Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Testing the new Camera...

Rainbow Lorikeet in the Grevillea

The day finally arrived
when I took delivery
of my new camera
Oh Happy Days...

Grevillea in the park in my street

I have been reading the manual
absorbing bit by bit

Honeyeater in Pink grevillea

the potential of this
wonderful piece of technology

and then I wander
around the street

by the river's edge

and snap away...

a great egret
ardea alba
all white
and elegant
but with a low pitched
rattling croak...


catching a magpie
fighting the blustery breeze
to stay aloft
in the casuarina tree

I test the distance
over which
I can capture a clear shot
Across my river
about 60 metres
I can see
the Brahminy Kite nest

with a resident in view

and resting kites
come into focus

and when Harold and Maude
return at bath time

I am poised and ready

The pansies put up with
another macro session

the bromeliad

and poinsettia oblige

while Harold
has had enough -
No more posing for today
photo shoot is over...

and for Marion
I capture a rare Dragonfly
in my neck of the woods,
and see with great excitement
that he has diamonds
on the tips of his wings

I climb up and over
the Noosa Hill
with camera in my hand
a lot heavier
than a little happy snapper

but I am rewarded

by the glow
of the sinking sun

and even a turkey
that appears
under the pandanus tree

I learn
that I have
a super Macro setting

and as I sit
in the warm sun
on the deck
I snap at what I think
is a sparrow
on the neighbour's jetty
and am surprised
that my new camera
tells me otherwise

oh what wondrous new vision
I have been given...

I think
I am going to get
much pleasure
from my new camera

What do you think...



  1. Well, beautiful shots, as per normal, Delwyn but maybe more clarity, if that's possible? I know it is because with every new digital DMJ gets (6 now), I get the old one! They just keep getting better! What is this one, a Nikon?

  2. Hi Alaine

    this one I chose is a Canon SX1 IS, a good compact that has a 20x zoom...very exciting stuff...
    I figured if I kept loving photography as much as I am at present then later I can graduate to an SLR, if I really feel the need...
    but now I want to be able to carry a camera without too much fuss...

    Happy days

  3. Hello Delwyn...
    I think we are in for some really fun photos while you continue "testing the waters" and the flora and the fauna!!!

    I'm always amazed at all the trees with blooms of such rich colors.
    I loved that the Dragonfly turned to look at you and your new camera...even he was impressed!


  4. Hello Wanda

    when I loaded up the images and saw the dragonfly I thought the same thing...he really is looking my way...with those big eyes of his...

    I have lots of different coloured grevillea to make a post out of...
    I have more ideas and images than I can use!
    I am back walking so accumulate walk photos each day plus the fauna visitors to the deck...I don't think I will ever be short of a post...

    Happy days

  5. hello delwyn - ahhh the joy of seeing things again - for the first time - the beauty of improving equipment that you see or hear through is the reexperiencing of your innocence. the dragonfly has diamonds on its wings!!! now that's magic that was always there but revealed to you through the magic of a good camera!!! i love that feeling delwyn. i'm glad for you - and also for all of us who will get to follow your rediscovery of the world around you. have a lovely evening by the river. steven

  6. I didn't think your photographs could be any better, and now you show us these gems. It's incredible what you can do with a macro lens. These are stunning, glorious photos, Delwyn! The detail is gorgeous.

    Many thanks, too, for your kind comments on my last post! They were deeply appreciated.


  7. I love your new camera - it takes both super macro and distance photos really well. What kind is it?

  8. Stunning photos...enjoy your new seems to be doing a fine job!!

  9. How did you finally choose between the Canon and the equivalent Nikon? I certainly am impressed by the photos - the clarity is amazing.

  10. Fabulous Photos!
    I would say you made an excellent choice in cameras.
    Sunny :)

  11. I think your test and your camera rock! You can tell these pictures are taken with a different camera than usual.

    The photographs are sharp, clear, and the colours much more vivid than previously.

    Apart from the excellent results, do you like the feel and workings of your new instrument?

  12. I think you've gone beyond testing. How does Mastery sound?

  13. Congratulations on the new camera. It is clearly working very well. However, the absolute best part of your new equipment is obviously the eye that is looking through the viewfinder.

  14. Hi Delwyn,
    I am as excited as you - the pictures you've shared are amazing. I love the color, texture, and clarity of Harold tucking his head into his wing. (But, I am partial to him anyway...) Happy Snapping!

  15. How lucky for us. We benefit from your new camera too. The photos are so pretty. Very well done. I look forward to seeing many more.

  16. Your photos are lovely – especially the birds so I’m guessing you got a powerful zoom along with the macro. Harold looks like a woodcut decoy – ha!

    I got a DSLR Nikon D80 last summer and still haven’t gotten over the marvel of it. It replaced a small point and shoot Canon Elph. I would love to have both as the DSLR is big to carry around.

  17. Hi Steven

    that's well put, thank you, it was like having child eyes again, and becoming intrigued in the the world unfolds in a new way...

    thanks for your ever cheery note...

    Happy days

  18. Hello Angela

    I think I am going to have such a good time seeing what I have not seen before...thanks Angela for being a constant reader and friendly commentor...

    Happy days

  19. Hello KB

    I settled on the Canon SX I IS after doing some research, and considering my needs - light enough to carry walking without fuss of changing lenses - they were priorities...and the Canon had excellent reviews...

    I could not be happier...

    What do you use, because I have always thought your shots very high quality?

    Happy days

  20. Hello Rita,

    Thanks for dropping in. It is nice to have you here way down in this little corner of SE Qld...

    I look forward to following you on your adventure...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Meri

    I read all the reviews on line. My son is an avid Fuji man so I went and looked at them all, compared size, weight and zoom power which is important to me 'cos I didn't want an SLR - well not yet anyway...
    I do want to be able to wear the camera and still stride out...and most times I will be able to do that.
    If I am on a rugged walk I will have to take a back pack...

    I am certainly very impressed by the clarity and detail it gives, the zoom distance which is 20x, and the super macro was an exciting find... I am yet to experiment with all the custom controls but will do over time...

    I can see a lot of fun in the future...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Sunny

    thanks for the vote of confidence...

    I think I have too...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Bonnie

    Yes there is no comparison with my little fuji happy snapper but it will still have a place. I never leave the house without my camera and many times I imagine it will still be baby fuji that accompanies me...

    It has been easy to master the basics and the feel of operation is simple and easy for far all going great...

    thanks for coming in for coffee this am...I'm glad you timed it after my walk on the river bird watching...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Barry

    It sounds as if you are very liberal with praise , but I'll accept it...
    I hope one day to be a better photographer and this is a good starting place...
    thanks for calling by...

    Happy days

  25. Good morning Mark

    Thank you for that very encouraging comment...I am training myself to find the best images in the scene rather than snapping blindly...that is the challenging and also the rewarding part isn't it...

    It is so intuitive really that process don't you think...the brain just gives me the silent nod of approval as I look through the shutter...

    Happy days

  26. Hello Barb of the mountains,

    I told Beloved you were scampering around those mountains in Colorado at a higher altitude than Mt Cook in the NZ Southern Alps, and he was very impressed...

    I also saw the Harold image as a bit of a litmus test...and was very pleased...

    Thanks for your comments today Barb

    Happy days

  27. Hi Lori

    well as I have just walked in the door from today's walk you will not have to wait long...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Sarah

    the camera is still a compact and comes with the great macro and a 20x zoom, which was the highest I saw in a compact.
    Maybe later I will progress to an SLR but for now I do want the ease and simplicity of carrying it on my walks.
    It is a lot heavier of course than my little fuji snapper but I think it is manageable for many walks I do...

    The happy snapper will still have its place ...

    Thanks for joining the discussion today Sarah....

    Happy days

  29. I am new to your blog...what wonderful images you captured! I remember getting my new camera last year. It was so fun to walk around and take photo of everything! Gosh, I still do that!

  30. Hello Caroline

    It is very nice to meet you and welcome you to these pages.

    Thank you for calling by and joining in with the chat - we enjoy a good chat here... I look forward to visiting with you and seeing your very wonderful images...

    Happy days

  31. Hi Delwyn,

    I use an Olympus 1030SW. I primarily chose it for its durability. It is very impact proof - and I've fallen off my mountain bike directly onto it without damaging it. It's also waterproof. On my bike rides, both of those features are key. I wish that it had better zoom but do love its super macro features.

    What I like about your photo is that it looks like the Canon has both great zoom and great macro. A great camera to complement your great eye.


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