Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Men in a Boat


Two Men in a Boat...

It was about 1 pm
and I was driving
along the river to the office.

I had promised myself
that if I did two solid hours work
I could leave at 3pm
and have a walk
and be back home
before the sun dropped low
and the winter's cool crept in...

But on the way
I spied an interesting little scene
and turned my car
at the next roundabout
and retraced my route...

'til I found the row boat
with two men
who were setting their crab pot
beside the mangroves
in a loop of my river

But can you see
they are not alone
they have company...

A curious pelican
is circling their boat
attracted by the crab pot's
smelly bait

Blue T shirt man drops over the pot
and pelican comes to inspect...

and then
there are two inspectors...

and then
there are three...

two men in a boat
are not happy
with their pot placement

so they stop to take a fishing lesson
from Pelican number two

and then replace their pot
before green T shirt man
takes the oars
and begins to row home...

accompanied by the pelican...

wait for me!

I'm coming too...



  1. That was a fun sequence...the animal world is very entertaining!

  2. ahhh, it's nice to make new friends....

  3. hi delwyn, i like that you allow your life to happen instead of driving on by. the animal world is full of amazing details like, how did pelican one let pelican two know what was going on? it always intrigues me that seagulls appear out of nowhere at my school and can find a good meal after some poor child has dropped its sandwich on the yard. how do they know?
    have a peaceful day, steven

  4. Oh, that was soooo fun to read! just like a mini movie!
    Pelicans are funny but humans are funny too!

  5. So much more rewarding that staying in lockstep with the schedule you had posted in your mind! Another memory added to the bank (and shared, to the delight of all those people types privileged to read it).

  6. I'm so glad you stopped and turned around! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the curious pelicans and the perplexed fishermen. Life is truly about the journey and not the destination.

    Another great post, Delwyn. Blessings!

  7. Lucky you!
    Able to stop and watch what really matters!
    Lucky to possess eyes to see what really matters!
    And able to indulge your curiosity. Lovely sequence of pictures.

  8. Great story that you happened upon! they should have had a bag of minnows or bait for the pelicans! I guess, however, that would only delay the inevitable. You have a good eye--or should I say nose--for a story, Delwyn. Keep it up!

  9. The river is beautiful, such an intensive blue. It's a great photo story!

  10. Very distracting with all that traffic. Did they come back to get their traps?

  11. This is a good example of how Blogging is altering your life in a positive way - you wouldn't have turned around the roundabout and gone back to document this in photos if you hadn't thought ' now this might make a good Blog post!'
    Ah! a future University Professor of Blogs in the Blog Faculty may well refer to this incident in his lectures - history in the making I say.


  12. Ha, what a fun detour!

    Wonderful images of your ordinary pelican-assisted daily fishing trip.
    This was lovely, Delwyn.

    Love and light,
    Lola xx

  13. Love this wide spread of sea blue. Very serene and interesting!
    I am discovering every images with different tint of blues. Very satisfying and I feel like visiting this place.....
    Hi dear pelican, would you stand by me?

  14. Hi Yoon see

    what you call see is actually the spread of my river up higher towards the lake where it originates.

    These are wide expanses of mangrove islands and the pelicans have only just returned after breeding inland.

    I'm sure Mr Pelican would stand by you if you had a fish in your pocket...

    Happy days

  15. Hi Lola

    Its good to hear from you,

    It was a treat - an ordinary event with charm...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Alden

    yes that's a good point...

    what blogging makes us do, how it enriches our lives...

    I was floundering around in the rain in those mangroves the next day too because I noticed, while driving again, a family of black swans...but they were too far away so I will keep watching...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Rosaria

    There is not huge mount of traffic- we are a small town.

    The fishermen will return after 24 hrs to check for crabs...I wonder if the pelicans will accompany then then...

    Happy days

  18. Hello Margaret,

    I think I have developed a BlogBrain...always observant for bloggable details and events...

    But I am benefiting from it immensely...
    Yes those pelicans must have a great sense of smell - remember the one who swam up to me for the fish on the beach...

    Happy days

  19. Hi Jelica

    the river changes colour with the time of day, sun, past rains...it can be brown, green or blue or have golden tinges later in the pm....
    the tea tree runoff colours it very brown after rain....

    Happy days

  20. Thanks Friko

    I am all of that, very lucky indeed,
    blessed in fact...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Marion

    I am much more of a stop and look person now than I used to be and that obviously has a lot to do with lessened time constraints and pressures of running a family and working...but also a shift in my attitudes and philosophy.

    Happy days

  22. Hi Meri

    Yes,, I find all these little daily activities and wonders that I see make great sharing for my Beloved, my family and I as well as for the blog world.
    So it is all good...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Tulsa

    it was fun to see how it unfolded...
    we are all a little strange!!!
    But strange is good too...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Steven

    I like how and here your mind drifts...it's always interesting and adds to this conversation that we have here...

    Yes what are the signals that we don't observe...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Violet

    friends with big feet and big wings...
    Happy days

  26. Good morning Wanda

    yes fun and unpredictable but delightfully so... Aren't we fortunate...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Delwyn,

    Your posts always bring a smile to my face, and warm my heart. Thank you for sharing the fishers and men!

  28. Hello there Norman the bird lover (and cats too)

    I saw your photo the other day so now can envisage you as we are chatting.

    I'm pleased you find them fun, please join in again, its good to have a conversation...

    Happy days

  29. That was funny. Reminds me of the story DMJ told just last week - he was fishing the Pondage and had a large trout take his fly, when along came a Muscovy duck and stole the trout!

  30. Hello Alaine

    Nice to see you today...

    So where did the fly end up?

    Your story reminds me of the old lady who swallowed the fly....I don't know why she swallowed the fly...perhaps she'll die...

    Happy Days

  31. Yeah, I don't have a fish any more....my pet-my fishes just passed away three weeks back and the one and only also passed away yesterday. I am still very sad:(

    Thank you for your interest to participate in my contest. Look like no one except you would love to take up the challenge.
    May be the contest have not enough clear info and it's too challenging.
    I guess, you will win the contest.
    Congrats Delwyn:)

  32. Delwyn,

    You can comment on my blog or make a post like a poem dedication on your blog and then link back to the entry.
    I really appreaciate your interest again.
    Thanks Delwyn:)


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