Monday, August 3, 2009



this morning
on our return
form the Farmers' Markets
I asked Beloved
if he wanted to
check the plover's nest
with me

we crossed the road
and entered the park opposite
through the grevillea lined path way
which was bustling with nectar loving
Rainbow Lorikeets,
Blue faced Honey Eaters
and Brown Honey Eaters

The Plover on the 8am watch
detected our approach
from over 50 metres and
rushed to the far side of the park
where she feigned a broken wing
as a diversionary tactic

making me suspicious
that something was afoot
As I could not see the Plover's partner
and this one was busy
with her display
I walked up to the nest

and lo and behold
great things were happening
a little miracle was occurring

chick # one
was on the way
into the big wide world

and chick # two
was beginning to tap
at the end of his shell

We quickly retreated
and left the parent
to her task
in peace

but came back
every hour or so
over the course of the day
armed with binoculars
to check from a distance
on the family's progress

At one visit the nest was unattended
and I quickly checked
chick # one's progress

free of the shell
and resting
mustering energy
to face life

he lay in the warm sun
and dried off

another time
as I sat with my back to the wall
emulating a tree
just out of sight
of the parent on the nest
but from where I could catch glimpses
through the binoculars
the other parent returned
from foraging

and completely oblivious to me
he strutted into the park
stopped and turned
to pick up a morsel

then continued on his way

the parents took turns
over the course of the day
I watched then change guard
a number of times

Late in the day
from a distance
which unfortunately was
out of my happy snapper camera's range
I watched the mother
and chick # one
sitting in the last
of the mellow sun
as the day faded

I now have to be extremely cautious
as the second parent
has been told by the nest sitter that
she has detected a predator
and I may be swooped on

and as the parent on duty
fluffed her wings
and settled herself
over the three remaining eggs
she tucked the new chick
under the safety of her wing
and settled in for the evening

What a long day it has been
and still only one chick hatched
so far
the parents have worked so hard
and now deserve a rest...

one new, little baby chick
begins its life today...

Oh wonderful day



  1. WOW! thats definitely worth a cry of "Stop Press"!!! Lovely post Delwyn...

  2. Hi Jen

    It's good to catch up with you again...Makes me wonder about your posts not showing up...strange...I'll rectify that...

    Happy days

  3. Delwyn I think this scenario was meant for you alone to find and capture...a gift of sorts...for your perserverance and respect for nature! To be there at that moment...seems more than luck...but, it proves there is always something in nature for a camera to catch.

  4. Hi Wanda

    As I was watching this tale unfold yesterday and also today I thought about how these little miracles are happening around us all the time and we miss 99.9% of them...

    Thank you for the wishful sentiment...It was really a gift to witness ...

    Happy days

  5. hi delwyn, that's pure magic!! i've seen lots of birds nests with eggs but i don't think i've ever seen one actually making its way into this world. you're so fortunate!!! parents everywhere know that the work of those two parents has really only just begun!! have a lovely day delwyn. steven

  6. Thanks for sharing that with us - wow! A true miracle. Now, I hope the other three burst out of their eggs today!

  7. What truly wonderful photos! Thank you so much for sharing them.
    Sunny :)

  8. Delwyn, thank you. You remind me of Thich Nhat Hahn in the way you're aware of--and remind us to notice--the countless miracles and wonders of life that happen all around.

  9. Oh, Delwyn, I'm sitting here weeping; that is such a beautiful, beautiful story! a lovely little baby being born and the caring parents. I can't believe you caught this in action! I was thinking you might be able to attach your new camera to a tripod with an arm that swings and tilts it. Thanks for sharig this precious miracle today. LOVE xxox

  10. Oh - Happy Day! You've been witness to a miracle of Nature. I loved it that you were pretending to be a tree - bet you're sore from sitting so still all that time. Lovely, lovely description and pictures. More, please - but don't get "caught" by the parents.

  11. Incredible Delwyn! Those plovers will have to name you godmother to those sweet chicks.

    You live in an exotic land - I love seeing trees and birds and blue tongues that I have never seen before. So generous of you to share.

  12. Nature humbles one.

    We've been grieving all week for our broken-beaked Magpie who was missing when we arrived home from afar....

  13. Hello Steven

    I have just come in from early morning bird watch on day 3...
    more to report tonight...

    Both Beloved and I have been intrigued by the process...

    These birds really have their work cut out to protect the young chicks in that open space.

    Happy Days

  14. Hi there KB

    I have more good news - all will be revealed tonight...

    Thanks for dropping by

    Happy days

  15. Hello Sunny

    thanks for coming in with your sunshine...
    I'm glad that you have come at this hatching time...

    Happy days

  16. Hey Dan

    How are you...

    Thanks for coming by - you know how I love your visits and comments...

    I get a great joy out of sharing my experiences with you I find double happiness...
    and even triple happiness if it encourages some other bloggers to slow down and take time to observe life more closely...

    Happy days

  17. Hello Margaret

    wasn't that great timing. What amazed me over the course of the day was how slowly nature works...that little chick just lying there warming and resting and then stretching out his long long legs and little wings before he attempts to raise himself up...wobble about a little under mum's fluffy chest...

    That's a good idea Margaret for the new camera...I'll work on that...

    Happy days

  18. Hello Barb

    You are right it was a very HAPPY DAY

    No I am very cautious now after being swooped on on day 1 and having to lurch out of the way on my sore ankle... I have come up with another tactic...

    Thanks for calling in...

    Happy days

  19. Hello Bonnie

    I'm not sure the Plovers see me in that light...

    I am very happy to bring these little snippets of wonderful nature to you all...I just love making the images and assembling the little stories...and reminding myself in the process of what a wonderful world we live in...

    Happy days

  20. I'm sorry Alaine...was he like a pet coming to feed...

    I hope he finds his way back...

    Have a lovely was 23* yesterday...just gorgeous...
    I'm off to work for a few hours and then I promise myself a leisurely walk this afternoon as a reward...

    Happy days

  21. Delwyn, that was truly a gift from the Universe to you, I believe. How amazing to get those photos?! They're awesome to see and bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for being so vigilent and for sharing this miracle of new life with us. Blessings!!!!!

  22. Hi Marion

    It's a pleasure to share them. I am so pleased you enjoy these wonders of the world...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Delwyn, isn't it incredible the way these birds go about protecting their young.
    We have Killdeer here who lay their eggs in seemingly unprotected areas, usually rocky areas. When I lived in the country a pair of Killdeer laid eggs in the gravel of my driveway! We put up a few larger rocks to protect them safe from cars. Killdeer also feign the broken wing to lure a predator or other curious individual away from the nest. They hobble along until the intruder has followed them away from the nest & then they miraculously fly.
    Keep us posted! Cheryl


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