Sunday, September 20, 2009

A New Bird


A new bird
in my courtyard...

I went outside
to investigate
the source of
a loud and long conversation
that had been rolling along
for well over an hour-

that's the time
I had been sitting
replying to your
wonderful comments

- an hour of rest
after a 6am Farmers' Market start
followed by the first
stand up paddle
in quite a number of months
since the advent of the cooler weather
and the ankle gremlins...

Armed with my new mate, Canon
I battle through the hazards
of Daughter # 2's room
and emerge unscathed on the deck
on the street side
of our home
in a small courtyard
edged with palms, lilly pillies
and a frangipani tree
under which Kealia,
the border collie
lies at eternal rest

In the centre of the courtyard
is a large trampoline
that Daughter mentioned above
will not yet part with
as it holds too many
happy gymnastics memories

And so I search the lilly pilly
from where the harsh cook-cok-cork
is floating
and barefooted and fat ankled
I hobble over stones
trying to discover the pair

Here he is
the Brush Wattlebird
a dull brown bird with fine white streaking
and white tipped tail
who can have pugnacious body postures
and bill rattles
but otherwise is quite undistinguished,
but boy can he sing
often harsh and repetitive notes
and just when you are heartily sick of him
he lets out a beautiful trill
and you forgive him
his raucous cook-cok-cork

and now I look for his mate
grappling my way
between the trampoline
and the tree's low hanging branches
tilting my head back at 45 *
until my neck objects,
looking for this bird...

But then I see a shape,
a large soft grey shape
too large
too quiet
too still
to be the Wattlebird's mate

I move again
and sense someone looking at me
our eyes lock -
well my two with one of his
ringed in brilliant yellow

He is soft and downy
with a long tail
and I think he clutches
something rodent sized
in his claws
There appears to be
a dangling furry shape
hanging below the branch
on which he perches


Excitedly I return to my study
pull out my bird book
to no avail
but then at the rear of the book
on a page headed 'sometimes seen'
I see the Nankeen Kestrel
Yes that's him

I've seen a new bird today
and in my tree
in my courtyard

Oh Happy days

And it makes me wonder
at the myriad of other things
that are present out there
in my environment
that I have not seen
or been witness to...

But I am keeping
my eyes wide open...



  1. Quel joli texte plein de poésie...
    Je garde aussi les yeux grands ouverts..
    See you...

    Bonne journée !

  2. Hi Jeff

    I will have to get Margaret to translate properly!
    I get the pretty text full of poetry and big open eyes of the birds you liked...

    thanks for coming Jeff

    Happy days

  3. Delwyn...I feel your excitement for seeing a new the added enjoyment of it being in your very own courtyard...also I experience the wondering of what I might be missing while inside...busy with the necessities of life...even while working outside the distant cry of a hawk distracts me more than know the kind you hear in old "Western Movies" to accent a scene of suspence!

    Smiles always,

  4. Delwyn: You paint the scene so perfectly that I felt I was there holding my breath while you make your discoveries.

    What a beauty dressed in grey with that yellow eye - looked like an arrogant professor looking down rather patronizingly on you.

    There is truly no end to the discoveries that can be made if we keep our senses open . . .

    I am still curious about your stand up paddles . . . hope you will consider posting about that one day.

    Here's to life!!

  5. I have seen a lot of birds out at the country house that I don't see in the city and it is just an hour away. I also hear songs I don't hear in the city but usually I can't find the singer so high up.

  6. I find, day-by-day, that if I keep my eyes truly open, there are a myriad of things in my world that I haven't 'seen' yet.

    How exciting - a raptor in your courtyard. Happy days.

  7. How delicious...the excitement of discovering something new...when you flip that page and see what you've seen with your own eyes and know "that's it!" -- you are so right. How much is out there that we haven't seen or noticed? It reminds us to be mindful and aware...who knows what treasure we might find when we are really paying attention to what we see!

  8. Since Linda and I have been taking more pictures for our blog, we have been paying more attention to the natural world around us and making many interesting discoveries.

    A camera is not only a tool for taking pictures but for revealing the world around us.

    Great photos and commentary (as usual).

  9. Beautiful photos and wonderful writings. I like that you made it through daughters room unscathed ;)
    great stuff!

  10. helo delwyn, what a journey!!! my son's room is a joyous explosion of most of his possessions! how he finds clean clothes in there is a story that begs to be told. imagine finding a bird new to you after all this time!!! a beautiful, incredible bird. my dad told me that when animals come into your life for however short a time, they are there with a message. all it takes is a good eye, a good ear, and a good heart!!!! so there you are. have a lovely evening by the river. steven

  11. How exciting!
    Your narrative made me smile :)

  12. I do a lot of crossword puzzles and the word Kestrel often comes up. I never knew what one looked like. Serendipity.

  13. I love it when we see something in the beautiful world that we have been unaware of and have missed our eyes. What a beauty!

  14. Great discoveries in your courtyard today. That's the wonderful thing about nature - there is always more to discover!

  15. "And it makes me wonder
    at the myriad of other things
    that are present out there
    in my environment
    that I have not seen
    or been witness to..."

    I often wonder this, too, especially at night when I might hear a rustling in the trees, or an unfamiliar animal sound. Isn't it wonderful, though, that there are still mysteries to be found, even in our own gardens and courtyards?

    Your description of the maze you had to navigate made me smile. My son creates similar mazes for me. There are often mysteries left behind in his wake that I could do without.
    Lovely birds you've shown us again!

  16. Hello Angela

    My friend went out on my deck the other evening and bumped face to face into a possum. Now I know that they are there - they run across the tin roof every night but I had never gone and talked to one up close and personal...So you know where I will be at nights now...

    Teenagers seem to be immune and oblivious to the death and disease traps they create...

    Happy days

  17. Yes Janie

    and the more I look the more I find...almost daily new gems appear...

    Happy days

  18. Hi Alicia

    and think I would never ever had known he was there hidden in the tree unless I had been following the wattlebird's call...

    Happy days

  19. Lori

    well there you one was young and very soft and fluffy looking...but a great beak...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Sunny

    thanks for being here sunny

    Happy days

  21. Oh Steven

    I worked that one out years ago...I sorted the clothing into bins and leave it on the laundry bench for self collection...I didn't venture into those rooms unless it was essential...

    I was lucky to be invited into the kestrel's world...he's telling me to keep my eyes open...

    Happy days

  22. Hello Gary

    Its nice to see you again...

    Recently I had to clean her room as we had people coming and they needed to go into her room...What weird things kids collect - empty shopping bags...and this one is not a kid really - she is 19...
    thanks for coming over...

    Happy days

  23. Yes Barry

    I would say that much of what I witness and watch is the result of my blogging intentions...what a great side effect...

    My new camera is like a new pair of eyes to me...and not only that it brings the world, my life into focus,by revealling what is truly important and wonderful...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Sherry

    It is a great feeling after each of my walks when I pull out the bird and plant books and ponder over my new finds...and then I see it ...a match...eureka...

    I now go out walking with the intention of finding something fresh, something new...and usually I am rewarded...

    Happy days

  25. Hi KB
    I love that word raptor...such power it holds and also rather a meanacing tone...

    With all of your adventures you must see the same newness and surprises each time you are out, as I do...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Ellen

    I find a great variation in a few hundred metres here, from the river, to the home blocks, the park, then into the rainforest, the eucalyptus forest, the wallum and the ocean beach and dune areas - they all have their own bird species...

    Last Monday on my wallum walk we found some tiny bright red wrens -but my camera batteries had died...dang... when I returned later in the week, of course they were not there...

    Maybe they will be there today ...its Monday and that means beach and wallum walk this afternoon for me...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Bonnie

    oh yes he looked rather disgruntled that I had come across him and left shortly after with a great flapping of wings and beating about in the dense foliage...

    Last time you asked about the standup paddle boarding, in my response I left a link to a post I made early in the year of a long paddle where I took the waterproof camera, ... you must have missed that reply...

    the post was in feb - search my blog search box for 'Paddling at Sunset...'

    Happy days

  28. Hello Wanda

    I always have one eye outside as I work inside...

    Yesterday I placed a tray of seeds out on the deck and have been watching the doves come in for a breakfast snack...most of our birds are nectar eaters so a bird stand dispensing seeds like you have will not be of much use...I could try some wild honey I suppose...

    When walking now I have to make numerous stops to follow bird call...I never thought I'd turn into a bird watcher...

    Happy days

  29. May there always be new birds in our lives, for few things bring as much pleasure... I was amazed to find a beautifully formed bird's nest in our grapevine recently, lined with perfectly smooth dried mud inside, tightly woven straw and grass outside, a piece of magic...

  30. Thanks Delwyn - sorry I missed your response - I will scroll back and check out your Feb. posts now.

  31. Fabulous! I have seen a few new birds myself in the past two days, as I am visiting my hometown area (having left 30 yrs ago). Love your verbage today!

  32. Hello there Owen
    it's nice to have your company today...
    Isn't it exciting to find these new treasures in's like regaining our childhood freshness and fascination with life...

    thanks for your visit Owen

    Happy days

  33. Hi Bonnie

    It may be quicker to search for it...
    Happy days

  34. Hi there Jann

    I feel like it's Christmas each time I notice something new...I think I am easily thrilled...

    It's great to have you over...

    Happy days

  35. So cool, Delwyn! What a beautiful bird. It's so exciting when we discover new creatures in nature...and how lucky, in your very own backyard!!!!

    Thanks for sharing with us. That was fun :D

  36. Hi Delwyn, I do love seeing and reading about your "down under" birdlife!

    Loved your earlier posts - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and of course the stunning, good for the soul Sunset Sunday!

  37. Hi there chiccy

    it was very exciting - I was talking to myself aloud out of joy...

    Happy days

  38. Hello there Karen

    it's nice to have you back... thanks for dropping in and spending time with me...

    Happy days


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