Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coastal Track Walk

A Dry walk on the Coastal track...

It is hot
and blustery,
over 30* (92*)
and it is still winter

and yesterday was the same
but 35* (102*)

an Extreme Fire Danger warning
has been issued
for my corner
of SE Queensland
where we have had no rain
for three months

the coastal track is dry

and dusty

showing signs
of stress

the macaranga
parasol tree
drops a few of its leaves

the grasses on the track side
are turning brown

but still beautiful
when spotlit
by the morning sun

even so
there are patches
of wild flowers

that are bright

Hibbertia linearis

and full of nectar

perfect in their
geometric structure

they climb

and brown

the bracken dessicates

making the track bankside
look like
the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

gone awry

tiny yellow wild flowers
flourish in the dust

to the months of drought

the hanging bean vine,
Coastal Jack Bean
Canavalia rosea

important for dune stabilisation

spiky wild flower

after flowering
like medieval
battle weapons

vines keep reaching out
to the sun
to life

and the tiny ant
(Click me)
continues to search
for food on the
Golden Everlasting Paper Daisy
Xerochrysum bracteatum...



  1. Delwyn
    Your photos convey to me the difference and yet the sameness of our climates...summer here, yet cool...winter there, yet hot...dryness for both. After 3 mos. of no rain, I'm impressed with the flowers that remain.

    I've even read of brush fires there, just as here, but they are out west in California.

    The yellow flowers and the browning of the grass reflect that dryness, but the waters of the ocean so contradicts!!!

  2. Hi Wanda

    the clouds rolled over yesterday and teased us with the promise of rain...I even heard thunder at one time but only a short sprinkle came of it...The temperatures have gone back to where they should be - low to mid 20s for a few more weeks at least...
    Sept 1st today, is officially spring here... I had another coastal walk this morning and it is always beautiful.
    At one point on the walk I sneezed and another walker asked me what I wished for...my reply- only this beautiful walk and view...

    Happy days

  3. It's dry and desolate, but your photos show the stark beauty of the season still. Great talent. I mourn today as my home town is threatened with the same conditions, and now have a fire to contend with. Thanks for the inspiration - I have something to write now...

    Best to you.


  4. I can't believe that it's that hot already! I'd wilt and turn brown just like some of those flowers and leaves.

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. I truly enjoyed them.

  5. So many beautiful photos, thank you for sharing your walk. Drought here too, still, though we have had a few showers n the last several weeks but not enough to swell up the cracked earth or change the perpetual state of wilt. What we need is a couple of days of good steady rain.

    Umm, if it's 100º in winter, how hot is it in summer?

  6. Beauty in the barren and dry. A season for everything so it seems. The delightful flowers you have shown us may not have been so prominent if the rest of the vegetation were more lush and green :) I hope the rains return soon regardless, but thanks for sharing your walk with us!

  7. Hi Delwyn:

    I've become accustomed to my morning walks with you. You must be getting comfortable with your new camera, if the photos are any indication! They are great.

    My goodness, what will your summer temps be?? Those temperatures would slow me down considerably, I think. Although it sounds like it is very dry heat, is that accurate?

    And your ankle, Delwyn? It must be getting stronger with these nice long walks? Hope it is not giving you any grief.

    Where are we walking tomorrow?

  8. hi delwyn - a late visit today so you'll be fast asleep as i write while here it's coming up on lunchtime. it's almost certainly a hot topic (if you'll pardon the pun) that here it is still winter and yet the temps are in the high summer range for you. the stress on the plants must be incredible and certainly some of your pictures show that - they are very beautiful by the way as plants that are drying up or turning in the autumn have that grgeous range of mottled browns, yellows, oranges and reds but they really should be green shouldn't they. the wildflowers forge on regardless!! they somehow know how to survive. thankyou for this lovely early afternoon walk delwyn. steven

  9. What a wonderful walk I've had with you this morning, Delwyn. I was supposed to take a long hike with a friend today, but smoke and haze hang over our mountains from the western fires in CA, UT and CO. I loved your framed shot of the water seen from the track. So refreshing even if it's hot. Isn't it amazing how Nature adapts and plants/trees conserve and keep growing? Your photos are beautiful!

  10. I'm hoping you get a nice wet storm soon. It always amazes me how beautiful flowers will bloom in the most harsh of conditions. Like the little flower in the sidwalk crack.

    Thank you for the walk along the coastal track.

  11. It's amazing all the little flowers that are growing even with the lack of rain.
    The ocean looks so lovely through the trees.
    I always enjoy walking with you, even in the high temps.
    Sunny :)

  12. Hi Expat

    I hope that you are safe and the fire threat is lessened around you.

    The landscape here is used to extremes and copes well...adapts I suppose is the key word that we could learn from...

    Happy days

  13. Hi KB

    the Northerly winds that brought that hot unseasonal weather are unusual this time of year....

    WE are back to normal early spring weather now...I have a jumper on this am...

    Happy days

  14. Hi There Ellen

    It is usually in the low 20s in winter - thats over 70 to you...
    those days were unusual.

    Summer here is at the high end of the thirties, sometimes we have a day in low 40s but that is not common...

    I hope that you too get some rain...

    Happy days

  15. Hi Vicky

    Yes you are right, these little flowers catch the eye in the dry conditions..little beacons of light...

    thanks for coming walking today...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Betsy

    well I have, filtered water, juice or I can make a brew of REAL coffee in my Turkish coffee pot...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Bonnie

    the camera is a treat...I am so pleased with it...I carry it on all walks even though it is heavy because I am always afraid that the day I don't carry it I will miss something special...like the bearded dragon, or a koala...

    No, our summer is hot - high 30s but also humid as we get all our rains in the summer - lots of electrical storms with wonderful light shows... often with hail too...

    Every day the ankle gets stronger. I haven't yet walked on the rugged and sandy tracks but will do soon... thanks for your asking Bonnie...

    Happy days

  18. Hi Steven

    yes I did miss your cheerful face before I went to bed...

    Our streets and parks are littered with leaves as if we are in a cold climate autumn...it is strange to see the leaves falling, floating down through the sky- in spring...

    Rain will come soon...

    have a great day at school
    Happy days

  19. Hi Barb

    I have seen on TV those fires in your area. California seems to be the fire belt in the US...

    I walked around the coast again yesterday and even though it is dry it is breathtakingly beautiful.
    My friend and I stop regularly - like two old biddies and go Oooohhhhhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhh look at that....ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy...

    I am looking for migrating whales, but have not seen one yet. They calve in Hervey Bay 2 hours north of here.

    Happy days

  20. Hi there Nancy

    I wonder what will burst into flower when the rain does come.

    Even in the dry the grevilleas all around town and amazingly colourful and dazzling.

    I have a post ready on them in my post bank, but before that something special has been arranged...

    Happy days

  21. Hello Sunny

    well we are back to regular temps now - just perfect walking weather before the heat of summer when you cannot walk except very early morning and late in the day...

    thanks for coming Sunny

    Happy days

  22. It sounds like the weather here right now - hot and dry. Fires are lighting up brittle brush across the forest...

    This walk is a beautiful respite from the smoke outside.

  23. Drought is so frightening. When we have had droughts here (and in California when I lived there) I felt dry and dessicated myself.

    How beautiful your landscape is, even in the midst of drought.

    Wishing for you some nice soaking rains and MUCH cooler temperatures.

    Love the shadow pic of the dusty track. Take good care!

  24. Hi, Delwyn— I love the way you find a way to see the beauty even in the dry, dry conditions that are affecting the plants. It does seem that climatic patterns are going to more extremes. Here in California we're having some of the biggest fires on record. I heard tonight that the Southern California fire near Los Angeles is their biggest ever. And I remember the big fires in Australia six months ago....

    May the soft sweet rain fall where the plants thirst.

    Thank you for your gentle highly pollinated post.

  25. Hi dan

    this long absence of rain is quite normal for my area over the winter. Our rains come in the summer so we often watch the landscape dessicate before it leaps into life again, perhaps even overnight if we get a good rain...

    I am watching those fires. California does seem prone to them like parts of AU.

    thanks for being a good friend

    Happy days

  26. Hello Reya

    I am excited to see you again, and know that you had a great break with friends...

    Au is often referred to as the sunburnt country...and it does get charred to a crisp at times...

    we will get our rain soon...

    Lovely to have you drop by Reya

    Happy days

  27. Hi Amy

    Are you near fires Amy? It must be very frightening...

    take care

    Happy days

  28. I hope the many flowers that are blooming can weather the drought. Your temps are really hot for spring. Sure hope you get some rain to reduce the fire danger.

  29. Once again, just beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog. Mindy Walters--There was a book, "The Secret Life of Walter Middy." When I figure out how to send a message, I'll explain.

    Back to you. The care you take with your blog.. the sheer beauty. It is a way to begin or end any day. Blogspot draws such creative people. Take care

  30. So many yellow flowers reflecting the sun--and a patch of violet for balance. It was hard to understand that the closed bulb was actually the Hibbertia linearis. I loved the way the vine circled itself like a labyrinth. And the very last shot looks like a hardy daffodil! I hope you get rain soon! xx


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