concept in the preceding post...
    ...and you my dear have had recent experience of that...

    thanks for your additions today Bella

    Happy days

  32. Hi Margaret

    I like how Dan would say 'Loving Kindness' as a simile for compassion and a bit implies action as well as feelings do you think...

    It is lovely to have you here yesterday today and tomorrow Margaret...

    Happy days

  33. Hello Jeff and welcome to my corner of Queensland in AU...

    Thank you for your warm comments and I hope to see more of you. I will come by soon and visit you...

    Happy days

  34. Hello Loon

    a big welcome to you...I am glad that you have ventured into the South pacific...

    So you would suggest that flow in its changing form, and impermanence are constants...and we need to embrace them as elements of life...

    this conversation follows on from yesterday's adaptability post - did you read that one...

    thank you for calling in and making your values contributions today...

    Happy days

  35. Hello Elise

    welcome to my pages here in Au...

    I look forward to getting to know more about you and your world...

    thank you for the visit...

    Happy days

  36. I love those flowers. Hmmm - what about the human spirit? Which is a constant, regardless of our bodies, time, or place.

  37. The definition of constant would be that of a value that never changes...does not allow for variables. All the above, hope, faith, charity and even kindness all have some form of variable that affects them from day to day. Perhaps the dark side of things...sin would be something that is always constant..although I am not one to think on the dark side! For me, I would have to say faith.

  38. Hi Nancy

    thanks for your ideas today...
    Hmmmm, the Human spirit is always in place - a it variable....perhaps it appears or is perceived that way, but in truth is unalterable...and inextinguishable...

    Happy days

  39. Hi Alicia,
    I agree that the first 4 qualities you listed are variable and can change in degree and form, but I wondered if the essence or spirit of kindness is constant whilst the expression of it may be variable...

    You mention the concept of 'sin' which to me seems to be able to change in form, size, shape nature, and energy, and perhaps most importantly in value, depending on the perceiver...

    So you are going with faith as a constant in your life... Thanks Alicia for your valued additions...

    Happy days

  40. I honestly couldn't think of anything that's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Your question made me realize that everything and everyone is constantly changing, even if only very slowly.

  41. Hi Delwyn,

    On the subject of honor and personal integrity, I think it's something that anyone who truly has it would never proclaim to have. I would be suspect of anyone walking around talking about how honorable they are!

    I have read that a measure of personal integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.

    I think the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you works like a charm.

  42. I can't believe I didn't see this post.

    I have had a large one of these shrubs on the corner of my house for 30 years. It has sent up new stalks and new plants from runners but the parent plant has reached it's life span I guess because over the last two years, the core has died out. It's one of those old fashioned shrubs that people used to have. You don' see them so much now.


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