Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Potato Soup


Sweet Potato Soup

Today being Sunday
was Farmers' Market day
and that means
over abundance day
Today we have an excess
of sweet potato...

What shall we make...
Sweet potato with Bacon Soup?

or another variety
of sweet potato soup?

let's allow the pantry
and the fridge to decide

First let's saute two onions
a large clove of garlic
and chop up the sweet potato

with some celery

and then add
the sweet potato and the celery
to the pot
for a few minutes
to coat with olive oil
and begin the cooking process

then we can add
the coconut mik
some stock
and seasoning,
in this case nutmeg
with ground pepper

and leave to simmer
for 20 minutes...

we can have
a little cleanup

slice some fresh sour dough bread

and take a little
slow wander outside
to check on the laundry
decorously draped
over the outdoor furniture
in the sun...

and look to see
what is happening
on the river today...

we have time to notice
a few lemons
on a rather wild
and unkempt lemon bush
in the corner
underneath the palms

talk to
the tiny tomatoes

and pick some stalks of
continental parsley
for garnishing

as we return to the kitchen
you can admire the flowers
I bought this morning
at the market

while I smile
as I look at the pre-invitation,
tucked behind the frame,
that my son and partner
sent out to family and friends
announcing their wedding
in advance
to allow for planning
and bookings to be made

and come back in time
to blend the soup ingredients
adjust the seasoning

and serve a hearty plate

to carry to the nest
for lunch...

Sweet Potato Soup


Sweet Potato Soup

3 medium sweet potatoes
1 large clove garlic
2 onions
3 stalks of celery
about 4 cups of chicken stock
1 cup of coconut milk or light coconut cream
pinch of nutmeg
salt and ground pepper

Saute onions and garlic until transparent
Add celery and sweet potato for a few minutes
Almost cover with stock and coconut milk/cream
Add nutmeg and ground pepper
Simmer for 20 minutes

Blend and check the seasoning
Serve with a parsley garnish



  1. Salivating here, Delwyn. Yummmmoooooo!

  2. Hi Natalie

    I hope you have had a nice weekend and are ready for a quiet night in front of the TV....bedtime yet for the kids?

    Happy days

  3. That's not just a soup, Delwyn, it's a work of art!

  4. Hi there SW

    why thank you - a very edible one...

    It is nice to have you visit and I look forward to future chats...

    Happy days

  5. We did make pumpkin soup last week like you did.

    Tonight we actually had sweet potato bbqued was yummmooo ....your soup looks delish!

    And congratulations on your son's impending wedding! xxx

  6. Is this sweet Potato Soup or is it Kumara Soup? or are you denying your Kiwi heritage? I dunno Delwyn, a spade is a spade and Kumara Soup is Kumara Soup.

    Two Books:

    HAIKU HARVEST - Japanese Haiku Series IV Translation by Peter Beilenson and Harry Behn - The Peter Pauper Press Published 1962.

    THE FOUR SEASONS - Japanese Haiku Second Series - The Peter Pauper Press Published 1958

    I don't have the other two books in this series but I will keep hunting.

    Stop publishing yummy recipes and photos of yummy food without sending me a sample through the post, its positively intolerable.

  7. Hello Delwyn, it's Sunday morning for me.

    The experience of cooking soup with you made me so aware how calming it is...

    Soup is such a nurturing meal to me...almost an expression of love in our family...your post brings to mind...cold winter days with hot soup and rustic bread...soup helps to usher in winter here with welcoming thoughts...LOVE SOUP!

    I can tell you enjoy making soup...

    Wanda Friend!

  8. That was delicious Delwyn.

    Some more? I would love a bit more! Is that papaya I saw for dessert? This has been just what I needed - some wholesome food, full of nutrients, but best of all a little visit with you. Next time - my place. A lemon? Why, yes I would love to take a lemon home with me. You are such a gracious host.

  9. gorgeous delwyn - all 'round! i love sweet potato but i'm more-or-less on my own in that department but not to worry! it's shopping day around here and when i go out i'm going to stock up enough to make this recipe and freeze some for me for later. hurrayyy!
    laundry done! lemons in your own garden!! a possible trip to hawaii?! what a golden day!! steven

  10. Hello Sarah

    It's that orange -pumpkin - sweet potato time of year isn't it Sarah...

    Thanks for your king thought too...It will be fun - a beach wedding...

    Happy days

  11. Hi Alden, my old friend,

    I don't remember kumera being this orange. I thought they were more pinky in color like yams...

    Thanks so much for those titles . I'll look them up.

    Ok, I promise that next time I will courier a sample to you...

    Happy days

  12. Hello Wanda, new friend,

    yes I do see making soup as very relaxing, not much brain power needed to put together soup, is there...and almost fail safe too...
    And the end result is always so nourishing looking...
    Have a lovely Sunday Wanda

    Happy days

  13. Hi there Bonnie

    Would you like some pawpaw...

    with yoghurt on top...

    a sprinkle of walnuts...

    Please take two lemons...

    Oh thank you, tomorrow?...

    Yes that will be lovely...

    Happy days

  14. Hi Steven

    good on you making the foods you like for yourself.

    My daughter who lives in Japan won't eat sweet potato either. She says that she ate so much of it there for the year with her first host family that she can't face it again.

    The wedding is a very casual affair to take place on the beach with a barbie to follow...

    Many family members and friends are making plans to come up to Kauai which will make it a lot of fun...and we will all get a holiday...

    Have a splendid Sunday with your family - any tim tams left - or is that a silly question...

    Happy days

  15. Wonderful post and photos, I am linking to it today.

    Lola xx

  16. hi delwyn, astonishingly as i look over on the counter where they've been sitting since the loved one's return, there are two packages. one "double coat" which is full!!!! and one "regular" which is half full!! i just had one myself actually - i'll be burning that off on the morning bike ride. but can you believe they're still there!! have a lovely day. steven

  17. Do you think this recipe will work with pumpkin instead of sweet potato?

    I really like the idea of the coconut milk mixed in. I have butternut pumpkin sitting in the fridge planning to make soup from it but I might try your recipe for a change because it sounds so nice.

  18. Perfect timing with this recipe as I was just talking with my son last night telling him not to use all my coconut milk for his Pina Coladas.
    He asked what I needed it for as if that was the only possible use for it.

  19. Delwyn, this recipe sounds so delicious. I know my husband wouldn't eat it, but I'm going to save it and try it this winter. I may have to sneak it in on him. LOL!

    Your place is so idyllic. I loved your lemon tree photo. Your river is so beautiful...Blessings!

  20. yum! this is going on my fall cooking list! right now it if way too hot to think of any kind of soup!

  21. Yummy! I bet it smells great, too.

  22. Hi, just stopped by via Olio, Olio, Pepper..

    This recipe sounds just wonderful. I will have to come back. Thanks.

  23. Hello Lola

    Oh that is a wonderful compliment coming from you...miss super chef...

    I'm glad you found it noteworthy...

    thank you very much Lola, you are very sweet...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Steven of the tim tams

    what still some left, did you hide them from the kids?

    I think you should ration them to one a day...with that amount of sugar it is probably the entire days quota...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Liss

    yes I have used pumpkin...and it is fine - I'd add cumin or a 1/2 tsp of thai curry paste instead of nutmeg though. I posted a simple pumpkin soup a week or so ago.

    Happy days cooking soup...

  26. Hello Lori E and welcome to Noosa,

    It is a pleasure to meet you...

    good luck with rescuing the coconut milk...

    I will come your way later in the day...

    Happy days

  27. Good morning Marion

    does your husband not like any orange veges?

    I do live in an idyllic spot...I count my blessings daily...

    Happy days Marion

  28. Hi there Jaz

    yes it is a hearty winter-autumn soup..not at all suitable for sultry summer days...

    thanks for the visit today

    Happy days

  29. Hello Meri

    it is one of those soul warming dishes, warms the cockles of your heart...

    Happy days

  30. Hello Nancy and welcome to this little corner of Queensland Au

    I hope to see more of you and will fly over your way later in the day for a coffee...oh no, make that tea please...I don't want to wake up the heartburn issue...

    Til then...

    Happy days

  31. Hello Pouty Lips

    and welcome to my pages. It is nice to meet you. Lola has been so kind to direct you over ...

    I will visit you shortly...

    Happy days

  32. Visiting from Lola's blog. How delightful to find your lovely space! Will be back again soon :)

  33. Hello Karen

    I must thank Lola for sending over such nice people...
    Welcome to Noosa and I hope we can have many chats together ...

    Happy days

  34. Looks like a yummy + nutritional treat. I wish I could have some of the left-overs! I am seeing into your future - I believe a trip to Hawaii is a sure thing!


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