Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All the Way to Sunshine Beach....


From Coast to Coast...

Today was the day
to divert from the Tanglewood Track
and head through the Wallum once again

via the Sweet Wattle
one of 120 Acacia in SE Queensland

But this time to take
the path less travelled...

to see
the Cooloola Wax Flower

and find ourselves
in Xanthorrhoea country

the zone of grass trees

and skies of Banksia nuts

watch out for ancient
flying Dragons
sweeping across your path

Sticky Hop Bush
The leaves can be chewed
(without swallowing)
to relieve toothache...

and enter a strange wet section
of straggly paper barks -

and running tea tree streams

before the way is lit
by flaming orange tendrils

of the fir

Cadbury's Chocolate Flake
dead log bark

After two hours of bush walking
we were on the far side
of the headland
and close enough to Sunshine Beach
to detour to the village for a coffee...

but unfortunately I neglected
to take any shots of the seaside village
so that will have to be another day...

we eventually arrive back
at the Ranger's Hut,
aka the Park information centre,
from where we started

where a friend had set up shop
as both welcoming sentry
and photo subject

In the hut's windows
you can see a reflected family
at the picnic table
enjoying lunch

Our friend offered a variety
of photographic poses...

My right side
is far more photogenic...

Have you finished yet?

and I crept closer
as he adjusted his stance...

until I was almost
within touching distance
and still he posed undeterred...

although he seemed to say,
I have my eye on you ...

Is this coy enough,
I am rather bashful...

I think I'm better in profile...

Thank you for coming...

Don't tell me
you are still here...



  1. I loved those last shots and the commentary. Also, because the other day I caught a glimpse of a nature programme my wife and our children were watching and it was about some islands in the south Pacific where there's a species of bird that gets rid of all the branches that are in the way between him and his future partner. Then he bursts into song and if the lady is not impressed another mae bird appear. But rather than flying away the first pretender stays on and joins his rival on a duet :-). Yes, your picture reminded me so much of this situation. Thanks for the tip for toothaches, very handy. I look forward to more reportages like this. Scientific names of flora have never sounded so much fun to me before :-).

    And in regards to your compatriot, Germaine, my problem with her is that she is too opinionated. I enjoy her fortnightly column in The Guardian. I like her no-nonsense attitude. But there have been occasions on which I have wondered whether she was over the top and butting into situations about which she knew very little. The Brick Lane issue was one of them. Then again, and I don't want to fall into stereotypes, having had a few exes who have come from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand I found them to be very, very frank, open, honest and with no hint of BS at all. I try to see people as individuals but there were times when I wondered whether they reflected the national character, just like in Britain self-deprecation is the default mode (luckily not in my consort's case, she is quite self-confident). Over to you, you are the expert :-).

    Greetings from London.

  2. wow, that bird let you get incredibly close! he's a cutie.

    and why is it that i always long to go outside and take my camera for a long when walk whenever i visit you?


  3. Hi Mr C

    I'm glad you enjoyed my walk.
    The kookaburra is a charming fellow, this one I think knew the ropes - he was watching the picnic table...

    You summed up Germaine really well. Many Australians think the same - she is inclined to tell fibs was evidenced last time she was out here pontificating on some issue.

    We (Au and NZers) are pretty genuine people, straight talkers,
    generous people and not as a rule overly opinionated or too confident. We do have a tendency for the tall poppy syndrome - that is we cut other people down to our level if we think they are too up themselves just as I am doing with Germaine...

    Happy Days

  4. Hi Julie

    this bird is the laughing kookaburra...

    Perhaps because the passionate nature of photo taking is contagious...

    Happy Days

  5. Delwyn...I so love your blog...Wish I had those grass treesa around my gazebo! I reconized your flying dragon...I have Scooby Doo and a wild boar among my "tree art" in the woods...your Sticky Hop Bush has seed pods similar to our Honesty plant, nicknamed money plant...and the choclate bark looked delicious!
    Enjoyed your beautiful post Delwyn!

  6. hi delwyn, the eyes on the bird were really captivating . . . they had an almost human quality about them. i was also captivated by the "running tea tree streams". in the middle of the picture there's a bluish colour and i wondered what that was? have a peaceful day. steven

  7. I just got sucked into those eyes! Mesmerizing...
    The orange fur tree thingy is really cool too, I love the way you took the picture!

  8. Hello Wanda

    I am so pleased you enjoy my blog as I do yours. We can learn from each other.

    Yes when I first saw that hop plant quite recently I thought of Honesty. These little fruits are only the size of a 5c coin - say your dime, whereas the honesty I know is the size of our 50c coin, about 3cm diameter.

    Happy days

  9. He there Steven

    How are your last days of school going?

    This is the kookaburra and it is a much loved and very endearing bird -not only for the laugh...
    you can hear them in the bush tapping lizards, snakes, frogs and animals on logs to stun them and break them up for eating.
    They will also take meat from your hand.

    The blue patches are the running waters of the tea tree stream...

    Happy Days

  10. Hi Tulsa

    I am trying to look at things differently - well no, actually to record them more creatively because we do see them in these ways with the light behind them but we seem to document nature in a more stilted manner.

    See what I wrote to Steven above about the kookaburra.

    Happy days

  11. Love the kookaburra posing for you!
    I've always thought they were funny looking birds, with that 'haircut' and their disproportionately large beaks.

  12. The Chocolate Flake idea was unusual and quite startling and your photographs would entice anyone to Queensland!

  13. What a refreshing walk I had with you this morning! Loved the dragon tree, the wax flower and the kooky Kookaburra best. Surely that was a girly supermodel kookaburra, don't you think? LOL! I'm totally in love with your neck of the woods. Thank you for sharing so much of your beautiful world.

  14. Beautiful snaps. What a collection!! Flowers ----- Birds

  15. Bashful? I don't think so! The guy is a regular Paris Hilton when it comes to the camera. But he does seem to be laughing in the last shot. And I want to see pics of the village and the coffee shop.

  16. Delwyn, they are gorgeous!!!
    Do you walk all this way to get these stunning pics??? Such great place...

    I was tied up a bit thats why missed some was my daughter's exams and now we are going to India on 20th, two days from now...I'll be bac in Sep. If I get lucky with my Net connection, maybe I can keep in touch...if not see you in Sep...

    Have a great time:)

  17. Such a lovely walk! I'm trying to figure out how many hours this walk took. After two hours, were you halfway around?

    Your walk make me want to do the same...I may just change my plans for Saturday and take a hike with some friends.

  18. You're punning today, Delwyn! The dragon, chocolate bark! I love the two blues: 1) the Cooloola Wax flower (gorgeous!) 2) and the deep blue stream beneath the green branches. I love the bird and how gentle you must have been for him to sit there and look at you like that! Another delightful day at ahazymoon.

  19. hey delwyn! the last days of school are outrageous!! so much to do and of course the wrenching feeling of letting go of my class as they leave for another school after me. you know you build such a close relationship with all the kids and they with each other and then . . . poof!! like seeds in the wind, away they blow to land and become . . .what? but right now, well it's all fun!!!
    i'm going to have to dig up more on the tea tree stream . . . . steven

  20. Hi Steven

    well enjoy your last days with these kids, I am sure you have left a lasting impression on them.

    The stream is appearing blue - with the sky reflecting...

    Happy days

  21. Good morning Margaret,

    I think that this kookaburra may have been at the picnic area before - he certainly wasn't afraid, perhaps he could smell the picnic lunch the people at the table were eating...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Dan

    we are exploring some of the lesser used tracks in the park so we meandered about heading south until after 2hours when I suggested it was coffee time. From the park it was another 15 mins to the cafe at Sunshine Beach but the return park track we took was only 45 mins so all up 120+45+2x15=195, 3hrs 15mins plus coffee time. We left at 8.30am and I got back home, after collecting my car at my friends by the park, a bit before 1pm so it was a lovely morning's walk.
    Usually we walk for 2 to 2.5 hrs and have a coffee at the end then walk back to the car at the park.

    This morning it is cloudy and cool and my friend is in Brisbane but I will still go out. I will stay on the more used paths where there are other walkers visible ...

    I hope you plan a lovely walk too

    Happy days

  23. Hi deepazartz

    I have missed you!

    I hope you daughter does well and that you all have a good trip.

    Yes, I walk every day and am finding new tracks and places all the time...never fear, you will always have snaps from me...

    Happy days

  24. Meri

    that is perfect - he/she is a regular Paris Hilton...

    I took a pic of one cafe over the weekend - not the regular deli cos it was closed, the post is coming up soon.
    I have a bit of a backlog of posts as some days the pics I take can make 2 posts and then there are those ducks that keep coming back...and other interesting things I see on my daily all adds up...but it's fun...

    Happy days

  25. good morning Rajesh

    it is an ongoing collection...I'll have a nature book after a year of doing these posts!

    Happy days

  26. Hi there Marion,

    Yes, Meri suggests it is Paris Hilton Kookaburra and I think she's right - that certain tilt to the head, the need to be in the limelight, the constant re-posing, the pouting...

    I love to have you here,,

    Happy days

  27. morning RR

    I wondered if the others are familiar with our FLAKE ?

    I should offer my services to Tourism Qld do you think?

    Happy days

  28. Hi Violet

    They are rather unbalanced in appearance...but charming birds with such character and that laugh...

    Happy days

  29. The kookaburra is awesome. What a head on that dude.

    Loved seeing the blue sky through the branches, and the bright sunlight on the trees and plants. A tonic for my soul! Thank you!

  30. May I come next time Delwyn?
    June also in Oz

  31. Hi there Reya

    He's quite a punk with quite an attitude!

    Thanks for your nice comments

    Happy Days

  32. June

    hi there,

    anytime June...

    you know where to find me...

    Happy Days

  33. Hello Delwyn!!..that was such a nice walk with you today!...I will mail you Mona

  34. Yes, I am still here and still in constant awe of all that you and your lens have to offer! Wow! What a great walk...

    The kookaburra was amazing and fun!

    I know have the words to this song running through my head: "Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra, gay your life must be!"

    We call the seagulls at the beach laughing birds since their calls seem to resemble "ha! ha!"

  35. Hi!I loved your blos, it has something really peaceful about it!I enjoyed my visit. Keep up the great work:)Birdie pics are great, I am amazed at the creature..its true that its only when they smell harm that animals and birds run away from us!All the very best to u:)

  36. Hi Cyndy
    it's good to have your company again.
    That song must have been taught to kids all around the world.

    I will have to post the link for the kookaburra laugh - it is so raucous.

    Happy Days

  37. Welcome to A New Beginning

    It's nice to meet you.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos of the kookaburra and yes he was very calm.

    I will pay you a visit shortly..
    til then,

    Happy Days

  38. Hi Delwyn,

    The simplisity of Cooloola Wax Flower really calm my soul and ease my worries. Love it!

    I love to see the bird (look like a kingfisher) in a serial poses. Sool cool and cute, like the description you have given, just stunning and powerful!
    Hey little guy, you are my hero, you are my star!


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