Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plover Diary - plus - Back Walking...


Plover Diary Day 4 cont.

Late yesterday
the Plover Family had once again
taken up residence in the park.
I nosed into the access way
and met one parent idling along
and the other wings fluffed out
and resting
I sat and waited
and eventually she raised her body
and two little warmed chick slipped out
from their feather quilt

Only two...

I looked all around
hoping the other parent
was watching over the third chick
But to no avail...

Day 5

This morning
on the way
to the National Park
I stopped to see the Plovers
in the vacant block.

Only one parent
and one chick were visible
I crossed my fingers

Returning from the physio
I could find no sign of the family
I circled our street twice
walked into the park
walked over the empty block
and even asked a tradesman
working on a house over the road
if he had seen the Plover family...

I will go out looking again shortly
it is not looking good...

Back Walking...

when I got up
it felt to me
to be the day
to get back into walking
in the National Park

I parked the car
inside the park gates
and looked over
to my favourite gum tree


It is so good to be back...

I took some deep draughts
of that special blend
of ocean and forest air
laced with eucalyptus gum
and sighed with each out breath
a sigh of joy

Oh Happy Day
to be back walking

My swaddled foot and I
headed up the path
that separates the ocean
from the forest

and headed for
the Boiling Pot

Not yet ready
for rugged climbing
like the ibex on the Wall of Death
at the Dead Sea

we took it very gently
and slowly
and absorbed all the wonder
and the beauty
in all the little details...

the blue of the ocean
through the trees
the waves breaking
on the rocks below

the tiny wild flowers
on the sides of the tracks
so easily missed
by energetic walkers

and at the Boiling Pot
I stopped
and watched the incoming tide
bubble under,
and over the pot,
and noticed how the
large rock in front of the pot
is shaped like Australia

From the Boiling Pot
I looked over the flat rocks
to Tea Tree Bay
and foot and I were both eager
to keep on moving

dead tree branches
scratched the blue above

It was so wonderful to hear
the music of the sea
once again

to see the early sun
strike the young pandanus plant

and bounce off stacked stones

glorious Tea Tree Bay

Grandfather's Beard
sprouts along
the dead logs,

looking like
Grandfather's ear whiskers...

I slow
at Tea Tree
to watch the surfers
and give thanks for being alive
on such a day
in such a place
for being able to walk
and see
and feel...

to notice...

miniature wildflowers

a carpet of tawny leaves

a little stream
of tea
running to the sea

the circular swirls
in an old log rotting

the glow on a rotting stump

and the beauty
and purity
of the simple dandelion
I knelt down
how I would get up again
but didn't care
I wanted to see this little plant
in fine detail
glowing white

echoing the circles of lichen
on the rock behind

and when I looked up
to find a rocky edge
to pull myself up again
look at what I saw
from between the rocks
a handle just perfectly
strategically placed
just for me

I laughed
and said a thank you
to the universe

fallen banksia leaves
of rusty brown

with precision serrated edges
like my bread knife
at home

at Dolphin Point
there is a resting spot
the remnants of a WW II
look out post

But foot and I decide to push on
we are so enjoying the walk

until the flat surface ended
and the rugged bumps
and uneven gravel
made us reconsider

But not before we spied yellow
on both sides of the path
that will be our turn around point

on the left
of the path
Hibertia Scandens
her face ablaze with sunlight

and inside
a busy little wasp or bee
with laden pollen sacs on his legs
can you see

and over on the right
of the track

some beautiful dazzling weeds

so we turn
and even then
the sun hitting
the dried grasses
makes me gasp
with awe

the surfers
sitting on the ocean's
rolling blue
appear between the trees

the chirp of a little frog
at this swampy corner
pulls me up

and I stop
to listen...
and it was a chirp
not at all a croak

I sigh again
for the hundreth time today

a sigh of


And on the return walk
I have a little revelation

I realise
that blogging has given me
sharper eyes
better hearing
and greater focus,
and has enhanced my walks.

Knowing that I intend to write a post
on my walks
I am more aware
my senses heightened
and I gain greater joy out of my walks
I experience the walk first hand
with greater pleasure
picking up all the little details as I go

I talk to myself as I walk,
conjuring up potential captions for the images
when I load the photos onto the computer
I relive the wonder of the park
as I watch every image reappear
and I relive the joy of the original intoxication

and then
in composing the post
in writing a little story
to tie the images together
I receive another reward

and finally
when I present the end product to you -
and you respond
and we enter into a discussion
I gather more rewards

the whole experience
enriches me ten fold...

time now to head back
to the car
and for home

one happy walker
one foot becoming stronger

Oh Happy Day...


  1. Delwyn...what can I say other than you just made me cry...I'm reading along...happy for you... remembering myself the automatic untrust of a healing broken ankle...the joy of just walking again...and then to see the beauty you see and feel the total appreciation and awareness you just overwhelmed me with know and connect with someone I feel akin to...thank you so much for just being who you are and sharing what you see and feel so perfectly...

    Forever respectfully,
    your follower and friend,

  2. Delwyn,

    Your pics, descriptions, and expressions of awe and gratitude made me feel like I was right there with you taking that stroll by the sea. I especially appreciated the unhurriedness of it which transmitted a lovely sense of peace.

    I envy your proximity to one of Earth's magnificent oceans. Living inland as we do we appreciate all our mighty rivers and placid lakes - but the stirrings of the ocean are beyond compare.

    Thank you - for little fleeting moments when I forgot I was reading about it and felt I was there, too, experiencing it.

    Oh - I so agree with your insight about the value of blogging - and how it opens our senses up to beauty and wonder we might be able to capture with our camera, and share.

  3. Hi Wanda

    ah, now you have touched me...

    Yes I know that feeling exactly of wondering if the bone is going to break again if you apply too much pressure...but my physio assures me it will not and pummels away on the foot quite vigorously now....

    I was quite overwhelmed with love for the park and ocean and so grateful to be walking again...I will never take it for granted...

    I am touched that you have faith in me to show you my world without bells and whistles - just as I see it, just as I tell it, simply...

    I am honoured to be your friend ..
    thank you Wanda

    Happy days

  4. Hello Bonnie

    The walks I take from now will be, by necessity, very unhurried...even though my previous walks were always at a slow pace these are at a snail's pace but all the better to see the world in all it's glory...

    The physio says it will take another 6 weeks to come right, but I feel it strengthening every day.

    I love the country and have always wanted to live in a rural area but with the summers here it would not be pleasant for me and we also love the river and ocean more.

    thanks for being a good blogging friend Bonnie

    Happy days

  5. hi delwyn . . . what a day. what a stunning rich detailed walk. from the large to the small, it all flooded through you and you wisely slowed it up and let each detail carry its own weight, its own presence, and then you thanked it by celebrating its place in the whole of everything.
    i could write a book to you about this post but i'll comment on something that i've thought but not said and you're saying it has placed it clearly in my head and that is the mention of how blogging has affected you. your "little revelation": the honing of clarity, the even deeper opening up to all that is. the creation of a narrative and then the magic of the joy you feel which is then echoed by your visitors. it's so true. because of who you are there are gifts flying every which way when you prepare and share an entry.
    your writing and photography underscores your joy and goodness in a way i value. that is that you then share it all with the world, making it a better place. thanks for this.
    have a lovely day by the river. steven

  6. Hi Delwyn: What a stunningly gorgeous area you live in! I loved this morning's walk, and that I was able to bring my coffee with me. Thank you.

  7. Hello Steven

    It was the best walk for a long time because it had me spellbound. I really felt as if I had been sprinkled with magic fairy dust and was seeing all of the park's elements for the first time, like a child must feel experiencing the new...

    So if you ever need a recharge or a new burst of enthusiasm and zest for life I strongly recommend that you go break an ankle and your world will change immeasurably...

    Steven thank you for these heartfelt words of appreciation.

    Happy days

  8. Hello Lynne

    I'm glad you came into the park. Have you not been walking with me before? Maybe we found each other at the time I got the fracture that put me out of action for awhile. So please keeping bringing the coffee and join me on future walks.

    Happy days

  9. Delwyn,
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful walk. Your photos are amazing and your spirit inspiring.
    Sunny :)

  10. Slowly and gently is a fine way to walk! Definitely a good idea until you're completely healed.

    The boiling pot is well named. And tea tree bay? Wow.

    Maybe the plovers have moved house to a safer location. I will keep my fingers crossed.

    So glad you're out and about again.

  11. I'm so glad you're walking again. And glad that you're bringing us along. The added joy of blogging about things is, I'm sure, familiar to many among your readers. Your comments resonated with me.

    Your blog has also had the effect of making me and my wife much more aware of our ankles as we hike around Sonoma County. We're going out to buy her a pair "trekking poles" like the ones I enjoy using. (I call them "geezer sticks.") Do you use them?

  12. That was a fantastic walk, it had everything, I almost felt I was in Australia.

  13. Hello Dan

    Please do watch those ankles. No I don't have sticks here but in Japan we all had one stick and it was especially good on the rugged climbs and descents.

    I will continue to wear my ankle brace even once the foot has completely rehabilitated, just on those bumpy tracks strewn with roots and pot holes.

    I am so glad to be back in the swing...the slow swing of things...

    Happy days

  14. Hi Ann

    I'm glad you joined me on the walk...we will have many more now that the foot is willing...

    Happy days

  15. Hello Reya

    thank you for your kindnesses...

    I went out walking around the street and through the park and eventually found one parent. I don't know what is happening.

    The Noosa National Park is a stunning place right on the edge of the ocean with a mix of coastal shrubs, native rainforest, eucapyptus forest and bush and also wallum country, all that in addition to the ocean, the bays, the surf and the beaches...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Sunny

    I am glad you enjoyed this lovely walk, the fresh air, the scenery, and the exercise - all lift one's spirits...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Delwyn! This post worked miracles for me. I began feeling so distressed at the unfairness of life (all the effort put into getting to step 1 only), but by the end I was so absorbed by your story--objective and subjective--I was content again! What strikes me every time is the variety--in plant life and its colors and in the sea and its colors, and shapes, patterns, textures. I enjoyed your insight into your increased awareness due to posting. It does add a wonderful enhancement, doesn't it? And you expressed gratitude for it all--that is so lovely. Thanks, Delwyn xxox

  18. What a beautiful walk you had, Delwyn! I know what you mean about blogging. I've written more poetry since I began blogging than in many years previously. Just reading the wonderful work of other bloggers gets my juices flowing!!

    One of my all time favorite quotes by the diarist Anais Nin is "We write to taste like twice: in the moment and in retrospection." SO TRUE! Blessings, dearest Delwyn and thank you for sharing your beautiful world...

  19. Hi Delwyn, I was so honored to have you come visit my blog and now the pleasure is all mine to join you on this really, very breathtaking walk! The bonus is reading the delightful comments of all of your followers! I have a feeling already I am going to love going on this journey with you :)

  20. Such beautiful photographs and such beautiful thoughts. Gratitude, thankfulness, laughter, joy .. so much to see, so much to take in and knowing how blessed we are. I love that you talk to yourself while you are walking..I do that too!! I have little internal monologues and make sure I see with more than just my eyes.

    I'm glad you are getting where you need to be...and as I tell myself every day -- it's one day at a time!

  21. Hi Delwyn,
    I'm grateful for your healing and also thankful that you take time to see the small things, the beauty others might miss, and to share these wondrous sights and experiences in your blog. I like to walk slowly along with you. We have Old Man's Beard here in the Rocky Mountains, but it is more filmy and moss-like.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Plover chick!

  22. Hello Margaret

    your comment came at the perfect time...I'll send you a note to explain...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Marion

    I am glad you know the feeling and are experiencing the same fresh enthusiasm...

    The Anais Nin quote sums the feeling up well...
    thank you for adding that snippet to the comments...

    Happy days

  24. Hello there Vicky

    I am glad that you found your way here and joined us on this most beautiful of walks.
    I do hope that we get to know each other better through our posts...

    Happy days

  25. Hi there Sherry

    Oh good I'm not the only one who created monologues and ongoing streams of captions as I wander...

    Yes every day I get stronger and more active...Hallelujah...

    thanks for your company

    Happy days

  26. Hello Barb

    I love to have your company knowing that you are a girl with a great affection for the outdoors. I have been meaning to ask you what you do in the cold snowy months for walks and exercise...

    I found the little family today - they had been missing all yesterday...what a relief...but there are only the two chicks now, and they are still playing Evil Kennevil (sp) on the roads defying death...

    thanks for joining me today Barb

    Happy days


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