Saturday, June 6, 2009

Important Message


We interrupt this broadcast

to bring you an important news bulletin

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some important news...

If you are female and aged over 40
or if you are male and aged over 50
take yourself immediately
for a Bone Density Test

I am fifty six years old,
reasonably fit,
lift weights regularly,
walk every day,
eat a healthy diet
am tall and thin
and have below average bone density.

My Bone density is
sliding downwards
at a frightening rate
which will mean
that by the time I am 65
I will be osteoporotic and could be breaking bones.

40% of women and 25% of men over fifty
in Australia are at risk of breaking bones.

Get yourself tested
so that you can increase your bone density
by appropriate exercise
and vitamin, mineral supplements
or you will go the way
of the characters above.

Thank you for your attention

For further info look here.

Please heed this message.



  1. Yikes! ( Will check out the link later...)
    I don't remember the statistics but I think Japan has a pretty high rate too.
    As soon as I saw the first picture I sat up straight in my chair! Thank you for this special broadcast!

  2. I am hearing you, Delwyn. I am doing it. It is so weird about your result. Thank you so much for the tip.xx♥

  3. Tulsa,
    Hi there
    Actually I think Japan has a high rate of osteoporosis - go and have a scan - it's easy...and bone loss can can be reversible.

    Happy days

  4. Hi Natalie,
    yes go and have your scan... Feeding children robs our bodies of calcium. I am post menopausal so have hormone deficiencies too. But steps can be taken...I eating calcium tablets and a Mg/ mineral/Vitamin mix plus fish oil capsules for omega 3.

    Happy Days

  5. Yikes again! They are different things!? Nearing 40 so I suppose I should get a check up....hope it doesn't hurt...

    Oh, totally different topic, but, I bought the book about Florence Broadhurst by Helen O'Neil that you introduced a while back. I haven't started reading yet but the pictures and design are great! This will be "day off book".

    Thank you for the info! and keep taking those vitamins!
    all the best, Tulsa

  6. As someone who drank lots milk as a kid and still do i was hoping that i would be ok in that regard, but I am probably fooling myself and should think about getting tested although i'm not fifty yet.
    Good post, something we should all consider.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog with your excellent comment

  7. Delwyn - A very good thought, wonderfully illustrated. My mother, who walks and lifts weights religiously, also has bone density problems. She has been taking medication for it for awhile.

    p.s. I have really been enjoying the body pump classes, actually. The muscles respond quite quickly (although they go back to mush quickly, too -- which is not so fun!).

  8. Tulsa,
    I have yet to read Florence's book many things to read!
    Yes get a BDT.

    happy days

  9. Good Morning Gary,
    thanks for popping by.
    Unfortunately Au ans US women although they have the highest calcium intake in the worls are also the highest on the osteoporosis charts - Its about a chemical balance between calcium and Mg.

    As a male you are less likely to have low BD but have a check once you reach 50. Its quick and painless..and may give you years to work on the problem if it is evident.

    Happy Days

  10. Hi there Bee,

    I am taking the supplements and doing research on bio identical HRT which the Dr says I have to consider.

    I love pump classes - have been going for about 3 years and can really tell the difference - I have muscle definition !!!! but more importantly I feel stronger and have better posture.

    And yes - a week away from pump and it slips away...dang!

    Happy days

  11. My sister told me she lacked of calcium after giving birth to her daughther.
    I guess we must be aware of the seriousness and its outcome.
    At least go medical check out once a year to monitor our health in all aspect:)
    Thanks for your kind sharing and reminder Delwyn:)

  12. Hi Yoon see
    I think many women do not realise this and the test is so easy and the condition reversible...

    Happy Days


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