Monday, August 31, 2009

Okonomiyaki - Japanese Pancake


Australian Style...

I first ate okonomiyaki
in Osaka, Japan
where it is particularly popular

Okonomi = as you like it
yaki = cooked

is a pan fried dish that consists
of a batter
plus cabbage, octopus, shrimp, pork
and vegetables
whatever you prefer...

really you choose it
as you like it...

sometimes it is served
on a hot griddle
where the curling bonito flakes
waft savoury aromas
to the hungry diner

I have tried a number of times
to replicate okonomiyaki at home
and each time
the resulting pancake
has been like a heavy ring of rubber
and equally as unappetising

so I have improvised...

I need to clear these vegetables
from my market produce
laden fridge

so I slice and nuke the potatoes
for a few minutes

saute the leeks

add some chopped brocolli
and a few mushrooms
that had seen better days
and let them soften

nibble a few wasabi peas
to keep in context

add the shredded silver beet
and allow to wilt

meanwhile whisk 6 eggs
with a teaspoon of dashi stock
and about one tablespoon of water
and one tablespoon of flour

remove the vegetables
from the pan temporarily
oil and line the bottom of the pan
with your potato slices
and return the vegetable medley
pouring over the egg mixture
and season

and sit the pan on low to set
I usually place the pan
under the griller
to complete the last few minutes
of cooking

Have on hand
your Tonkatsu sauce
and mayonnaise

and some shaved bonito flakes

create alternate zigzags
of tonkatsu sauce
and mayonnaise

and sprinkle with bonito flakes




  1. Delwyn:

    What an interesting recipe with a few ingredients I do not know (the sauce and the powder you mix in with the eggs). The dish reminds me, in ingredients and cooking method, of a frittata.

    I had not thought of lining the pan with slices of potato - a great idea as a base for the "pancake".

    The results look delicious!

  2. OK, I just had lunch and now I'm hungry all over again. Thanks Delwyn, my thighs are saying.

    So I take it the green treats are in. Do you feel like pickling?

    I'll start writing an intro (double checking for spelling horrors) and wait for you. I'll email you the rest of this code passage later.

    Tee hee...
    ~Lola xx

  3. Looks great! You have done an excellent job with all of those vegies! I love adding cheese to my okonomiyaki!

    The typhoon has moved along up north and now it is just raining inTokyo. No big deal!

  4. Hi Tulsa

    I hope you are not too shocked with my version of okonomiyaki...

    it is a good way to use up all those aging vegies. Cheese would be a good addition too...

    Glad to hear that the typhoon is not too severe... take care

    Happy days

  5. Hi Lola

    thanks for the cryptic message...
    I loved it...

    you are right,
    tomorrow is the big day
    triple check the spelling

    over and out...

    Happy days

  6. delwyn!! i'm laughing because lola nailed it except she just had lunch - i just had breakfast and i'm thinking i have everything here except the bonito which in a previous life was a staple in my cupboards. now there's a meme - how does your kitchen cupboard change as you move from relationship to relationship?!! this looks so yummy scrumptious - e-mail me a slice would ya!!! have a lovely day by the river delwyn. steven

  7. Hi Bonnie

    dashi is Japanese stock with a bit of a fishy smell but not really a fishy flavour

    tonkatsu sauce is traditionally used with Tonkatsu which is a pork schnitzel
    It is a bit like a plum sauce

    Both can be found in the Asian aisle of the supermarket...or maybe an Asian store

    The real Okonomiyaki is lighter than a frittata and usually has cabbage and shrimp or pork in it...and is made with a light flour, so not at all stodgy...

    Mine is more like a frittata I suppose, and the potato base holds it all together nicely.

    Happy days

  8. Steven

    do you want to take a slice to school for lunch? coming your way...

    have a good day in class...

    Happy days

  9. Hi Delwyn
    Your creativeness comes out in many ways...I enjoy cooking that way's on my profile even.

    Your dish is like a combination of two dishes popular here...a potato tortilla and a frittata, but with your exotic ingredients! You make me want to create one too! Thanks!

    Wanda BTW...I will put the cornbread recipe on my sidebar!

  10. Hi Wanda

    yes mine is a bit of a medley...

    I'm sure you will like the toppings, they make it special...

    thank you for the cornmeal recipe Wanda, you are a dear...

    Happy days

  11. I just finished my Cheerios, but this made me SO hungry. Yum.

    That is the cutest container of mayonnaise I've ever seen!

  12. Looks so a savory pancake! I've never heard of some of the ingredients, but I'd love to taste it! Kewpie Mayo...that is just the cutest!

  13. Mmmmmm, sounds so good. If only I could cook like you do!

  14. I am with everyone else in that several of the ingredients I have never heard of. But I also lack a specialty grocery store so that may explain some of it. Very clever use of ingredients and it looks divine and also seems to be good for you! I'd love to see the market where you shop and find such lovely ingredients :) Have a lovely day!

  15. Hi
    Looks so yummy!
    Oh I didn't know you like Okonomi-yaki. I love it! I make it once a month because I was born in Kansai (you know very well).
    Your original potato-based okonomi-yaki looks great so I'll make yours next time.
    I can't help but smile when finding
    a kewpie. Do you know about Okonomi-yaki mixed flour/powder on the market? We usually use this flour/powder which contains yam(Dioscorea Japonica)'s powder that is essential to it. If you use this Nisshin's okonomi-yaki flour, you'll never fail....
    URL is

    There is a smaller sized one too.

  16. Delwyn, this looks and sounds amazing!! Some of those ingredients I would probably find in the supermarket (high asian influence here in Toronto), but even without the sauces and flakes, it looks delicious!

    I love the ability to take veg that has seen it's better days and do something like this -- you still get the goodness and you don't need to worry about "what it looks like" -- this is especially true for mushrooms!!

  17. Yum! I love your recipe posts. They're inspiring. Do you eat with chopsticks a lot? I do, just prefer them to knife fork and spoon because they help me eat more consciously, one piece of food at a time (even though I'm dexterous enough to "shovel in it").

  18. The additional items are not familiar to me; so, if I were to make this dish, without the Japanese specialties, it would turn out to be a frittata.

  19. Ohhh, it looks so tasty... and I checked out your spinach pie, yummy!

  20. Hi Willow

    cheerios...those little coloured circles????

    And kewpie tastes so creamy and good...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Betsy

    it is just that , but the trimmings give it an ooomph...

    Happy days

  22. Hi KB

    I am no chef or cook. After my 4 kids grew up I became interested in food again and began to trial recipes...with lovely fresh produce ...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Vicky

    a good supermarket will have the tonkatsu and the kewpie mayo and perhaps an Asian store for the dashi...

    We have great Asian supermarkets in Brisbane(my closet city) and a little one up here, but also I check the Smkt for items...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Sapphire

    My daughter sourced some of the flour from a good supplier in Brisbane and she made them Ok with that... Thank you for giving me the details. I'll see if I can find it or maybe order it in.
    The potato gives it a nice firm base...
    thanks for adding your comments Sapphire...

    Happy days

    Happy days

  25. Hi Sherry -

    yes this is the perfect way to clear out the fridge of all the unused veg from last week.

    Oh you will find the products easily, I'm sure...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Dan

    We go through chopstick stages. Each time I return from Japan I can't use anything but them and I also cook in a Japanese style for some time.... then I slip back to regular cutlery as the diet changes back to more western style cooking...

    I agree they do encourage mindful eating...
    I do use more bowls as the Japanese do..separate bowls always for rice, whereas in the past the rice accompanied the dish on the dinner plate.

    I love the Japanese style of meals, preparation and eating...there is a great beauty in their presentation and appreciation for the food - it's colour, texture, and companions...then all the condiments...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Rosaria,

    yes it would, but with the Japanese flavour and additions you have a different taste sensation...something new out of something old...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Lizzy

    I am a simple cook, using fresh and available I am glad that it appeals to you...

    I hated cooking for my large family - well that's a bit strong. I just grew tired of 30 years of what I referred to as army food...bulk, blandish and I have the time and the inclination to try new things and with just the two of us most nights, I find it a joy...

    Happy days

  29. I'd loan you my chopsticks - I know exactly where they are - if you'd invite me for supper!

  30. This looks absolutely delicious! I'm not much of a chef and I'm not sure of some of the ingredients. I'll just hop a plane and taste it with you! Delicious!

  31. Very exotic, but so much work! :) They're starting to experiment with American pizzas that way. So much healthier than all that sausage and cheese... Bon appetit!

  32. Hi Barb

    OK it's a deal...

    How about this weekend...

    Happy days

  33. Hi Alicia

    I am not much of one either - that's why I post these very simple meals...

    Now perhaps you could join Barb this weekend...

    Happy days

  34. Hello Margaret

    Oh no it is easy peasy...10 mins preparation and 10 mins to cook...

    It is interesting how the chains are now introducing healthier meals but I wonder if you will ever change the minds of the burger and pizza brigade...

    Happy days

  35. This looks delicious! Thank you for the wonderful step-by-step. :D

  36. I wonder what the sauce was I knew it had mayo but never knew what the brown sauce was on top. I like these Japanese pancakes with just vegetable in them but seafood ones sound nice. I have to look out for them so I can try one next time.

  37. Hi Delwyn,
    I've enjoyed this very much. You and I sound alot alike, after cooking for my 5 children(now facing an empty nest in only a few weeks), I've been able to do a lot more experiamenting with cooking. I'm lucky my husband will try anything and is always most appreciative. I love to use up what i have and buy most everything from our farmers markets. I think i'll go look for an asian market now, thank you!

    xo lori

  38. is it really kind of a fancy omelet? all that veg looks delicious and i do love bonito flakes. mmm..

  39. Hi Julie

    no the dashi and the flour change the texture and the flavour from an eggy omlette to more of a fritatta
    and the sauce, bonito flakes and mayo give it a buzz....

    Happy cooking Julie


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