Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plovers Day 3, Day 4


Plover Diary

Day 2
Late afternoon

Around 4 pm
I drive into the park
to check on the little family

Three little chicks
are running about

eager to experience the world
taste a few insects
and grubs

and a caring parent
is watching over the baby

who is yet too immature
to join her brothers...

and nestles into Dad

out of harm's way...

Day 3

at lunchtime
returning home
I notice that the parents
have moved the family
across the road

and on to a vacant block
which should be
much safer for them

The chicks
are already
looking more robust

parent keeps an eye
on his little family

grabbing morsels to eat
at the same time

But I see
only two chicks...

Oh there's another one

where is baby Periwinkle

I carefully walk into the park
holding an umbrella
over my head

the nest is empty

I am sorry to tell you that
Periwinkle is no more

Day 4

This morning the family
have returned to the park
crossing that road repeatedly
is a risk they cannot afford...

The chicks legs are growing
and they scoot about



following the regular peeps
of the parents



let's kick up our legs
and skip

three chicks
on Day 4
and thrive...

Oh Happy Days



  1. I must say that you may be affecting the self esteem of the two other little Plover chicks by only refering to Periwinkle by name, come on Delwyn, didn't your learn that in Counselling 101 !!

  2. Come on Periwinkle! yay! Whoo Hoo! Lovely little Plover family.....NOICE. :D

  3. What a document you have created of the birth and growth of these little plover chicks! Great capture of chick with one leg up, as you say, ready to "skip". Sorry to hear one is lost - you did not say how - immaturity or attack by predator? But I imagine you did not out of respect for the little chick - and your readers.
    Are the parents getting used to you checking in?

  4. Hello stranger... where have you been... busy in you retirement?

    You must have missed the previous post where the 3 boys are named...

    Poor Periwinkle RIP...

    Happy days

  5. I'm sorry Natalie but

    Periwinkle is deceased...Bless her fluffy little soul...

    Happy days

  6. Hi Bonnie

    I don't know what happened to baby Periwinkle - perhaps the magpies know...

    The parents are always vigilant, but mind the car far less than a body outline they recognise as a predator, so I drive into the park if they are there, or am able to stop on the street and watch from the safety of the car when they are on the vacant block.

    Happy days

  7. hi delwyn, poor poor periwinkle. it doesn't pay to be last. i love the bandy legged chicks. i wonder how they know to move location? perhaps the parents know in advanc and move when the chicks can follow them but it's all pre-planned....... suc a cool journal of this whole experience delwyn. thanks for sharing it. steven

  8. Hi Steven

    the parents do a lot of wandering and we have thought in the past that the road may have taken it's toll in the diminishing number of chicks...

    The plovers can be seen wandering all the way around the circle so I imagine that this behaviour is now hard wired into the parents...
    I don't know how they get the chicks all across the street safely... Fortunately this is a quiet loop not leading anywhere so traffic is minimal...

    But brace yourself...the news is not all good...

    Happy days

  9. Delwyn, my apologies I didn't read the previous postings before I commented, but I have now read them. I have been away sailing around Cape Horn - as you do when one is a retired sailor.

  10. Alden

    You are forgiven...

    I thought it was teaching you were retiring from not sailing...

    Happy days

  11. Sad about Periwinkle...I just experienced the same with my Carolina Wrens...

    We have duck crossing signs along the highway in places...Mom and her babies in a row, crossing from one side to another, stopping traffic all the time.

    Enjoyed your family of Plovers!

  12. Those little hopping fluffs are priceless!

  13. Thank you, Delwyn. Your blog is like a serial novel. Can't wait for the next installment.

  14. Hi Delwyn! It's hard to understand what happened to Periwinkle because her Dad was cuddling her so closely. Maybe she had something inherently wrong and couldn't survive. Or maybe it was one of those magpies!! I guess we have to remember the food chain. It seems three out of four is a pretty good percentage for life in the wild. You have documented this story so well, I feel personally involved! Very engaging, Delwyn. Thank you. xxox

  15. How wonderful that you can document this sweet little family and share their story with us! Incredible, isn't it, what goes on in the world around us? Many people miss all these little dramas.

    As Margaret said, 3 out of 4 is a very good percentage for survival. Let's hope they make it to adulthood!

    I always enjoy any story involving the wild world of nature, even though they often involve reminders of the number one rule of nature - survival of the fittest.

    I hope you are feeling more fit again every day. It must feel so good to be able to get around a bit more again!


  16. Isn't it amazing how quickly the babies learn to kick up their legs and run about, grubbing, exploring.

    The story poses the age old question, though, why did the plover cross the road--repeatedly!

  17. Hi Delwyn,
    Came to receive my Plover chick update - so sorry to hear that one didn't survive. However, it's amazing that 3 are still kicking up their legs. Good job taking photos of them!

  18. Hello Wanda

    I have thought about making a sign...

    I am late in responding today as have had another walk in the National Park... It is so gorgeous to be back...

    Happy days

  19. Hi Willow

    It makes you want to touch them to see how fluffy they are...

    Happy days

  20. Hi Dan

    not to alarm you but I think the serial may turn into a tragedy...

    thanks for the visit

    Happy days

  21. Hi Margaret

    I suppose when predators swoop the parents can't gather them all in quickly enough... Nature is both beautiful and amazing and cruel in our eyes...

    Happy days

  22. Hi there Angela

    I hope that you enjoyed your break...

    I am feeling stronger every day and have even ventured back into the National Park...

    The natural world can be tough...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Lynne

    yes those chicks were running about and eating insects a few hours after hatching...they are a tough species...stupid sometimes - in our eyes...with all that road crossing...

    have a happy day

  24. Hello Barb

    The story is becoming a little dismal unfortunately...

    the photos were better once I could get closer to them in the car...

    Happy days

  25. Dearest Delwyn,

    Thank you for your sweet message and condolences. I am so thankful for friends like you to lend me strength.

    And I'm glad to see you up and about. I enjoyed following these little birdies, but oh oh oh, poor Periwinkle.


  26. Dear Bella

    How nice it is to see you again. I hope life is settling as much as it can for you and your family now you are back in the US. I have thought of you often and sent you little prayers...

    and will continue to do so,
    take care

    Happy days


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