Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Hazy Sun


When I left work
at lunchtime today
I noticed a small bushfire
on the North Shore
across the Noosa River

You know what bush fire smoke means
don't you...

A Hazy sun

When I saw
the golden glow appear
on the late afternoon river
where I live
I knew it was time to hot foot it,
take the rental DVDs back
and get down
to the Noosa River
in time...

I parked the car
at the slip way
and saw that the sun
was still quite high
lolling in smokey cloud

time to wander up the river
with my back to the sun
and wait for it to drop...

It was a glorious winter afternoon
a mild 19* (70)

the river was calm and glassy
a few yachts were enjoying
the last of the day

across the peaceful river
the smoke hovers
over the coastal bushland

I think it is time
we made our way back

the sun has slipped lower
into the rugged dunes
and hinterland

the crows come
to salute the sun
and bid it farewell
for another day

a fisherman
puts away his reel
and brings his tinny
into the slipway

and the sun
lowers her golden

and languidly
stretches out her body
onto the water

then drawing back

she slips

below the distant hills

and right out of sight



  1. Hi
    First of all, congratulations!
    Really good to know your Big Boot is at last off! I just found your July 30th post. Did you already get used to your OWN foot? I hope so!!

    Your sunset is so beautiful!!
    It completely took my breath away. I love to see sunsets too.
    The golden glow on the river is like an impressionistic painting.

  2. Bushfire or burning off? lovely photos, nice Winter.

  3. Fabulous set of photographs and extreme patience in waiting. I like the post a lot.

    It is a cool, 63 degrees here at 6:00 AM in Ohio on this August 1st, 2009. Not bad. I slept under a blanket last night. We set the coldest July ever recorded last month. I hope you will have nice weather this August.

  4. Beautiful and so peaceful Delwyn...I was engrossed in your words about the Hazy Sun slipping into the hinderland, when at some point, I realized...I was squinting from the intensity of light you that is really like being there...thank you for the moment.

    Smiles from across the sea,

  5. Hello Sapphire

    yes the boot has retired...I have given it the boot...

    I am walking better every day - still slowly, but at least I am out and about. It may be sometime before I am back on the National Park tracks though...

    It is a beautiful time of year here, dry, and cool at night but very lovely days.
    Thanks for dropping by

    Happy days

  6. Hello eag

    On the North Shore it usually is a bush fire...But I could be wrong, it may have been a burn off.In the National Park they have also had controlled burns this week.

    Winter is wonderful in SE Qld

    Happy days

  7. Hello Abe

    why thank you maestro...

    From what I have picked up from all US bloggers the summer has been a bit of a fizzer for those in the Northern states. I do hope you feel some more warmth before autumn arrives.
    Our Aug will still be cool, nights 6* - the lowest we ever get and days up to 24 but usually in the low 20s...and dry...

    It's nice to have this chat...

    Happy days

  8. Ah Delwyn, you are an artist and a poet. Wonderful shots and gentle description of the progression of the sun setting over the still waters. Every day the universe shows us her beauty - perhaps in the hope we will take it in, as Rumi says (loosely recalled) and be the beauty we see.

  9. Hello wonderful Wanda

    It was bright - makes me squint too...I went back for my walk today but was a little early for the sunset...later I took some DVDs back and saw a glorious red sky so tomorrow will be good for our 6am Market start.

    The main road we use is closed tomorrow morning for a half marathon so we have left the car a km away and will walk to it so we can drive to the market. Then we can drive 1/2 way home and transfer the produce back to car #2 which we leave at the blocked road.. sounds complicated but it will work. I'm hoping it is not too cold - that means less than 10* for me...I'd prefer 16* ...

    Happy days

  10. hi delwyn, what a gorgeous set of sun pictures! i love the way the light spreads like a bar of gold across the water and especially how the waves break it up and carry there own little flakes of gold to shore.
    smoke and clouds play their own magic games with setting sunlight don't they!!! have a sweet day steven

  11. Hi Bonnie

    thank you my dear for your generous comments...

    That is a lovely thought...we absorb the beauty to be remade in its likeness ...I will meditate on that. It is a fine walking meditation...

    thank you

    Happy days

  12. Hello Steven

    thank you for your kind words... It was a gold bar...and the wave did bring it into shore - very observant Steven...

    I remember as a kid in Christchurch NZ one time for about a week we had the most amazing hazy suns and incredible sunsets and it was due to bushfires in Australia blowing the smoke all the way across the Tasman Sea.

    thanks for your continued company and friendship...

    Happy days

  13. Absolutely beautiful sunset over the river. Wow.

    It's one of those paradoxes, isn't it, that a fire will produce a gorgeous sunset?

    Winter sunsets are almost always a little scary for me, but not this one. Thanks.

  14. Good morning (evening) to you Reya...

    Well I'm glad that this one wasn't too scary for you today...fortunately it is not accompanied by freezing temps.

    have a great Saturday - I'm off to bed...

    Happy days

  15. I should have known...

    Have you ever been to Sendai-shi? I lived there from 1953 through the summer of 1956 across the Hirose River where the University is now. But I was an occupation soldier. An immortal. Ha. I did take a lot of pictures with a Canon 35mm film camera and those are in the Sendai Museum of History and Folklore now.

    I saw you at Steven's blog. And I was commenting on his post today and left a comment that might interest you too.

    My apologies for not tying the sidebar pictures with where you have been.

  16. What a stunning series of photos. Very enjoyable.
    Sunny :)

  17. Beautiful sunset. Hazy, smoky skies do make wonderful orange sunsets. I saw lots of them as a kid in Southern California.

    I'm a little surprised that you have bush fires in winter. Do you have a year round fire season, too?

  18. God, Delwyn, each picture is more beautiful than the other! There's one of the sun over the river framed with an embracing tree-branch arm--so moving. And the delicate pinks spreading across the horizon indeed look like a garment slipping off for bed. Your photos are wonderful as well as your poetic comments. The double pinkish-orange suns in two of the pix remind me of Monet. LOVE xxox

  19. I'm happy you're two footing it when following gorgeous sunsets. And they ARE gorgeous. . . the colorful lining in the cloud of smoke.

  20. Excellent set of photos. I loved the way the sun was falling into the water, slow motion. Glad to know that your foot is finally 'back on its feet' again :-).

    Greetings from London.

  21. Oh, I love that you stopped and waited so you could share this beautiful time of day with the rest of us. The smoke does make a more exotic sunset possible. Frame by frame the sunset is stunning & even after it is gone.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Lizzy

  22. Hi Sunny

    How are you...

    thanks for your visit and kind words...

    Hi Lynne

    I'm glad you came with me on the river sunset walk

    Happy days

  23. Hello again Abe

    I take it Sendai is in Tokyo. I'm not familiar with it. Next time I am there I will make a point of going. Japan fascinates me...

    I was planning on going this month but other things conspired to alter those hopes...maybe I'll wait until next spring. My daughter and partner have just moved into the city centre so I will be set.

    Happy days

  24. Hello Dan

    I hope that each day remaining of your holiday is enjoyably spent. Do you start early Sept?

    Winter is typically dry in this area although autumn here was unusually wet. Now it has been dry for a while and the lawns are browning off - with the cold too...

    IT may have been a controlled burn as there was one in the Nat Park but this is more of a wilderness area. Further South I think they have a distinct fire season after summer - at the time of the last terrible fires near Melbourne.

    Happy days

  25. Hi Margaret

    I am happy that you found the pics enjoyable. I,too, like the tree 'arm' shot...

    I don't know what the photographic scientific process is for the red dots appearing when taking photos into the sun...but they don't detract from the image for me. I am not aiming for perfection...just mood and awe...

    thanks for your comments Margaret, I look forward to reading your additions...

    Happy days

  26. Hello Meri

    yes, not a silver lining - a golden one...

    It's good to have you visiting...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Mr C

    "that foot,that foot, that new foot"
    sung to the tune of dem bones dem bones....

    that new foot has been a busy little beaver this morning

    Due to road closures for a 1/2 marathon we had to drive 1/4 way to the market, then walk 1/4 and pick up a car we left at the office over night to continue on...and the same in reverse on the return...that foot was bound up tightly in its little brace and was very obliging...

    and then...

    it wanted to leap into the garden to I let it rustle around under the palms doing a spot of frond clearing, prepared a planter box at the entry for new greenery, added a few bromeliads to the bromeliad hospital and gave them some TLC....

    and then...

    it was required to make numerous trips to the park that is a secret...all will be revealed in due course...

    Happy days

  28. Hello Lizzy

    I am growing into a very good waiter...not the table service type - I'm no garcon... but the go slow take it easy and enjoy the looking, watching, birdsong type...

    Thanks for dropping in and coming along for the walk Lizzy

    Happy days

  29. Spectacular sunset, made even better by the reflection on the river. Are you finished with the Oliver books?

  30. Wow! Lovely hazy sun but not hazy moon this time. May be next time hazy stars!
    Loving all the shots here:)

    What a coincidence!
    I was having Malaysian steam pumpkin on last Friday!
    If we are neighbour, we can have meals together!

    The follower, is great! Follow all the way!
    Cool eggs, loving the texture:)

    I feel extra fresh on your brilliant post: It's morning, truely amazing shots!

    I need to appologize again to drop by late....I am following so many blogs now. Hope you understand!
    Happy days Delwyn!

  31. Juliet

    thank you, I'm glad you came

    Happy days

  32. Hi Barb

    Thanks for the kind words. I sat down today after gym and ate my lunch in my nest while reading more M Oliver... and was moved by the simple yet succinct manner in which she writes.

    Happy days

  33. Hi Yoon see...

    It is a pleasure to see you whenever you feel like dropping in...

    Pumpkin neighbours - that sounds good...

    The follower will continue tonight with some groundbreaking news!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and sweet words.

    Happy days


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