Friday, August 7, 2009

Plovers - plus - Moons


Tracking down the Plover Family

Look who I found...

after circling the street
many times in the car
driving repeatedly through the park
and walking all around
by late yesterday afternoon
I found a parent
but no sign of the other plovers...

This morning at 10am
I walked around the circle
and there on the other side
of the island
at a little park
I spied them
the family of four...

who were entertaining the idea
of crossing the road
at this busier section of the street
where the circle returns
back to it's beginning...

I flagged one car down
to warn of plovers crossing
but couldn't look any more
From a distance I saw
another car enter the island and
oblivious to the chick
drive through the family
from under the car
a sprightly chick emerged
a miracle...

Margaret of Margaret's Pan Pipes
suggested that we might like
to shoot the moon on Aug 6th
and post the results
and in that way connect
in a lunar fashion
across the land
across the oceans

before dusk
I ventured out to check
on the status of the moon
- not in sight yet...

we don't have much dusk here
it goes from day to night
rather quickly
and here I see
between the branches
over the river
the moon inching it's way
up the gum trees

I set the oven timer
at 10 minutes
and can see
that now we have
a more defined mirror image

another 10 minutes later
she is almost
cresting the trees

and now she emerges
from her foliage nest
to shine
in full

to light up
a little spot

then cast a rippling image
in the river

and a still one
in my pool

the star to her right
the moon has risen
once more

Oh Hallowed days

A cuckoo cries

and through a thicket of bamboo

the late moon shines




  1. hi delwyn, mmmmmm a magic breathless post! the moonrise, so serene and gentle and basho's words to tread ever so lightly by her side. oh hallowed days indeed! beautiful. steven

  2. Ah Delwyn - moon rising and baby plovers surviving. Happy days and nights.

  3. Hooray for the Plovers!

    In one photo of the moon, I thought...she captured it cradled in the trees...and then I saw your caption which I love:

    and now she emerges
    from her foliage nest
    to shine
    in full


  4. I am fond of the shot with both the moon and the star. What a wonderful way to capture the beauty of the rising moon. I was so worried for that Plover family, but whew, so glad they were unscathed by the cars!

  5. Hi, I popped over from Viky's blog, when I saw your comment about your winter being warmer than her summer.
    I guessed you must be in Beautiful sunny Queensland.

    I really enjoyed your moon series it was interesting to the moon r. Thanks for sharing. It nice to meet you.

  6. I'm so glad to see the Plover family is all right and oh the miracle of the baby not being hit!!!

    Love your moon all their glory!

  7. Hey Steven

    Yes Basho and the moon are a consummate pair...

    I even have a post prepared with moons and Bashos for a future date...
    I make up posts when I have a whim and save them for a rainy day but it never seems to arrive as I always have fresh topical ideas and consequently I am developing a big backlog.

    Do you make and save?

    Happy days

  8. Yes Bonnie

    good things surround us...everywhere we look...

    I just wish those silly birds would keep off the road...they are making me anxious...My BP will be going up...

    Happy days

  9. Hello Wanda my friend...

    another day of good fortune for the plovers...

    we are on the same wavelength aren't we...

    Happy days

  10. Hi there Vicky

    I was surprised when the star popped out of added another dimension to the rising moon...

    Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed for the plovers...

    Happy days

  11. Hello Liss

    and welcome to Qld...and the warmth, 23 * today...

    I am pleased to meet you too and hope we chat more soon...

    Happy days

  12. Hello Sherry

    It seems to be a miracle that the little ones survive each day. I went looking for the family again this afternoon and once again they were on the road and another car came straight for them. How many narrow misses must they have...It is impossible to see the tiny chicks on the road when driving...they are only the size of a golf ball and blend in with the surface colour...

    We'll keep hoping...

    Happy days

  13. Wonderful news about the Plover family, wish they would stay off the road, maybe some Plover crossing signs will have to be put up for them. The moon pictures are great, you were able to make so much of them. I was out taking moon pictures at 5.30 this morning and wondered what I would do with them, I thought of bin. I have second thoughts now.

  14. I'm so glad you found the Plover family, although they remind me of a family of ducks I saw when I was around 20. The mother led them confidently across the busy freeway (4 lanes, 2 directions), and they did well, until the car behind us obliterated the entire family. That horrible sight has stayed with me all these years. I wish your Plover family a much happier fate.

    Lovely photos of the moon, Delwyn!

  15. Delwyn: It may be a bit late for this now, but I wonder if a sign, "Plover Crossing" or "Caution Plovers and Baby Chicks Crossing" would at least make drivers look and slow down?

  16. I came for my plover update - happy day that there are 2, but I wish those parents would stay put in the park. Aren't there enough natural dangers without adding cars to the mix?

    What fabulous pictures of the rising Moon! I also really liked your first night photo featuring that "ghost" tree.

    You ask what I do in the winter, Delwyn - believe me, I'm outdoors nearly every day, but I must strap on snowshoes or skis.

  17. I'm so glad about the plovers. I knew their story wasn't plover yet.

    The "star" next to the moon is really Mars, and it's unusually bright as it's closer to the earth now than it will ever be while anyone reads this lives. So enjoy a rare time when Mars is brighter than Venus.

    (Mars is the next planet out from the sun from Earth and our two planets are lined up especially closely right now. When the moon is full, it's lined up away from the sun, and that's why the two appear so close together in the night sky.)

  18. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Funny thing about that moon project - I had the thought to go out last night and take some pictures only it was cloudy here and barely a glow was to be seen. I'm going to try again tonight although the prospects aren't looking good.

  19. Hello across the oceans! Funnily enough I took photo's of the moon last night, they were not wonderful but the full moon was spectacular in a clear sky with just a sprinkling of clouds.

  20. Hi Ann

    Earlier I though of signs but they cross in different spots each day.

    I'm wondering what you will do with your moons...

    thanks for visiting today..

    Happy days

  21. Hi Angela

    Oh poor ducks, those memories never fade do they...

    Beloved has just come in from an early task and said he saw the family. I will go out shortly, after I finish my earl grey tea....

    Happy days

  22. Booniw

    yes I had thought to do that at the park entry by my place but they are criss crossing all around the island circle. I suppose a sign at the entry to the island may work...

    I'll work on it...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Barb

    When I was out last night a neighbour and her dog had disturbed the plovers and split them into two groups and one chick had disappeared...they are up against so many odds...

    I never tire of looking at that tree which I call the 'cormorant tree' because that is where they roost and that is also why it is white! It isn't actually a ghost gum.

    Of course my mind didn't go that far...I was just imagining you on your bike!!!

    Happy days

  24. Hello Dan - funny man...

    Thanks for telling me that is Mars and the little astology lesson too... My star/planet knowledge is pretty nonexistent...

    have a lovely walking weekend...

    Happy days

  25. Hello there Bodhi Chicklet

    and welcome to my corner of the world...It's good to have you here...

    Better luck with the moon tonight...

    Happy days

  26. Hi there Valerie

    When I loaded up the moon photos I put them through Picassa (I can't open photoshop for some reason but have found Picassa ok for what I need now)
    and I increased the light so that you could see the tree ridge otherwise it was all black. It made the moon a bit fuzzy but at least you get a better picture.

    If you look at the pool image it has not been altered and the moon is whiter and brighter.

    Good luck with the pics

    Happy days

  27. Lovely moon shots, Delwyn. I haven't tried that yet. My husband has the sophisticated camera gear, I should learn how to drive it.

    Sorry but I can't watch those little Plovers; if they were here, the foxes would have them for breakfast.

  28. You got a full moon edging the plovers. I'm glad you found them both and captured their images for us.

  29. Delwyn, you captured a beautiful moonrise. I love the way it lifts over the trees. Great job, both you & the Moon.

  30. Hi Alaine

    My moons were taken with my little happy snapper...then I added some light (in Picassa)so you could see the trees. Nothing fancy...

    I fear the plover story may go the same way...

    Happy days

  31. Hello Rosaria

    A pleasure, and it's nice to hear from you again...

    I will keep you updated on the plovers..

    Happy days

  32. Hi Lizzy

    I thought it was a good idea to repeatedly set the oven timer and come back for another image...a bit like time lapse photography...

    thanks for your visit today. It is nice to have your company. I'm glad that you have caught up on the plover diary... I wish the jolly plovers some more is becoming nerve wracking watching them on the road...

    Happy days



  34. Alden

    Oh thank you my dear...

    these are new to me..thank you so much for adding them to this post...

    I'll put them in my collection too. Your haiku book is a good resource. What is it's title?

    Happy days

  35. are you stalking the plovers.. haha..
    and nice pics of the moon! =)

  36. Hello Ken

    Happy Birthday to you...

    I think I am - I've turned into a plover stalker...all in the name of blogging...

    thanks for the visit

    Happy days


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