Friday, June 19, 2009

The Mangrove Board-Walk


Walking to the Mangrove board-walk...

has taken longer than expected

we have stopped to look back
over the Weyba River
which loops up river from my home

in the distance are
the mounds of the Noosa Hill
over which we climb
on more energetic days

and around which we walk
on the coastal tracks
in the National Park...

that jolly Singapore Daisy
has found another habitat
in the saline swamps,
versatile weed that it is...

we'll shortly leave
this riverside pathway
and cross the road

can you see
all the bent knee
breathing roots...

Now we have entered the mangrove zone,
we take our life in our hands,
no, there aren't crocodiles
down this far south
but there are mosquitoes
and sandflies
and I have neglected
to apply the repellent...

it's a swampy scrappy area
of tea trees
and wet heath shrubs

through which you can glimpse
the fingers of river

here we are
on the boardwalk
constructed as an educational tool
for anyone silly enough
to want to be eaten alive
in the pursuit of knowledge...

don't worry
we won't stay too long
it doesn't pay to stand still
just keep moving along with me
and never scratch where it itches...

a maze of interwoven root systems

millions of pencil like pneumataphores -
that word is getting a lot of air play...

the river peeping through

a sea of mangroves

and roots

let's get out of there...

Because this bridge is here
I think we should walk over it

and see what my river looks like up stream

very pretty and appealing

there's an old Queenslander
through the gum trees
the Queensland vernacular,
built high on stumps
to allow the air to circulate and
some say to keep free of snakes...

and a perfect spot to rest
but don't scratch those sandfly bites...

let's enjoy the view from here
for a few moments
then retrace our steps...

but on account of your itching
we will bypass
the Mangrove Boardwalk
on the way home

in the park around the corner from home
the hungry Rainbow Lorikeets

are having a nightly feast
on red gum flowers

quite adept at hanging upside down.

A bunch of pink galahs
flies low over head
and this is why...

a storm is on the way
pink galahs always herald storms.

let's skedaddle home
quick smart....



  1. Hey there, i am a new follower oof your blog, I just wondered if you take this amazing pictures yourself. It's really beautiful.

  2. Hello QuE^9^
    welcome to my corner of the world. It is nice to meet you.

    Where are you writing from?

    Yes I take the pictures with my little trusty fuji digital - nothing fancy, but I am considering upgrading as I am enjoying the photo taking so much...

    I'm glad you enjoy my walks, please come again

    Happy days

  3. Wow... you are really good at photography in my opnion.. I am writing from Malaysia.. Saw ur blog through moonshin... ^^

  4. Hi again Q

    ah my little friend moonshin...

    Well thanks for the's a bit of a passion at the moment - taking the photos and creating the accompanying script...

    Happy days

  5. hey delwyn - what a walk! i love the very first picture for its opening out onto the river. i also really like the image where you connect previous walks to the one we were on today. you can write "pneumatophore" as many times as you want by the way!!! i still think that's an amazing thing!!! steven

  6. Hi Steven
    I'm glad you made it through the mangrove boardwalk - I hope you didn't get too eaten...

    seen any new pneumataphores today?

    Happy Days

  7. What a luscious part of the world you live in, Delwyn. Loved the walk in spite of the mosquitoes! We get eaten alive here in Louisiana every time we open the back door in summer. I have Lemon Mint planted all around the house and it helps some, but we usually just stay in after dark.

    I read somewhere that every town needs a river to forgive it. I have the Red River in my town. I love your photos of your river and the pretty walkways. I feel as if I've been walking along with you for a visit.

    You definitely have a gift for photography. I have an inexpensive little Kodak Easyshare camera and I love it. It's easy to use, yet takes amazing closeups (as you've seen my dragonflies and flowers). Blessings!

  8. Oh, dear, oh, dear! (palpitations). Today you have given me a lovely pressie (inadvertently, mind). i love mangroves. And I am scared of them, witless. Isn't that a contradiction. I love the semi-darkness, moist ground, fresh smell. I love the exuberant vegetation the proximity of quiet water. But I am scared of crocodile and alligators and any bug or creature that might jump on me unexpectedly. But I loved this post, I really did.

    And I have a son and daughter. That's enough :-).

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  9. that's a lovely river, the mangroves are wonderful

  10. Lovely river and less-than-lovely mosquitos--I think I prefer a walk without bugs (city girl that I am)... Your photos are great!

  11. Hi Jelica

    well- you will be safe with me from now on because I'm not intending to go back there for a while...and around the coast and in the forest we are ok, in the daytime at least.

    thanks for coming

    Happy days

  12. Hi Juliet,

    it's good to have your company. I think my stretch of river is more attractive with its large gum trees and green banks...

    Happy days

  13. Hi Mr C

    we are lucky to be far enough south so as not to worry about crocs. In the Northern Territory you sometimes hear of fishermen or children in streams being taken by the crocs.
    Pranksters have on occasion floated a blow up croc in the Noosa river and alarmed many people and a few people living on the higher reaches of that river have claimed seeing small crocs...I hope it is too cold for them...

    I am glad I got the adrenalin pumping for you - you must have needed a shot...

    One of each - how perfect- and that is enough work...

    Happy days

  14. Hi Marion

    Fortunately the breeze off my river keeps the mozzies at bay but the sandflies can come out in the evening when the tide is low...but only if you are in the garden.

    I feel that the little snap camera is perfect for me at this stage because I walk long distances and would not want to carry a heavy camera with lenses around my neck.

    I like to have it handy and opened ready to snap ...people often come up to me and ask what can I see, thinking it is a rare animal or koala or such and often it is just a tiny flower that has caught my eye in the grasses.

    Thanks for your encouragement and I'm glad that you are enjoying snapping too...your dragonfly shadow was great and that is another wonderful bonus - sometimes when you get the photo loaded you find extras...

    Happy days

  15. Delwyn, I always feel I'm walking right along with you. the path taken is so logical in your apt descriptions. I'm ready to sit when you are! I love your artful photos of trees arching horizontally, defying nature. And so many bodies of water, like a carnival for small children. ANd now it's going to rain!

  16. That was a long walk Delwyn...good to see such an artful looking bench...The waters seemed so peaceful compared to the tangle of different types of roots...I almost found myself itching just like when someone sneezes...we all sneeze! Enjoyed your guided tour and your comment at my blog!

    Thank you!
    Take care!

  17. Good morning Margaret

    Well that's good - I wouldn't want to lose you in the mangrove swamps...

    and it did rain...the thunder rolled in as I reached home, the sky darkened and then it fizzled for a hour or so before a downpour later in the evening...

    Happy days

  18. Hi Wanda from a lazy Sat morning - but I will go out walking with Beloved this afternoon ...I promise...

    It was a long walk and I kept saying - well now you're here you might as well keep might as well go over the bridge... and a funny thing happened as I adjusted my shoe on that seat an old, old friend - whom I had not seen for yonks, popped out from the bush behind, going on her afternoon walk and we were able to walk a way together and catch up...

    when I was writing I noticed that I too was feeling itchy...the power of suggestion...

    Happy days

  19. Delwin,
    What an enchanting walk, full of botanical specimens I never knew existed. Thank you for the lovely walk.

  20. Hi Rosaria

    One great thing about blogging is the opportunity to learn and share - I love to see the plants from around the world at my friend's homes and environments.

    Happy Days

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