Saturday, June 27, 2009




Having Moonbootitis
has forced me into doing some housekeeping
Blogging housekeeping that is...

I have a drawer full of awards and memes
which I need to pass on...

Lizzy from frizzfrock
is a most generous friend
and showers me with awards

The Golden Heart

The lemonade Stand

The friendly Blogger

The Lovely Blog

as did Juliet of the crafty green poet

and the Palabras como Rosa award

Scintilla from Bell avventura
gave me the Honest Scrap Award

as did
Wanda of Moments of Mine

ahhh...the cottage life
bestowed the Premio Meme award on me

and Yvonne of safespacecoaching
the Awe-Summm Queen

and Tessa Aerial Armadillo
honoured me with her
Reach out Award

* I am going to give these awards
in the spirit of their original intention,
but perhaps not exactly by the rules... *

The Reach out Award I share with Yoon see
Greener Pasture,
because she does just that -
across seas,
cultures and languages

The Lovely Blog
goes to Tulsa
The art of Living in Japan
who always shows us lovely items
of the Japanese life and culture

and to Sapphire
Through the sapphire sky
a newfound treasure

and also to Wanda
Moments of Mine
for her lovely gardens
and warm stories

The Queen I offer to
Meri's Musings
who has shown over and over again
that she rules in the realm of words

The Palabras como Rosa
needs to be given to Margaret
Margaret's PAN pipes
whose imagery and haiku resonate with me
but who also leaves behind
the perfumes of kindness and empathy

The Honest Scrap
I bestow on Dan, Mindful Heart
as he always writes
with complete honesty
and integrity.

It comes with a request,
if you so wish,
to write 10 honest things
about yourself...

The Premio Meme Award
comes with a request to
write 7 things about yourself
and I give this to Cyndy, a new friend
110 penned
so that I can learn more about her
and another new friend Grace
Gracie who?
for the same reason

The Lemonade Award
I share with a refreshing blog
of Jelica and Ruslan,
Budapest Bits,
who share their lives
and little adventures with
an appealing, unpretentious style
and natural charm

The Friendly Blogger
goes to Steven,
the golden fish
who always has something interesting
to add to the chat comments
and I love that
but also
because he is warm and accepting

and the last one:
The Golden heart goes to
the lovely Marion
Dragonfly's Poetry and Prolixity,

and the sweet Angela
Art Life Stories
who are both caring and creative souls

Thank you for your friendship
and company
your stories
and images
that connect us across the seas


Happy Days to you all...



  1. Deary me! Hope it is feeling less painful really soon. Housework (even Blog housework) is not nearly as much fun as expressing yourself.xx♥

  2. I can honestly say that I know how it feels to walk in your moonbooties!

    I had a stress fracture about 2 years ago and had to wear one of these over the winter months...Thank goodness. It would have sucked to have to wear these in the warm summer weather!

    My best wishes go out to you Delwyn.

  3. Delwyn...first of all thank you for The Lovely Blog Award!
    I left you a comment at my site...but forgot about your camera question...mine is just a Figifilm FinePixS700...wish I had a better camera myself...

    Your boot is exactly like one I wore after my cast came off...can not say it brings back fond was torture for me...I gave it an early retirement to my attic...It was just too cumbersome for my "almost" 5'2" frame.
    Thank you for visiting me Delwyn and leaving such nice comments!

  4. Congratulations on all your awards!

    I hope your foot ...heals very very soon.

  5. hey delwyn, thanks for sharing your award - that's so kind!! the moonboot really does look like something out of star wars. what a pain to be a walker and to be stuck with that, but it'll give you time to clean house in every way i suppose and come back to your walks with even more joy at being released from your articulated plastic shackles!!!!! see you!!! have a peaceful day!!

  6. Thank you so much for the award! I love the idea of a Lemonade stand :)

    That boot thing, though, doesn't look comfortable at all--I hope you won't have to wear it for too long.

  7. Congrats and congrats!
    You really deserve all these awards:)
    Have a cool weekends Dewlyn!

  8. Thanks for the award, Delwyn. My first! You deserve every award you got, and then some. You inspire me to look around and really SEE what's around me.

    I hope the moon boot isn't too uncomfortable. You sure do have little feet! LOL! Blessings...

  9. Thanks Delwyn! I am not sure of the buildings. I am trying to find out through Heritage Ontario. It would be a shame to let it go!
    A good time to do housekeeping when wearing a moon boot! Try to keep it light though so you will heal quickly and be able to get back to your walks.

  10. Take it easy, these things hurt. Congratulations on the lovely awards and tokens of friendship.

    You inspire the best in people.

  11. Dear, dear Delwyn! Your poor foot! Isn't it something how a seemingly small thing, like twisting your ankle, can result in having to wear a huge boot!? And what tiny, little feet you have! I do hope you heal quickly.

    Congratulations on all your well-deserved awards!

    And thank you, thank you, for the Golden Heart Award, and your sweet words. I am so touched and honored!

    Hugs and healing thoughts,

  12. Delwyn,

    Thank you for the award and the opportunity to get to know each other better! I will post soon...

    Find it very interesting that you found a way to entertain yourself while in the midst of moonbootitis--inspiring us all to write a little something for you! Very clever! I am sure the responses will be a great distraction...and perhaps a cure for I know we are all longing to once again go walking with you...

  13. to Delwyn~ It was wonderful to see all the well-deserved awards you have received. I was also happy to see how you presented them to such worthy recipients. I myself feel very honored to receive the "Palabras como Rosa" award and your kind words. It means a lot to me. In appreciation, this is for you:
    "Words with Rose" you give
    And nectar, incense, and heart.
    Thank you for youy grace.
    As for the moonboot, i guess it's better than those hard, immovable casts that held one prisoner for months. I hope you steadily improve.

    Oh Happy Days!

  14. I am so sorry you're confined to a moonboot. That must really put a cramp in your style! Yikes.

    How long will you have to wear it?

    Do you know about boneknit, an herb tea that's supposed to speed up the healing process.

    How unfair that you're grounded! Sending healing energy in your direction. Yikes!

  15. Hello there Reya

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and I'll look for the herb you suggested. I am taking lots of calcium and a Mg mix because of low bone density too.

    Being grounded is a good analogy...but there will come other opportunities...

    Happy Days

  16. Hi Margaret

    What a delightful haiku in my honour - that is very special thank you Margaret.

    The removable boot does allow me to have a shower at least...

    This particular award is lovely, the original guidelines were very poetic...I just didn't have the energy to find the rules and conditions for each one and besides I find all the regulations a little regimental so like to allow people do share them as they wish. It is the spirit of the gesture afterall...

    Happy Days

  17. Hi Cyndy

    I am keen to learn more about my new friends and these connections are going to become more important to me over the next five immobile weeks.
    I have a few old walks in the word bank and after then...a change of tack...

    Happy Days

  18. Hi Angela

    The photo and the boot have shrunken my foot! It is an 8 - 8.5 UK - so average size, the boot is BIG...

    Thanks for your nice words.

    Happy Days

  19. Hi Rosaria

    Fortunately is has not been too painful, the boot applies a pressure which is tiresome but the worst is the ache in the hips and back for all the compensation I am doing and the sitting, so I am being careful to transfer weight evenly and tomorrow am going to get an old gym shoe built up with an extra sole to keep my hip levels even.

    thank you for your generous comments.

    Happy Days

  20. Don't worry Lorac

    all the housekeeping I am referring too is the computer....

    It is going to be a time for reading poetry and novels, for writing and taking pics from a stationary position...

    Happy Days

  21. Hi Marion

    Thank you - we can all inspire each other in different ways and encourage each other too...and learn about the ways we cope with life and living...

    Re the foot size see my comment above...

    Happy Days

  22. Yoon see

    thank you - you are such a sweet girl...

    I will make a post for your Driftng sketch, can I copy it?

    Happy Days

  23. Hi Jelica

    the boot has a soft lining but firm plastic braces which do apply a little pressure but not too is heavy though so tiring, rolling over in bed is impossible, I have to wake up and reposition the leg then fall to sleep again...But if it does the job then I am happy...
    Oh 5 weeks...duration 24 hrs a day...

    As I sat at the coffee stand at the farmers' market this am, whilst Beloved did the rounds, I thought about taking walking for granted. Imagine not being mobile and independent...

    Happy Days

  24. Hey Steven
    how are you? resting and relaxing I hope...

    I thought of Starwars too when I posted the boot pic - then I thought people would think I had really lost it or was very odd or crazy if I called it that - so there we are - we are odd and crazy together...

    Plastic shackles hmmmmm - a good metaphor....requiring a little poem in response...You've got me least the mind isn't too shackled...nor my spirits...

    Happy Days

  25. Hi Sarah

    thanks for stopping by with your kindnesses...

    Happy Days

  26. Hi Wanda

    Mine is a little Fuji finepix too and is a good little snapper for the every day shots...

    It's a pleasure to visit your lovely part of the world and read your stories...

    Fortunately I am 5'8" but can imagine how it could be annoying on a shorter person as it comes up almost to my knee...

    Happy Days

  27. Hi yvonne

    I have been thinking about you and wondering how the settling in process has been going. So I am very glad that you have called by so I can add you to my bloglist and find you easily.

    that thought has already crossed my mind too...imaging 38* in the boot...

    I will come over the Tasman and catch up later today...

    Happy Days

  28. Hi Nat

    Yes I agree, those awards were starting to make me feel like a hoarder...they needed sharing around.
    the job is done now - maybe with this extra downtime I'll do a meme or two to completely clear out the residue...I also thought of joining the fri shootout ...if I run short on posts - it looks fun. Whatever has happened to Reggie?

    I hope you have found five mins of NatTime!

    Happy Days

  29. I'm just back.
    How surprising!
    Thank you so much for the award, Delwyn.
    I'm still building my blog. I have still not gotten used to the Blogger system. I'm slow as usual.

    O I think it is you who deserves all these awards!!

    I hope it feels much better today with your Moonbootitis!!

  30. Hello Sapphire

    well your blog is so beautiful and elegant as it is - Just Lovely...

    I've had a slow day of reading and resting after the early farmers' market where I sat and supervised husband shopping...

    Happy Days

  31. Oh good heavens! I was poking around to find out how your foot is doing and what do I find?! an award... You are the sweetest! You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you so much... and take care of your foot!

  32. I am SO behind, after spending three days at a lawyer workshop. Thank you for this magnificent honor (and your kind words).


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