Monday, August 24, 2009

Daffodil Walk


Chasing Daffodils in Hagley Park...

We can't leave Christchurch
without seeing daffodils
and while it is very early
for spring flowers
we stop the car along the river
to check the blossom
and spy our first daffies

and a cherry blossom

and then another

the sign reminds us
that tomorrow
we have an early 3.15 am start
to get to the airport in time
for our 6am flight...

but the daisies
in the grass cheer us

and the ivy cladded tree
waves it's arms in glee

so we drive on into Hagley Park
to chase down the daffodils

that rise out of the woodlands

and spread yellow cheer
across the grassy river banks

but there is no sign of daffodils...

and so we stop
to look at camellias

of fire engine red

and flowers
bursting from the cold soil
underneath the trees

an icy looking rhododenron

and cross the footbridge
we haven't given up hope...

and there
so quietly

creeping imperceptibly
from damp loose soil

the daffodils
have arrived

Oh Happy days...

The chill is creeping through my jacket
the sun has slipped away
the day is nearly over,
and this peppermint candy camellia
reminds me
not to forget

to buy some Jaffas

and some Pineapple chunks
to take back to my family
across the other side,
the warmer side,
of the Tasman Sea...



  1. It's always a treat to come here, Delwyn.

    ~Lola xx

  2. and Lola
    it is always a pleasure to see you here...

    I was just preparing a post of last night's dinner...

    Happy days

  3. what a beautiful park! i love the sign that shows you where JAPAN is!

  4. Hello Tulsa

    Christchurch is a beautiful city the way that the Avon River meanders through the parks and open spaces...

    The sign appealed to me too, I thought of my friends in Japan, Canada, Scotland...where is the US?....
    I love the direction to the South Pole...heavens CHCH was cold enough...

    Happy days

  5. With our summer winding down, your photos of daffodils and the return of spring to Christchurch has made me long for it here, but I look forward to autumn too. Each season has it's glory to enjoy.

    The posts of your visit across the Tasman Sea to Christchurch have been nice Delwyn.


  6. delwyn what a joyous journey!! i love the picture of the cherry tree hanging over the river the most. i have to ask the loved one why she didn't bring back a bag of those lovely sweeties you show at the end. she did bring some lovely oz goodies back so i guess i'm being a bit greedy!!! happy springtime coming soon for you delwyn!!! steven

  7. Hello Wanda

    Yes I am looking forward to following you through autumn and winter and then you can have spring...but not before...

    I am going to love experiencing your seasons vicariously...

    Happy days

  8. Hi Steven

    these are more NZ sweets...

    I think Qld has bypassed spring. Today it was 35*!!!!! imagine that for winter....and very high fire danger. With no rain for a few months now any non irrigated lawns have burnt off...I walked in the Wallum today where there have been controlled is so sad to see it all blackened but necessary...

    Happy days

  9. Hi again, Delwyn.
    Now I've got it! As you once said, th flora of NZ is very similar to that of Japan!!
    In early spring, same flowers are in bloom here! Your daffodils are very lovely! And so are camelias!
    Do they extract oil from camelias?

    PS I really enjoyed going to the Farmers' market with you!

  10. Your pictures made me think of Wordsworth's poem...

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Your posts are always so enjoyable.
    Sunny :)

  11. Fun to think of you enjoying early spring, when we are in the heavy late stages of summer!

  12. Such a wonderful post - lovely words! Thank you!

  13. What a treat to see spring making her appearance with your part of the world as we look into the end of summer and the beginning of autumn!! There is something hopeful about daffs isn't there? I suppose that's why the cancer society chose that flower as it's symbol...I just enjoy their sunny faces. The rest of the flowers you shared are gorgeous...and I've never seen that candy before...another pleasure of reading from the other side of the globe!! :)

  14. It's very odd to see the world through the eyes of someone in the southern hemisphere. I'm seeing the first signs of autumn here in the US while you're seeing the first signs of spring.

    Enjoy them! Spring is my favorite season. Such cute baby ducklings...

  15. Gorgeous camellias! And we could just hang the United States sign underneath the Canada sign.

  16. Such gorgeous flowers, Delwyn! It's funny to see Spring flowers when here, Fall is slowly approaching. I so enjoyed each and every photo today. Thank you for sharing so generously!! Blessings!!

  17. How delightful and happy spring! Your pictures told a lovely story, but your words add just the right amount of perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I see the way to Canada marked on the sign post. We are a long, long way from you.

  19. I do like the mellowness of autumn, but truly, spring is my favorite season! I'm so glad that you are sharing (and I won't have to wait so long). :) For me, daffodils are the most cheerful flower.

    I planted a rhodo with similarly icy white/pink blossoms this year.

  20. Hi Delwyn: Love these daily walks with you. The cherry blossom tree leaning out over the river is a special shot. I could comment on them all, but will restrain myself.
    Imagine seeing such flowers at the end of winter! We are seeing some signs of fall here - a few leaves on the ground, and a few turning yellow and red on the trees. Each season brings such beauty.

  21. Hello Sapphire

    I was right wasn't similar in flora...

    I don't know about camellia oil...Is that done in Japan...

    Oh I'm glad you enjoyed seeing an Australian farmers' market Sapphire...some similar produce, some different...

    But the fruit and veg departments under the dept stores in Japan have a wonderful variety of produce from all around the world... still I think I prefer the home grown variety...Much cheaper too...

    Happy days

  22. Hello bright Sunny

    I contemplated including Wordsworth and then thought that some people, like yourself, would make the connection anyway...

    thank you for adding it to the forum here...

    Happy days

  23. Hello Schereart

    welcome to my home corner and I am very pleased to meet you. I cannot gain access to your blog - the message says the profile is blocked, so I am sorry I can't repay the visit.

    Thank you for coming by...

    Happy days

  24. Hello Willow

    remember this post is of NZ and I am 3 hours flying distance North of Christchurch so much warmer - in fact too warm for winter, it is over 30 * (90) again was 35* (102) yesterday...Holy moly...

    Happy days

  25. Hello Sweet Annabel

    thank you for dropping in and welcome to Qld in Au.

    I look forward to getting to know you, and will stop by later for a coffee...

    Happy days

  26. Sherry

    I agree with you daffies are so bright and cheerful you can't help but love them and they way they push up out of the damp earth such a struggle to emerge so crisp and pure...

    I don't know what they candy camellia is really called but it looks to me as if it should be named peppermint candy...I took a liberty there...

    Happy days

  27. Hello there KB

    aren't the ducks always irresistible...I wonder if Harold and Maude will have ducklings... there are no little ones on the river here yet...
    It seemed very early and cold for them in Christchurch...they have a lot of winter to go through yet...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Meri

    good idea

    it was a strange omission...

    Happy days

  29. Hello Marion

    It is so wonderful that we can share the seasons around the world this way and experience them all over again...

    I look forward to your fall shots Marion - will they have dragonflies in them...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Vicky, super mother...

    I'm glad you like the way my walking rambles and talking rambles seem to gel together...its all about luck...the thoughts just tumble out to accompany the pic.

    thanks for coming by and adding to this little community...

    Happy days

  31. Hi Lori

    Yes Canada and New Zealand would have to be about as far apart as you can get on this globe...well almost...

    Happy days

  32. Springtime in Christchurch! The Camellias nearly made up for having to hunt for Daffs! Such color and variety. I loved the ivy tree - looked like a person to me.

  33. Good morning Bee

    I keep looking at that icy rhododendron - it makes me feel chilled, and you can almost imagine it has little icicles hanging from the petals...

    Do you enjoy the English garden after being a Texan girl? such a contrast... the older gardens in CHCH and other parts of NZ too are very English in nature...
    The early settlers attempted to transplant a little bit of England on these foreign lands...

    Now that sounds just like my old school song...

    And did those ancient times...walk upon England's somethingorother fair...

    Happy days

  34. Hello Bonnie

    I hope that you are feeling a bit brighter today...

    I will love seeing your autumn colours because here in Qld we don't really have a fall, there are very few deciduous trees...
    It makes me homesick for NZ - well nostalgic maybe...I never want to live there again, but love the seasonal changes.

    Happy days

  35. Hello Barb the biker

    I loved that tree too - like he was dancing with joy and so welcoming and warm looking in his ivy gown....

    The camellias were an unexpected reward for our limp-hobble-walk through the park...

    Great to see you Barb

    Happy days

  36. Nice post Delwyn. I hope you have a great trip. So funny to see Daffodils coming up! It will be quite awhile before I see them again. Good shot with the sign pointing to all directions in the world. All the other pics were great as well. Thanks for the tour.

  37. Oh, those cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I especially like the photo of the street sign! I must look for a similar one for my sidebar...maybe google? It's so cool!

  38. Hi Lorac

    thanks for dropping in today...The sign tickles my fancy we all are...all around the globe...
    it seemed to remind me...

    yes you have a little wait til I thought you might like a reminder of it's charm...

    Happy days

  39. Hi Betsy

    now that sign in the sidebar could look rather good...unfortunately this one didn't say US...

    Happy days

  40. Hello Rosaria

    It was lovely to have a little taste of spring and then lovely to get back on the plane and return to warmer climes...I am so accustomed to this mellow climate in AU, I couldn't live in Christchurch again...or anywhere cold for that matter...

    Happy days

  41. my daffodils are just blooming but my cherry blossom has not yet flowered. This was a really pretty series of photos.

  42. lovely spring walk just as we're coming to the end of summer... those mallards look very lively...

  43. Hi Liss

    my friend who originally comes from Melbourne told me that there were no daffies there and I said there just has to be...How could she grow up never seeing them???

    Happy days

  44. Hello Juliet

    I get as much pleasure out of these shots as you because it is not something we see here in my corner of Qld.

    Big mallards weren't they and ducklings so early...

    Happy days


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