Monday, June 8, 2009

Jose Manuel Merello


Jose Manuel Merello


When I stopped working
one of the first things I promised myself
I was planning on doing
was to make a collection of artworks
for each of the artists I loved.

La Nina de Constantinopla

I began with Picasso,
and Matisse

Green Flowers

and then I got side tracked

Boy on a Tricycle

I found new contemporary artists
whose work lifted my spirits
and spoke to me

Flores fresca de California

such as Jose Manuel Merello

The Plait

and I stayed a while
on this diversion

Florero rojo de luna

soaking up the rich colours

Velero florero de veleros

and the energy

The Optimism of Flowers

in awe of the beauty...

Jose Manuel Merello - Born Madrid 1960

Merello says of art:

"Everybody asks themselves what art is.
I think that art is any creation
that is able to lift the spirit to a higher plane
of emotion and wonderment."

I'm glad I followed my art research plan
and even gladder that I deviated from it...



  1. Beautiful post! I have learned of a new artist thanks to you. I am especially fond of "Boy on a tricycle" and "the plait"
    Thank you for this great introduction

  2. Wow! I love all these paintings! I think it is important to be able to acknowledge not only the classics but the new as well. Contemporary artists "deserve" more praise and followings so that art can continue to grow. You are a wonderful connoisseur!

  3. What beautiful colourful pictures - they certainly lift the spirits Delwyn.
    Looked at your river walk too - a very different river from mine.
    Thanks for calling - call again.

  4. hi delwyn, merello is new to me! i too really like the "boy on a tricycle". next up for me would be "the optimism of flowers". a great find and thanks for sharing these beautiful paintings - what a lovely way to wake up! steven

  5. Hello Gary

    The plait is one of my favourites.
    I am glad that I have been able to share Mr Merello with you...

    Happy Days

  6. Hi Tulsa,

    I am really enjoying looking at new artists especially the shin hanga contemporary artists whose work I have in store for many many posts to come....

    Thanks for your interest and support

    Happy Days

  7. Welcome to you - weaver of grass,

    It's good to have you visiting in the antipodies. Yes our rivers are as far apart as our countries...

    Happy Days

  8. Steven:

    Good morning/good evening - I'm about to head off to bed while you get off to work....

    I love the coloured world of the boy on the tricycle...
    and the optimism of flowers I have printed out many times and keep coming back to - I love its simplicity - Its a bit like a Picasso bunch of flowers.

    Have a happy school day

  9. Hello, dear Delwyn! It seems we have the same taste in art, too! I had never heard of Merello, so thank you for this post. His work is fabulous.

    These deviations from what we set out to do can often be better than our original plans. I enjoy a good deviation, myself, on occasion.

    Take care,

  10. The colors just dance, like the sun sparkling off the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Pure pleasure the see them - thank you, dear friend.

  11. Good morning Angela,

    I'm glad you like Merello, Its hard not to like this lively work...

    I love a deviation too and am always on the lookout for a good detour...

    Happy Days

  12. Hi Meri,

    You put that so well - the colours are dancing...

    Happy Days

  13. Splendid mood!
    I love the Green Flowers:)

  14. Hi yoon see
    you might like to take a look at his other work

    Happy Days

  15. Delwyn, I'm glad to learn of Mr. Merello. These are full of joy and whimsy and seeing the world in interesting ways.

  16. Hi Jennifer,

    this is the art I prefer, uplifting and joyful...

    Happy days

  17. I knew it! I knew he had Hispanic blood. The first image 'Amarillas' (Yellow) showed that fierceness that comes out Iberoamerican visual artists. May I recommend some artist from my own neck of the woods? Many of them long dead@ Portocarrero, Mendive, Amelia Pelaez, Wilfredo Lam, Gina Pellon. Many thanks for such a fantastic post.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Mr C

    thank you so much for the leads. I will love looking them up, and I'll report back to you...that is going to be exciting research...
    I'm glad that Merello appealed to you.

    Happy Days


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