Friday, June 5, 2009

Powder Puffs


Powder Puff Flowers

There seems to be
a preponderance of puffy flowers
blossoming around town at present

So I sent my camera out on a mission
to track down some of the red puffs

Next door I found one
called the New Zealand Christmas Bush
Pohutakawa in Maori

See the beetle emerging
from the starburst flower
with bright glowing tips

The little fuzzy frosted buds
tight balls of pent up energy

the flower cradle
now empty of its bloom

Not far from home
I found the Powder Puff Bush,
the Calliandra
which comes from Brazil

The Pohutakawa and the Calliandra flowers
are similar but the leaves
and buds quite different.

Even within the same species
I noticed a colour variation
as I went from shrub to shrub

The buds nut-like clusters
and the spent flower like
tousled cotton threads

The tips of this bloom
also glowing yellow

(Click to see up close)

The flower an unopened
tightly packed sphere of life
beside the cotton candy

One bud bursts ....

and then some more

now almost a scarlet tutu

before it becomes a pom pom

a thing of beauty

a red powder puff



  1. you have the best flowers where you live. year-round! ours are good at the moment, but it won't last. :-)

  2. Hi Julie,
    I feel like emailing you today..hold on...

    Happy days

  3. Hi Mark,

    they do look it don't they...and add such colour and life to the neighbourhood...

    Happy days

  4. I love the way you explain the flower as a "scarlet tutu"! :-)
    The final pom-pom looks like fireworks! Only better because it lasts longer...

  5. Love all the transitional photos Delwyn.

  6. Hi Tulsa,
    how is Friday in Japan?

    Don't you think the powder puff has that appearance?

    Happy days

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Are you home yet?

    I have been thinking about you often this week and the joy and blessing you have received.

    Happy days

  8. I am home now ...quite tired and deliriously happy :))

  9. Sarah
    your new baby and my bestest friend's
    future grandchild have made me very clucky even tho' I claim to need a long break after just having my baby almost leave the nest at 19, and having spent over 30 years mothering 4 children ...but a grandbaby - well now that's different...and I am very desirous of one...

    Happy days...

  10. I am at a lovely stage of life ...
    I have spent 30 years mothering also, my daughter (who had the baby) is 30 and my youngest is only 18 and still at home middle child lives around the corner ...and I've fostered others... xx

    I am slowing up now. Relaxing into me and some fun.

  11. Happy day, indeed, Delwyn. You once again bring color and beauty to my screen. Thank you! I have been watching our peonies slowly bloom this week. I asked a friend how it is that you can watch and watch, but they always seem to bloom behind your back. She answered fairy dust! I liked that. Your fairies seem to have a flair for the dramatic!

    Am planning to answer your lovely note and read more of your blog on Sunday. We are supposed to have rain all day, perfect for reading with a cup of tea. I look forward to our date...

  12. Hi Cyndy,

    You are right- Australian flora can be very dramatic...and larger than life...

    I look forward to another chat later then...

    Happy days

  13. I've never seen flowers like these. They look like sea urchins. Do you have flowers bloom throughout Autumn?

  14. Hi Jennifer,
    How nice to talk to you again..

    All year round, but at present there seem to be many flowering trees and shrubs. The gums and wattles are all in flower - white, pink, red or yellow splashes around the town and in the bush...
    I am more observant now that I have camera in hand constantly so I am interested in this seasonal change and what will come next...

    Some things like hibiscus flower all year round.

    Happy Days

  15. So exotic compared to my blooming daisies, geraniums, Oriental poppies, and Asiatic lilies. Jennifer's right - some of your puffs do look like sea urchins.

  16. Hi there Meri

    I bought a pot of tulips at the nursery yesterday - I couldn't resist them because they are so exotic to me! But I fear they will only last a few days.

    I was purchasing some tomato and basil plants to pot outside with my collection of herbs...and also saw some pansy seedlings which I just had to have !!! They remind me of childhood.

    Happy days

  17. Hi.

    Oooooooh! Puff Flowers are beyond words!! The bright red stands out against the greenery and blue sky!!

    They are just like the flowers in fairy land!!

    Thank you for sharing all these!

  18. You're so right to give this flower its own post. They are spectacular.

  19. Hi Sapphire,

    you are right they do look as if they belong to fairy land especially the Calliandra - the 2nd species.
    Have you seen them before?

    I found another one yesterday with the sun shining through it and couldn't resist snapping it...for another post one day...

    Happy Days

  20. Hi Scintilla,
    now these must make you feel homesick, no???

    Happy Days

  21. amazing, like nothing I have ever seen

  22. Hi Jules

    then i am glad I have brought them to you...

    Happy days

  23. wow! spectacular! how is it that i've not found your blog before? will be a regular now.

  24. Hello Janet,
    What a nice surprise.
    Welcome to my corner of the world...

    Please come again, I love company...

    Happy Days


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