Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Purple Pansies



purple pansy faces
look up smiling from the path
a sunny childhood

spring and summer days
those pansies shouted welcome
biking in from school

in a foreign place
the gardener, now an old man

the biting winds blow
up the empty pathway where
no pansies remain

if spring comes again
new pansies will be planted
the gardener's wife hopes...

even in winter
you will always be, to me,
the king of pansies

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sky Walk


It was a rainy afternoon
but a walk was required...

so in between the showers
the walkers took to those steps
then continued around into the park...

the sky was dramatic
and begged to be photographed,
so let me tell you a story
as you wander through the sky walk
with me...

Shall I tell you the story
of how I came to live in Noosa?
well it was way back in 1978...

when Beloved and I lived
in a small parochial,
provincial farming town
in the Wairarapa at the bottom
of the North Island of New Zealand

and at the suggestion of our Uni friends
we came to Noosa for a holiday
to where the friends then lived

we left Wellington
on a cold 6*C mid winters day
and arrived in Brisbane
to a balmy 21*C winter's evening

We settled the baby,
and threw open the hotel window
amazed at the difference
three hours across the Tasman Sea
and a very degrees latitude north could make

We travelled North to Noosa
on a Skennar's Bus
and when we passed through
the coastal town of Maroochydore
I recognised the scene:

there was a pelican on a jetty
a park beside the river
and a neighbourhood store -
I had dreamed it all
a few weeks before...

We stayed at Eumundi
with a hippy family
in a Queensland house
on a few acres
in the country

One day we attended a picnic
to celebrate the birthday
of a lama from the Tibetan monastery
high in the hinterland at Eudlo

the birthday party was held
on the shores of Tea Tree Bay
in this picture above,

and while sitting there
under the weeping Melaluca shade
we looked at each other
and we knew...

Out of the blue
we received a phone call
from across the Tasman
from a friend advising us
that he could sell our house

and then another
to say that the last of the apartments
that we had built
had a buyer

so we returned to New Zealand
refreshed from our holiday
in tropical Queensland

packed up our home
settled our accounts

and told our disbelieving family
and much loved friends
that we were leaving
to start a new adventure

and we returned
within one month
to Noosa
to this beautiful coastal town
of diverse and unspoiled beauty

and arrived here on my birthday
nearly thirty one years ago...

and there has not been
one day since
that we have not
counted our blessings

Oh Happy Days...


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Koson Ohara


Koson Ohara 1877-1945

A cuckoo

Although he was a ukiyo-e artist
Koson Ohara originally studied painting
and became proficient
in both watercolours and oils.

Flowering wisteria and insect

In the early 1900s
during the Russo-Japanese war
he produced war prints
as the interest in traditional ukiyo-e
had all but died out.

Flycatcher and spider

But within ten years
the camera had replaced
the print maker as the medium
for disseminating news

Hawk and setting sun

Koson is the best known print maker
for kacho-e-
prints of flowers and birds

Kingfisher on stump

Koson taught at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts
where an American colleague
by the name of Ernest Fenellosa
encouraged him to make wood block prints
in the old style.

Monkey on a persimmon tree

After 1926 Koson returned to ukiyo-e
and was published by Wanatabe Shozaburo
the initiator of the Shin Hanga movement,
the renaissance of the wood block print art
of Ukiyo-e

Nuthatcher atop a persimmon

Practically all of Koson's prints
were exported to the USA
as Japan had lost interest
in the ukiyo-e art form

Praying mantis on a willow

Koson's skill as a painter
is evidenced in the water colour effect
of his prints

Scops owl on a branch at full moon

His kacho-e were performed
with an extremely high
degree of craftsmanship

Spring evening

Koson Ohara is sometimes known
as Hoson Ohara
Shoson Ohara,
or the other way around
It is the same artist.

Tree sparrow and bamboo

A master wood block artist
of flowers and birdlife

White fronted goose before full moon


Saturday, June 27, 2009




Having Moonbootitis
has forced me into doing some housekeeping
Blogging housekeeping that is...

I have a drawer full of awards and memes
which I need to pass on...

Lizzy from frizzfrock
is a most generous friend
and showers me with awards

The Golden Heart

The lemonade Stand

The friendly Blogger

The Lovely Blog

as did Juliet of the crafty green poet

and the Palabras como Rosa award

Scintilla from Bell avventura
gave me the Honest Scrap Award

as did
Wanda of Moments of Mine

ahhh...the cottage life
bestowed the Premio Meme award on me

and Yvonne of safespacecoaching
the Awe-Summm Queen

and Tessa Aerial Armadillo
honoured me with her
Reach out Award

* I am going to give these awards
in the spirit of their original intention,
but perhaps not exactly by the rules... *

The Reach out Award I share with Yoon see
Greener Pasture,
because she does just that -
across seas,
cultures and languages

The Lovely Blog
goes to Tulsa
The art of Living in Japan
who always shows us lovely items
of the Japanese life and culture

and to Sapphire
Through the sapphire sky
a newfound treasure

and also to Wanda
Moments of Mine
for her lovely gardens
and warm stories

The Queen I offer to
Meri's Musings
who has shown over and over again
that she rules in the realm of words

The Palabras como Rosa
needs to be given to Margaret
Margaret's PAN pipes
whose imagery and haiku resonate with me
but who also leaves behind
the perfumes of kindness and empathy

The Honest Scrap
I bestow on Dan, Mindful Heart
as he always writes
with complete honesty
and integrity.

It comes with a request,
if you so wish,
to write 10 honest things
about yourself...

The Premio Meme Award
comes with a request to
write 7 things about yourself
and I give this to Cyndy, a new friend
110 penned
so that I can learn more about her
and another new friend Grace
Gracie who?
for the same reason

The Lemonade Award
I share with a refreshing blog
of Jelica and Ruslan,
Budapest Bits,
who share their lives
and little adventures with
an appealing, unpretentious style
and natural charm

The Friendly Blogger
goes to Steven,
the golden fish
who always has something interesting
to add to the chat comments
and I love that
but also
because he is warm and accepting

and the last one:
The Golden heart goes to
the lovely Marion
Dragonfly's Poetry and Prolixity,

and the sweet Angela
Art Life Stories
who are both caring and creative souls

Thank you for your friendship
and company
your stories
and images
that connect us across the seas


Happy Days to you all...


Friday, June 26, 2009

Grey Day


A Grey Day...

and no ...
before you think
I am crazy

I am not out hobbling
through the park
in my moonboot
this is one of a few posts
I have in a backlog of walking stories.

When I left this morning
for a walk in the park
it was grey
rain was in the air

and it was a cool 16*C
that's 64*F

for me

the South Easterly wind
chilled my cheeks
and flapped at the bottoms
of my gym pants

the twining guinea flower
Hibbertia scandens
clinging to the sandy bank
in a climbing pose

the seed pod
biding time

about to open...

and offer red fruit
with an unpleasant odour -
I'll vouch for that...

turkey forages for seeds and berries
in the grey sand
along the track banks

The undersides of the banksia
are a soft fuzzy grey

The lichen splashed rocks...

are shades of grey...

another woolly glycine
a minute flower
smaller than a pea

a dead tree
has turned a
frosty grey

Granite Bay
sounds very grey
and heavy

is a grey rocky sweep
where you often hear
the rumble of the rolling rocks

the gum trees
wear their
coats of greys

and the raindrops
paint the stepping stones
in tones of grey

at the headland
the wind blusters
and showers me
with spits of rain

the grey sea
merges with the grey sky,
out on the horizon
a patch of sunlight

when I walked
into the park this morning
the orchestra was warming up,

the screeching Rainbow Lorikeets
swirled overhead
looking to alight on flowering tea trees
and the kookaburras exploded in gleeful
raucous laughter...

the knobby nose
called to his mate

in the adjacent tree

and she responded
with her cheerful cry

the birds gave no indication
that it was a grey day

a little girl
in pretty pink
loved to show off
her colourful raincoat

all along the way
the ocean at my shoulder
provided the rhythmic beat

the occasional plops of rain
on the forest leaves
offered the percussion...

a pod of wet suit clad surfers
had gathered at Tea Tree
looking like grey seals

and they weren't complaining

and even though the day
appeared so grey
I certainly
harboured no grey feelings

especially when I arrived back home
and looked out over my river
to see the ducks
collected in an unusual huddle
in the now steady rain...

giving credence to that saying:

It's a fine day for ducks.

And it has also been
a fine walking morning for me...

Oh Happy Days